Labour Leave: Major Report On Brexit Success

LabourLeave_150A major new report, co-authored by Labour Leave, sets out the case for making a success of Brexit
New Model Economy for a Post-Brexit Britain


Written by Labour Leave, Leave Means Leave, and Economists for Free Trade, the report sets out how Britain could see its national income grow by as much as £135bn per annum. This could be achieved by:

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UKIP shreds Juncker ‘State of the Union’ speech


The EU President’s annual strategic speech delivered today has attracted the following responses from UKIP:

Centralising EU means populist wave has only begun – Farage

EU treatment of Poland and Hungary reminiscent of the Soviet Union

“Responding to Jean Claude Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ speech in the Strasbourg European Parliament Plenary (13/09/17), which called for a far higher level of federalism in the EU including one new powerful President and a much stronger EU Defence union, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage responded by saying…

“Mr Juncker, that was the most open, honest and truly worrying speech I’ve heard in my long years in this place. The message is very clear, Brexit has happened, full steam ahead.
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Express Headline: Jean-Claude Juncker’s ‘tragic’ EU vision needs to be stopped ‘now’, rages German MEP

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTJEAN-CLAUDE JUNKER’S vision for the European Union is “frightening” and an attempt to save the “exploding” Brussels bloc, a German MEP has said.

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European Union (Withdrawal) Bill secured its Second Reading

BrexitCentralBannerBy Jonathan Isaby, Editor, BrexitCentral

What a momentous day – on several counts! Not only is today BrexitCentral’s first birthday, but we wake up to the news that the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill secured its Second Reading shortly after midnight by a majority of 36.

It’s hard to believe that it was only one year ago that I wrote my first BrexitCentral daily briefing. It’s been a momentous twelve months and I’m delighted to have made a reality – with the help of an incredibly talented team – the vision that our Editor-at-Large, Matthew Elliott, had for BrexitCentral when he announced its founding last summer after the referendum.

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Blair Is A Monumental Hypocrite – Shameless And Without Conscience

blairExpress Headline: ‘Hypocrisy beyond the pale’ Farage DESTROYS Blair in furious rant over migration U-turn

NIGEL FARAGE attacked Tony Blair this morning after the former Prime Minister urged the Government to impose tougher immigration controls.

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The Democratic Tide Is Turning Against The Anti-Democratic EU Elite

Junker_DictatorTelegraph Headline: It is the arrogant EU elite, not Britain, that will get a lesson from Brexit

Democracy is one of the fundamental principles of the European Union, except when it throws up a result that jars with its agenda. The Brussels elite rarely lose much sleep over these things. They have three ways of coping when the will of the people turns against them.

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Brexit Central: Hypocritical Remainers are misleading the public with their new-found opposition to secondary legislation

BrexitCentral.comWritten by

David Campbell is a Professor of Law in the Lancaster University School of Law. He has taught at a number of British universities and in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the USA. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Abritrators.

Many MPs and members of the House of Lords of all political affiliations who wished, and perhaps still wish, to remain in the EU have signalled their intent to determinedly oppose the progress of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill through Parliament. Prominent amongst these are Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour Shadow Secretary for Exiting the EU and Dominic Grieve QC, the former Conservative Attorney General. It is only very recently that, if I understand what he has said correctly, Sir Keir has made clear his Party’s intention to whip opposition to the entire Bill. Previously, the Labour Party and their allies in other parties had been very evasive about whether they opposed the Bill in this way. But all these MPs and Lords have for some time made it clear that they intend to propose an enormous number of amendments to that Bill.

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Brexit Central: Your Essential Briefing

BrexitCentral.comDarren Grimes
Deputy Editor, BrexitCentral

The third round of the negotiations ended yesterday with a dramatic press conference in which the European Union’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier accused Britain of ‘nostalgia’ for benefits of EU membership and David Davis gave a robust defence of the United Kingdom’s position over the so-called Brexit bill, saying that the UK government had “a duty to our taxpayers to interrogate it,” and the any settlement should be “in accordance with law.” The British press has seized upon this latest press conference with glee, with the general consensus among them being that the only way in which it could have gone any worse, is if the negotiations had collapsed completely, there and then.

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Labour Renege On EU Election Manifesto

TRUSTTORNExpress Headline: Brexit stitch-up: Labour demands ‘Great Repeal Bill’ changes to soften EU divorce

LABOUR has demanded the Government make substantial changes to the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ – allowing the UK to remain in the single market, customs union and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after Brexit, a letter has revealed.

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