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I’ve been away (in the UK!) on holiday, but my attempts to relax were haunted by a horrible spectre: that of Tony Blair, with that fake, ham-actor tremble in his voice, telling us that we had all made a big mistake in voting for Brexit and we could pretend that that vote had never really happened.

With, to be as charitable as possible, uncertain leadership from No. 10, Blair and the Remoaners have upped their game. Sensing weakness, they see this as their moment to strike, first to obstruct Brexit, then to bin it altogether.

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Tax Justice Network: Italian ‘fraudsters’ mock lax UK companies regulations

TJNThe latest edition of the Offshore Wrapper,


Italian ‘fraudsters’ mock lax UK companies regulations

Italian fraudsters and mafia associates are having fun with the lack of regulations at the UK business registry Companies House, as well as the well known poor language skills of the Brits.

It has been revealed that an alleged mafia money launderer used UK companies to help him move the proceeds of crime.

The UK was chosen because of the extremely light touch regulatory environment which means that practically anyone can set up a company in no time at all. At the same time, the use of a UK company in a chain of companies can bestow an illusion of respectability on the group.

Indeed the Italians it seemed decided to test how far the UK’s no questions asked culture went when filling out their forms.

Companies they set up had addresses like “0, Street of the 40 thieves”. Companies were set up by people with fake names such as “the chicken thief” who put down their occupation as “fraudster”. All of these titles were in Italian, but still you might think someone might have checked what the Italian for fraudster was?

The full story is here.

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Is Farage Waking Up The Leave Campaign From Slumber?

nigelfarageExpress Headline: ‘Leaving EU in name ONLY’ Farage warns Brexit will see Brussels rule courts AND borders

NIGEL Farage has issued a chilling warning to his supporters that the very future of Brexit is slipping out of their hands.

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Leave Means Leave: Liam Fox back in campaigning mode this week

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEWe were pleased to see International Trade Secretary Liam Fox back in campaigning mode this week, spelling out the virtues of a clean Brexit. He explicitly said “you cannot leave the European Union and be in the single market and the customs union”. Crucially, he confirmed what we already knew – that the UK will survive without an EU free trade deal. No deal remains better than a bad deal.

There was also more good economic news this week, with  retail sales rising by 0.6 per cent from May to June and inflation falling by 0.3 per cent. The Remain campaigners peddling Project Fear Mark II must stop talking Britain down and start talking up our economic prospects. Of course, we all know that won’t happen. Arch Remoaners will work night and day to prevent the Government from delivering a clean Brexit – and it is our job to ensure they don’t get their way.

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Tory Brexit backsliding on key EU withdrawal amendments

UK Independence Party, View profile

The European Parliament has voted down several UKIP amendments which explicitly called for the protection of UK fishing waters, scrapping the Brexit bill and ending ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. Conservative and Labour MEPs joined forces to vote down these proposals along with the rest of the Parliament.

Gerard Batten MEP and UKIP Brexit spokesman commented:

“The Conservative government is making some encouraging noises but their MEPs gave the game away today. As usual, the Tories say one thing in the UK but vote for the opposite in the European Parliament.

They are fully prepared to allow European courts to have power over us for years and years to come and submit to EU blackmail over the Brexit bill.”

“We have set out a clear plan to repeal the 1972 European Community Act as soon as possible and ensure a speedy and unencumbered Brexit whilst saving billions and billions in extra EU contributions.”

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Arrogance, Bullying and Intimidation Don’t Seem To Work So EU’s Barnier Changes Tack

EU fruitcake economics


Barnier is using the unusual ploy of suggesting the reason the UK should meekly submit to EU extortion for as yet unquantified billions, ad nausem, forever and ever amen is because the EU’s grandiose, politicaly correct projects of gargantuan uneconomic waste, fraud, and corruption fueled by a moribund “EU superstate” ideology ( largesse funded by British taxpayers) would have to be scaled down or ended.

Really… Hmmm…. Let me think…

Now this may come as a shock Monsieur Barnier but the EU’s days of playing endless silly beggers with vast sums of British Taxpayers money is precisely why we voted to leave the EU. Your accounts have never been signed off; your deliberate cynical budget overspends have all the hallmarks of an unaccountable dictatorship.

It has to stop, for our own good and for the long suffering EU nation states. This is tough love.

May I suggest:

  • Juncker applies a special tax on all the Global corporations in Luxembourg he has managed to attract through ‘special’-under-investigation deals to make up for it. Now there is an innovative idea…
  • Or tap up ‘Politique de big cock‘ Macron for a few Euros from the iniquitous French dominated EU Common Agricultural Policy while he is in a good mood.
  • Or get Mutti Merkel to make a unilateral decision to make good the UK share. She is really good at making unilateral decisions on the EU’s behalf without consultation.

Get stuck into reality Mr Barnier or perish in EU delusions. This time you will be publicly accountable for every misspent penny your corporatist EU friends ever dealt with. We are not going to pay for them after we leave.

BrexitCentral: Why the EEA is not right for Britain

David Campbell Bannerman MEP
Written by

David Campbell Bannerman has been MEP for the East of England since 2009, sitting firstly for UKIP and as a Conservative since 2011. He was Co-Chairman of Conservatives for Britain.

As a Brexiteer who has spent 10 years studying models of life outside the EU in order to promote a ‘positive vision’ of the great opportunities, and eight years doing deals on the European Parliament’s trade committee, I can confidently say it takes all of those 10 years really to understand it. The learning curve is indeed steep.

There is no ‘Eureka’ moment on what works best, just a recognition of just how complex technical matters intertwine, and how similar trade models can provide useful templates for our own unique deal.

There are over 50 different models of association with the EU, and a great deal of variety and complexity within the EU – where France signs up to everything including the Euro and Schengen, and the UK to as little as possible.

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Tim Congdon’s latest e-mail: The UKIP plan for leaving the European Union

Prof Tim CongdonProf Tim Congdon

I think Brexit is now more or less irreversible, with the House of Commons rejecting both the single market and a customs union. To me the intellectual battleground will increasingly be the need for successful economic policies..

Strong public finances, sound money (with stable prices, ideally), free trade, a small state and low taxes, and light regulation are essential. We are right to be out, but we must now be a successful nation

If Britain is an economic failure in the next 20 years, with the pound falling heavily against the euro while inflation is much higher here, I predict that the UK will apply to rejoin the EU. That mustn’t happen….and that is why we need good economic policies. 

Attached is a downloadable EU exit plan written by Gerard Batten which I thoroughly recommend. It offers a detailed study of how we can make Brexit work.

With best wishes,

Tim Congdon

Runner-up in the 2010 UKIP leadership election
UKIP Economics Spokesman 2010 – 14

Please do not reply to this e-mail as I have a number of engagements in the coming days and thus will have little time to respond.

Copyright © 2017 Tim Congdon (UKIP), All rights reserved.

The Bruges Group: EU security and counter-terrorism control after Brexit

Dominic Grieve, the Chairman of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, argues that the UK must retain membership of the EU’s law enforcement agency (Europol) after Brexit, even if this means “accepting EU rules and judicial oversight for the European Court of Justice (ECJ).” This is not real Brexit and nor will it make us safer, in fact quite the reverse.

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