Tax Justice Network Weekly: The Trump Tax March

For those of you out there celebrating Easter, Happy Easter!

Over in the United States people in 150 different communities celebrated the holidays by marching to protest Donald Trump’s failure to release his tax returns. Donald Trump became the first presidential candidate in 40 years not to release his tax return during his campaign for the presidency.

A leaked page of his return suggested he may not have paid taxes in 10 years.

The march was timed to coincide with the annual deadline for US citizens to file their tax returns with the US tax authorities

Shell Knew

A huge story broke last Monday regarding Shell’s purchase of an oil block in Nigeria, OPL 245. It made the purchase with Italian oil giant ENI in 2011 and it’s been plagued with scandal since. After the deal was completed it emerged that a former Nigerian Oil minister Dan Etete had received a huge payoff, but there was always a question mark over how much the oil majors knew.

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Moneyweek: A snap general election makes sense for everyone

By Merryn Somerset Webb, Moneyweek

ParliamentI thought I had election fatigue. I thought I couldn’t cope with any more political rows or referendums. I was wrong. It turns out that while I am bored to tears and mildly irritated by the idea of a Scottish indyref2* (hence the feeling of fatigue), I’m pretty pleased by the idea of a snap general election.

Read Theresa May’s statement from yesterday and you can see why the whole thing makes sense, not just for her and her party, but for all of us. She might not have wanted to fight an election when she has a few things on already, but she clearly does want to deliver a good Brexit (“Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back”) as well as to move on with some of her domestic agenda. And she isn’t going to get a better chance to get the backing to do that than she has right now.

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Taxpayers’ Alliance: 539 council employees on more than the prime minister

tpaThis week saw the release of the Town Hall Rich List 2017. Back in 2007, compiling this research was a lot more difficult – council accounts were opaque and taxpayers couldn’t get any meaningful information on the remuneration of those who spent their money. But with our work, and the tireless campaigning of our activists, councils were forced to open up the books…

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Leave Means Leave Weekly Campaign Update

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEBy Richard Tice & John Longwroth

We have had an exciting week here at Leave Means Leave. On Sunday we launched our latest report: Immigration post-Brexit, a fair, flexible and forward-thinking immigration policy, authored by Steven Woolfe, the Independent MEP.

Steven’s report, which you can read here, calls for an immediate cut-off date for the indefinite right to remain of EU citizens and sets out a plan for reducing net-migration to 50,000 a year once we officially leave the EU.

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Liam Fox Takes A Crucial Step Toward A Succesfull Seamless Clean Break With EU

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: FULL STEAM AHEAD! Britain WILL begin trade talks with other countries, says Liam Fox

LIAM Fox has told the EU that Britain will press ahead with trade talks with other countries now that Article 50 has been triggered.

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BrexitCentral: Dexit after Brexit? Opt-out or get-out

DanexitWritten by,
Darren Grimes is Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral

In this episode, BrexitCentral hears from allies in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The Danish are the most British of continental Europeans when it comes to Brussels, Denmark delayed its EU membership until the UK became a member in 1973 and remains the only other country with an “opt-out” of the EU requirement to join the euro. BrexitCentral’s Deputy Editor, Darren Grimes, spoke to senior members of the Danish People’s Party, the second biggest party in Denmark, who have been eager to secure a renegotiation of Denmark’s membership of the European Union, as well as a possible referendum… Remind you of anyone?

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Can The French Break The EU Establishments’ Grip On Their Democracy?

frexitExpress Headline: FREXIT? Marine Le Pen promises ‘EU referendum WITHIN SIX MONTHS’ should she win election

FRANCE will have a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union six months after the presidential election should Marine Le Pen win, the Front National leader has claimed.

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