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“British Exit” The term used to describe The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland departing the European Union.

This site is intended to act as a point of reference for people who want to find out more about the various campaigns and sources of information dedicated to getting Britain out of an institution we as a nation were fraudulently misled into.

The cost to Britain continues at an astronomical pace  – approximately £55,000,000 a day is being poured into the EU coffers. This is an organisation which in twenty years has yet to have its accounts signed off and the people who run it are immune from prosecution.

We love Europe and will be part of it come what may. However we must leave the EU’s anti-democratic, mafia-like corporatocracy and its institutions behind, to return to the rule of British laws created by a sovereign British parliamentary democracy

Media and Opposition Notes

The BBC is the flagship of the pro EU left Liberal media, the way they support the EU is by ignoring stories from the EU which reflect badly on it, or are not politically correct and don’t follow the Liberal left narrative. If the story is so big they can’t ignore it, they trivialise it, save it for the less popular bulletins and bury it on their websites. If that approach fails they try to give the story a left Liberal spin. Simple but very effective. Watch the news and you will see exactly what I mean. The most recent sex assaults in Cologne were covered up by the German government, media, police AND ignored by the BBC. When the story did break the BBC only invited Liberal left pundits from politics and acedemia to comment.

When the American President Obama in the run up to the referendum poked his nose into the debate on the EU’s side. When American Wall St bankers J.P.Morgan and Goldman Sachs start to financially support the remain campaign with serious money you realise what we in the leave campaign are up against.

Wall St runs the White house and Congress they are desperate for their political tools and techniques, so successful in the US, to work for them in the EU. Having a vibrant British parliamentary democracy which legislates on behalf of its people and not the global corporations is the EU and Wall St’s worst nightmare.

Cameron is a corporatist, his bosses are in Wall St, the City and Brussels which goes a long way to explaining his insistence on the sham “re-negotiation” which amounts to little more than a pocketfull of thin air for Britain and £55,000,000 a day for Brussels.

Historical Note: This site was originally created to support UKIP in Essex, but is no longer under the UKIP whip.

A Lot of old UKIP stuff has gone

If you want fairly modern UKIP stuff please go to UKIP.ORG or UKIPMEPS.ORG

This site retains an Independant campaigning stance generaly supportive of UKIP but also SUPPORTS common sense Labour and Conservative policies. We will take good ideas wherever we can find them :-)

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