Leave Means Leave: CBI go into full on Remain campaign

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEBy Richard Tice & John Longworth

Once again the CBI have taken a swipe at Brexit as they released another damning report this week. Their report, ‘Smooth Operations’, protects the vested interests of global multi-nationals at the expense of the approximately 90 per cent of the UK economy that does not export to the EU. It is extraordinary that this business lobby group wants to keep a load of unnecessary EU regulations that stifle growth and innovation, which will thus reduce wage growth potential for UK workers.

The boss of Germany’s national bank, Bundesbank, has admitted that the City of London will continue to be the main financial centre in Europe after Brexit. This comes in the same week as the boss of Goldman Sachs reluctantly confessed his prediction of a Brexodus of bankers from the City was wrong. David Davis voiced London’s bullish sentiment by stating “we are still going to be the biggest and most important financial centre in the world”.

Meanwhile the Brexit boom continues: the net rates of return for British manufacturing increased from 13.8 per cent in Q3 of 2017 to 15.8 per cent in Q4; car manufacturer Ford have committed to staying in the UK post-Brexit; exports from the UK increased by 10.7 per cent in the year to February 2018; and Justin Trudeau is happy to negotiate a UK-Canada trade deal.With trade talks starting up again next week and the EU Withdrawal Bill returning to the House of Lords for its report stage, follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we keep a close eye on all things Brexit.

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The public want Britain to get on with Brexit 

Most people accept the referendum result and now want Britain to get on with securing the best Brexit deal, said our supporter and Labour Leave Chairman John Mills on Sky News. We do not need a second referendum, the public have an opportunity to determine what happens through putting pressure on their local MP. It’s time to get on with Brexit.

The Good Friday Agreement has nothing to fear from Brexit

Our board member David Campbell Bannerman MEP, who was a Special Advisor to Sir Patrick Mayhew at the Northern Ireland Office 1996-97, wrote in the Telegraph that the Good Friday Agreement has nothing to fear from Brexit. David lists the reasons as to why Brexit will not result in a hard border with Northern Ireland. “There is no time to use the Irish people and the Good Friday Agreement itself as political tools to serve the EU’s wider economic and political interest.” Read the whole article here.Brexit gives us the opportunity for smarter regulations and flexible standards, which estimates have shown could boost GDP by 0.7-1.4 per cent, wrote John Longworth in his latest article for BrexitCentral. Yet large corporations and the EU are against us breaking free from red tape set by Brussels because they wish to stifle competition, while the EU want to maintain their protectionist fortress. Why should multi-nationals dictate that 87 per cent of the UK economy should follow the EU slavishly in order to make their lives slightly easier? When you read the CBI report and listen to Michel Barnier, John concluded, it is worth reflecting on the true motivations of the authors.

Leave Means Leave supporter John Redwood MP wrote in the Telegraph that our universities need to place more emphasis on scrutinising the EU. Uni’s offer the perfect platform for informed debate and open minds, unfortunately, like the the rest of the Remain campaign, wrote John, most of them denied that the EU was a “grand project of economic, monetary and political union.” Academic study in our world class universities should offer students more explanation and analysis – it’s time to ask questions of the EU too.

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