Free War Zones – Without Rules or Democracy and Under The Rule Of Non-Law

charge_overchargeTheresa May whipping up a storm of sanctions against Russia around the world over the Skripal case, saying it was “likely” that Russia was behind it, quite frankly was an embarassment. There was no fact based evidence the Russians were behind it. Don’t get me wrong it may be that Scotland Yard can provide evidence in future but to go around demanding sanctions without the international courts and investigators getting involved is just plain dangerous, hysterical and hot-headed. Pretext is the word that sprang to the front of mind closely followed by the phrase Kangaroo court.

Read also: Zero Hedge: Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED By Islamic Jihadi Propagandists, No One Actually Died

And then the “chemical attack” in the Syrian city Douma, more importantly the US Response to it. An event which may (or may not) have been carried out by any one of a number of terrorist organisations or the Assad regime. For the Assad regime it simply does not make sense to use chemical weapons when to do so would provide a pretext for the entry in force of a world superpower capable of wiping the country off the map? Why?

The Russians have been finding chemical labs all over the areas they have taken over from the rebels and terrorists. American, British and Israeli advisors had been captured by Assad’s forces in the East Ghouta enclave. Russia had been telling everyone and anyone who would listen they expected desperate losing Rebels to try a last gasp attempt to bring the western powers into the conflict on their side.

Ominously Neocon John Bolton appeared on the scene shortly before the “chemical  attack” took place. Bolton has form after backing WMD’s as G W Bush’s pretext for war in Iraq in 2003 (Book: Extreme Prejudice: Susan Lindaur: When Truth Becomes Treason ). When I heard that National Security Advisor to Trump H. R McMaster had been fired and John Bolton had been appointed my jaw dropped.

John Bolton is a Neocon from the G W Bush era and the neocon ideological madness that drove US militarism into Iraq and Libya.  Bolton is an arch-conservative advocate of the Plan For A New American Century (PNAC) video. In short the PNAC is a blueprint for American supremacy over the earth and every nation in it using its military to impose its will if necessary to get rid of regimes who oppose them. That was the plan in 1997. GW,  Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld followed it till Obama then Obama despite his Nobel peace prize followed it as if the only change he brought was no change. Obama didn’t prosecute the GW Bush gang for war crimes. He let them be and carried on their work.

So Here we go again, the US and its allies are trashing Syria this time and possibly Iran in the very near future.

H.R McMaster was not so keen on war with Iran wheras Bolton is. You get the picture.

To understand why Bolton’s appointment is so dangerous you need to look at his past and also the people Trump has and is surrounding himself with since the election.

For those curious enough to do a little research into the Neocon PNAC and the tragic role picked out for Syria you can read this article written in 2012 which predicts the whole scenario “The Neocons’ Project for the New American Century: “American World Leadership” – Syria next to Pay the Price? 

Trump and the neocons

Bolton & Pompeo: Deciphering Trump’s Neocon Shift

Trump’s appointment of well-known neocons Mike Pompeo and John Bolton as the next Secretary of State and National Security Advisor respectively proves that he’s decisively embraced the neoconservative faction of the “deep state”.

Trump Brings “Christmas For Neocons”

Welcome to the Donald Rumsfeld–Liz Cheney restoration.

The elevation of CIA Director–designate Gina Haspel, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and Secretary of State–designate Mike Pompeo represents a return to a point of view not seen since the early 2000s: eagerness to use American armed force, comfort with torturing terror suspects, and a central focus on counterterror policy. – Buzzfeed


Trump and the generals

Trump has appointed three generals to his cabinet and had one resign, this has dangers on a number of different levels in the article “The three powerful Generals surrounding Trump: What does it mean for his presidency and the country?” quotes Eliot Cohen

“Even Eliot Cohen, a neoconservative advocate of the invasion of Iraq, thinks Trump has gone too far.

[I]t is inappropriate to have so many generals in policy-making positions; it is profoundly wrong to have a president regard the military as a constituency, and corrupting to have the Republican Party, such as it is, act as though generals have if not a monopoly then at least dominant market share in the qualities of executive ability and patriotism.


The Deep State

Ed – The deep state is a stay behind government often gathering power in a democracy over time by holding important positions in government, civil service, the military during the coming and going or churn of democratically ellected governments. Examples of this in the UK is the UK Civil service’s unconstitutional opposition to Brexit and in the media the systemic ant-Brexit bias of the BBC.

In the US you get a flavour of the Deep State’s influence over current US policy in this Miami Herald article What Is the Deep State — and is it really at war with Donald Trump

Many believe that Trump has been turned and absorbed by the Deep State to their viewpoint, hence the U turns he has made on so many issues. Including getting the US out of foreign entanglements such as Syria.

The only winners in all of this will be the war profiteers embedded parasites on the world’s body politic.

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