UK Passport Sellout Accurately Summarises May’s Conservative Sellout To EU

EU flag burnNothing illustrates the Conservative Government’s treachery and unpatriotic wrongheadedness over Brexit more succinctly than May’s government asking the French and Dutch to make Britain’s passports. The Conservatives have no shame, they have no national pride and they are a disgrace to the office they hold on our behalf.

Whoever and whatever Theresa May is she is not a Conservative as I understand the term. She has caved in on immigration, law, and trade it looks as though she is laying the foundations for a quick return to the EU after she and her party have been booted out at the next election.

I watched Theresa May, post capitulation, at the EU Summit being kissed and held by Jean-Claude Juncker as if she was a hero returning home. And for the EU indeed she and her ‘Brexit team’ are their heros. Theresa May and George Davis have publicly surrendered the country to national humiliation and disgrace.

Edward Heath and his government at least had enough sense of shame to keep his treachery secret when he took us in. May and her cabinet have no shame and have determined TO SUBORDINATE THE UK to the EU against the will of the people.

This has not been a negotiation this has been a choreographed capitulation.

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