UK Civil Service Undermining Democracy

Ed – The elimination of democracy by treaty has long been the holy grail of EU architects and dictators now we find our own civil service conspiring to undermine the will of the people. Heads should roll for this subversion of parliamentary democracy. If that were not bad enough our Government entanglement in UK/EU PESCO defense agreement puts British taxpayers on the hook for payments to a EU army without the consent of Parliament. It is a shameful abuse of the public trust.


BrexitCentral, March 16th, 2018, extract from newsletter

Brexiteers will be far from reassured by this morning’s bombshell scoop from Harry Cole in The Sun with a recording emerging of senior Brexit civil servants telling a private gathering of EU diplomats that they were aiming for a “KitKat Brexit“, where a headline political agreement would be the ‘chocolate’ obscuring a “patchwork” of far more convoluted links which would be retained as the ‘wafer’ underneath.

As Brexit metaphors go, this has to be one of the most tenuous, but it will do nothing to ease many Leavers’ suspicions that senior civil servants have been systematically taking matters into their own hands and pushing behind their ministers’ backs – and indeed the public’s too – to surreptitiously retain numerous insidious aspects of EU membership, far in excess of what they have been given political authorisation to negotiate. Jacob Rees-Mogg has already demanded an official inquiry into what took place.

One official said that Britain was prepared to continue paying “significant contributions” to EU defence projects, including the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) programme, which is the precursor to an EU Army in much the same way that the ERM was the precursor to the Euro.

It remains a significant point of concern more generally that the UK has reversed its long-held policy of opposition to EU defence integration, on the grounds that it would undermine NATO, with no significant domestic political debate as to the merits of this dramatic policy shift. Since the referendum, Britain has waved through numerous EU defence initiatives it previously opposed, which have attracted minimal scrutiny in the UK on the assumption that the UK will not be participating in them after Brexit. As this morning’s leak shows, that assumption may be well wide of the mark.

On the site today, Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South Simon Clarke looks forward to the time when the UK is able to dispense with the EU’s vastly inflated minimum import prices or egregious 64.9% tariffs on solar panels. This can help deliver cheaper, cleaner energy, lowering costs for consumers and businesses around the country after Brexit. Read his article here.

Have a good Friday.

Hugh Bennett
Deputy Editor, BrexitCentral

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