Leave Means Leave: Donald Tusk is the biggest cherry picker of them all!

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth Co-Chairmen Leave Means Leave

The EU’s draft negotiating lines released this week revealed a demand for continued access to the UK’s fishing waters in return for 0 per cent tariffs on goods. We are absolutely clear – Britain must take back control of her fishing waters and this is a Red Line. Donald Tusk’s proposal are completely unacceptable and show that, in fact, he is the biggest cherry picker of them all!

It was encouraging to hear George Eustice MP, the Fisheries Minister, reinstate the Government’s commitment to leaving the Common Fisheries Policy in March 2019, but fisheries must not be used as a pawn in the EU’s political board game. The Government must make it clear to the EU that Britain will accept nothing less than full sovereignty over our waters.

Furthermore Tusk’s comments on the Irish border are contrary to what was agreed in December, they are just designed to put more hurdles in the way. If Tusk and the European Commission carry on in this manner, then we are close to the moment where a senior Cabinet figure needs to say we are about to walk away.

Meanwhile, over in the European Parliament there are reports that the German industry is beginning to panic about how EU leaders, with their unreasonable demands, are pushing the UK closer to walking away from the negotiating table without a deal. Trading with the world on WTO terms is not something to be feared, it is the basis on which most world trade already takes place. It is time for the Government to take the necessary steps to prepare for the WTO option by commissioning the digital and physical infrastructure needed so that the UK can become a independent, sovereign nation from March 2019.

Regardless of the negative correlations Remainers seek to point to between a weakened economy and the vote to leave, the UK export economy has reached its strongest point since 2000, with factory outputs expected to rise by 2 per cent this year. Even the CBI have admitted that British businesses grew faster in the 3 month period to February than the previous 2 years – and this is only just the beginning.

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Tony Blair was awarded the Abraham Lincoln “Leadership Prize” for his commitment to democracy this week, even though he is determined to thwart the Brexit vote. Forward this email today to help us prevent Remainers from trying to stop the UK’s exit from the EU.

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Only 385 days until we leave the “dreadful EU superstate”

Leave Means Leave board member Peter Bone MP reminded MPs that when we leave the “dreadful EU superstate” the Prime Minister will end free movement of people, stop sending billions to the EU and crucially – we will be able to make our own laws, in our own country, judged by our own judges. Only 385 days to go…

Thousands of firms have been left voiceless on Brexit

John Longworth, who was the director general of the British Chamber of Commerce and, for 5 years, the chairman of the Confederation of British Industry, warns of just how small the “voice of business” portrayed in the eyes of the media really is. Combined, the membership of the CBI, IoD, FSB and EEF only represents a sixth of all the business in the UK. “So even when these groups speak with one voice there is a deafening silence from millions of unrepresented businesses, who may have a different view.” The British ‘voice of business’ is certainly not fairly represented on Brexit, and so when mentioned, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Read John’s whole piece for the Telegraph here.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP, one of our board members, commented on Theresa May’s “well-honed speech” she delivered last Friday, in the Telegraph. The Prime Minister set out a clear policy that the UK want to have a global free trade agreement with the EU. “All in all the EU can no longer say that they don’t know what Britain wants. They may now be taken aback by the clarity, reasonableness and far-sighted vision displayed by the Prime Minister.”

Our supporter in the Upper House Lord Flight wrote for ConservativeHome this week reminding readers that the UK has a strong negotiating hand, contrary to how the media portrays the Brexit process. Now is not our ‘darkest hour’. Concluding a FTA between the UK and the EU is not a difficult task, as many make out. And yet if this is not the option both sides decide on, we can leave without a deal and trade on WTO rules. Now is the time “for conviction and courage and not compromise and capitulation”.

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