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Underneath is a shortened summary of some of the main Brexit related news stories and opinions from the past week. Before that though…

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Here are some summaries of what went on in the past week:

Brexit at Noon Weekly Briefing:

1. Michel Barnier forced to apologise over ‘inappropriate’  Brexit punishment clause

James Crisp writes in The Daily Telegraph that the European Commission has been forced to apologise to diplomats from the remaining 27 EU member countries for the “inappropriate wording” of the Brexit punishment clause, amid fears it could trigger a British walkout from negotiations.

Verdict: Barnier’s previous wording left many, including us, furious. But it shows that, underneath it all, the EU27 still want the UK to be as close to them as possible.

Translation: They need us more than we need them…

2. Theresa May ‘committed to security of Europe’ as she meets Merkel

Both the British Prime Minister and German Chancellor met yesterday in order to discuss their respective positions before speaking at a security conference on Saturday.

Verdict: Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is due to commit to the European Arrest Warrant, which she’s always been a supporter of, despite the erosion of freedom and liberty that it allows…

3. Another Juncker Power Grab

The European Commission published a new report on ‘Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, European Council and the Council’ that sets out a range of steps that Juncker’s Commission wish to achieve. This harks back to Juncker’s ‘State of the Union Address’ last year when he proposed merging the President of the Council into the Commission. This paper also suggests that member states might wish to reduce the number of seats on the Commission. This would have the consequence of centralising power and increasing control of some states over others in terms of legislation…

Verdict: More good reasons to leave…

4. Theresa May and Michel Barnier fooled British public to hide ‘REAL’ £90billion Brexit bill, EU chiefs claim

Negotiators allegedly performed ‘maths acrobatics’ to produce a total amount that is less than half the true total – so as not to undermine the PM’s authority.

Verdict: Number 10 denies this strenuously; however, if it turns out to be true, the Conservative Party can say bye-bye to power for a generation…

5. Boris Johnson: Brexit is a reason for hope not fear

Boris was the talk of Westminster (and Twitter) this week as his widely trailed speech was discussed with all the *ahem* usual levels of sober analysis that both the MSM press core and Twitter lends itself towards…

Verdict: With that said, it was a decent speech but probably didn’t hit its mark. We also spotted this tweet from our friends at Economists for Free Trade, on which we are in complete agreement. We highly recommend their excellent paper, Project Fear to Project Prosperity, to all TFA members.

6. Irish leader refusing to take PM’s calls as he throws another Brexit tantrum

Harry Cole writes for the Sun that Rookie Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, ignores No10’s attempts at contact amid tense talks over Brexit and efforts to form a new power-sharing exec in N. Ireland.

Verdict: Varadkar is being seen as the ‘Toddler Taoiseach’…

7. A vote of confidence? This Japanese bank just signed for a huge new office in the City

A Japanese banking giant has given a vote of confidence to the capital by signing for a vast new office space at the redeveloped Broadgate scheme on Liverpool Street.

Verdict: ‘Because of Brexit‘…

8. Demand for City offices to remain strong after record-breaking 2017

This year is set to be another stellar period for investment in the City of London, after 2017 set a new record.

Verdict: ‘Despite Brexit‘ / ‘Because of Brexit‘…

H/T to TFA friend Ted Bromund who pointed out the key stat relating to this on his Facebook:

Only 14% of the demand comes from Europe.

Global Britain…

Verdict: A clean break. Hope Hammond is reading…

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Rory Broomfield


Director of The Freedom Association and Better Off Out campaign

 Opinions of the week

1. 1. Brexit is the great project of our age and does not mean Britain being insular — it means being more global – Boris Johnson in the Sun

2. Johnson – a Tigger among Eeyores – is right to restate the positive, uplifting vision of Brexit – TFA Council Member Dan Hannan MEP

3. Down Under sees ‘huge’ upside of life after Brexit – The Express

4. Let’s burn EU red tape and embrace era of prosperity – John Longworth in the Times

5. It is time the UK proses a post-Brexit trade relationship – Ruth Lea in the FT

6. A key Brexit opportunity is in danger – Nick Timothy in the Telegraph

7. Do we need a transition period? – John Redwood MP on BrexitCentral

8. The EU has ensnared us in these talks. Here are three steps to free Britain from the trap – Juliet Samuel in The Telegraph

9. Britain should drop tariffs and champion free trade – Geoff Raby in the Times

10. Ode to Brexit on Valentines Day

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