Leave Means Leave: “A Very Worrying Week”

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“The Treasury and the IMF have been made to look extremely foolish”

It has been a busy week with lots of Brexit developments. Unfortunately, most of them are very worrying.

A report – almost certainly leaked by the Treasury – unsurprisingly predicted doom and gloom when Britain leaves the EU. Given the key role the Treasury played in Project Fear and the fact their projections have been so wildly inaccurate, these reports are completely discredited and should be ignored.

Far wiser economists have dismantled the gloomy predictions of a post-Brexit economic crash and have forecast that the UK’s economy could see a Brexit boost of £135 billion a year.

Also this week, a recording of comments made by Charles Grant, the Director for the Centre of European Reform, has revealed the Treasury is attempting to persuade Britain to stay in the EU’s customs union.

This confirms what us Brexiteers feared from the start – the Treasury is actively working against what is in the national interest with their deliberate false forecasts and by opposing the democratic EU referendum result, the declared will of the Prime Minister and the policy of the Cabinet.

Leaving the customs union is absolutely essential in order to take back control from Brussels and maximise the huge Brexit opportunities.

There must be an inquiry set up immediately to investigate how Treasury officials have been interfering with Brexit negotiations and anybody implicated – regardless of how senior they are – should be fired.

The UK economy can flourish when we leave the EU but we must have a Chancellor with vision, who recognises this growth potential.

Speaking of growth, there was more good news for the economy thanks to UK car manufacturing. Output is at its second highest level in 17 years, with British engine production at a record 2.72 million.

What’s more, exports to global destinations are soaring – with demand up in Japan by more than 25 per cent and climbing in China by more than 19 per cent. We can only take advantage of future global demand if we are outside the customs union and can sign our own trade agreements.

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“The Treasury and the IMF have been made to look extremely foolish”

Leave Means Leave Board Member and former Brexit Minister, Rt Hon David Jones MP, explained to the House of Commons this week why we should treat the ‘forecasts’ from the Treasury with extreme caution.

Brussels is starting to realise how much it needs our business

This week, in a piece for the Telegraph, David Campbell Bannerman MEP recalled how a German MEP colleague of his announced that German business is “panicking” about the prospect of no deal with the UK. The jitters of the continental powerhouse that is German business demonstrates the “cold factual reality” that the EU badly needs trade with the UK market. Read David’s whole article here.

Earlier in the week, John Longworth explained how, as more Project Fear myths are busted, we must look forward to the benefits of global trade. In his article for BrexitCentral, John set out how the ultimate “measure of success of Brexit, as set out by the British electorate, is whether we take control of our laws, borders and money”.

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