Leave Campaigns Combine To Launch Major Brexit Report

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

Leave Means Leave, Economists for Free Trade and Labour Leave have today launched a major joint report which urges the Government to signal a clean break with the EU by adopting a New Model Economy’.

The report – ‘New Model Economy for a Post-Brexit Britain’ – drawn up by experts from across the political spectrum estimates that Britain’s poorest families will be £44 a week better off because of Brexit.

Families will save £27 a week in lower grocery prices and a drop in rents triggered by a fall in the value of land. While wages for those on the lowest income bracket will rise by £12 a week because leaving the EU will limit the number of income-suppressing low-skilled immigration, bringing an extra reduction of £5 a week in taxes paid for migrant benefits.

The report mounts a direct challenge to politicians pushing for a ‘Soft Brexit’ featuring a lengthy transition period in which Britain remains subject to EU single market rules, free movement of labour and continuing payments to the Brussels budget.

Crucially, the report urges the Government to adopt a ‘New Model Economy’ characterised by global free trade, deregulation, managed migration, abolition of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), repatriation of fisheries, an end to the net £11 billion a year paid to the EU and a competitive currency.

Remainers keep pedalling the myth of a ‘cliff edge’ exit from the EU but this is just Project Fear II. March 2019 is not a ‘cliff edge’ – it is a springboard to growth and prosperity.

You can read the full report here.
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Richard Tice & John Longworth


Controlling our borders allows us to have a fairer immigration system

Richard Tice appeared on BBC Radio 4 to talk about the recent immigration figures. He said exiting the EU allows the UK to implement a fairer immigration system, one which does not discriminate between EU and non-EU citizens. Listen to the full interview here.

Commenting on Labour’s u-turn on Brexit last weekend, Richard said the Labour Party has completely betrayed its manifesto commitment and the people who voted for it less than three months ago in the general election. The further suggestion that Britain could negotiate a new single market and customs union arrangement is delusional and completely at odds with what the British people voted for in the EU referendum.”Top Brexit stories of the week
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