EU Intransigence: And now we are getting to it – The EU Guide To Bad Governance

EU_CORRUPTIONEd – And now we are getting to it. The abstraction of power to a democratically unaccountable EU Eurocracy in Brussels, run by the democratically unaccountable EU Commission, is displaying its unworkable, ideologically driven corporatist and elitist agenda in opposition to common sense and common people.

The EU Commission and its negotiaters – comfortably provided for by grotesquely large salaries and pensions paid for by UK taxpayers – are happy to sacrifice the jobs and industry of people throughout the EU and UK to deliver ‘punishment beatings’ to the UK and themselves. All this safe in the knowledge they cannot be sacked by voters.

Daniel Hannan MEP should adjust his view that the EU would not deliberately harm themselves to harm the UK. Oh yes they would! Mr Hannan, please don’t underestimate the vindictive bile against the UK of politically detached, rich, elitist EUrocrats with absolutely nothing personal to lose.


Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: ‘Giving us the run around!’ Hague savages EU over Brexit & demands member states INTERVENE

A PROMINENT Tory MP has blasted European Union bosses for giving Britain the “run around” by delaying Brexit talks.

Read full story: HERE

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