UK Column: EU To Take Control Of British Nuclear Deterrent

Ed – Although this article was posted in January the potential for mischief threatens the future. There is another article below which indicates the EU has not given up on getting their hands on our nuclear deterrant.


Posted at UKColumn, and written by David Ellis, Strategic Defence Initiatives, Wednesday, 25th January 2017

“The recent British referendum has made no difference to the speed and tenacity with which the Conservative Government under Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon (a strong EU advocate and former EU Movement supporter) are continuing the path to EU military union. There has been no change in the advancing integration of UK military forces into the EU structure — the subject is simply not discussed in political, public and media forums, which is testimony to the usual EU policy of implementation by stealth where possible.

Read full story (Recommended): HERE

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