German Public Broadcaster Accused Of Suppressing Stories Critical Of Merkel’s Open Door Immigration Policy

Ed – The methods used here by German news channel WRD are eerily similar to the BBC’s suppression of, and bias against, any story which puts the EU’s actions and policies in a bad light. Suppressing this story about Merkel’s unilateral declaration of open border immigration without consultation is a good example. This German reporter is merely stating facts. Apparently the German media is demonstrably biased and we here in Britain should remember that and think of their public service channel WRD/ARD in the same light as our own BBC as the Liberal left propaganda arm of the ruling political class.


RT Headline: German journalist who exposed govt instruction in media coverage faces backlash

Speaking to RT Deutsch, Zimmermann said she fell out of grace with the bosses of WRD, which is part of the ARD group of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters, after she revealed the pressure on the employees to refrain from criticism of German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel controversial “open door” policy towards refugees.

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