Juncker Bunker Junket Travel Costs: £450,000 Of Mind Boggling Extravagance

Ed – The Juncker Bunker is a euphemism for the EU Commission and all its works. Since we voted to depart the EU nut-house there has been an increasing flow of erratic delusional  decrees, directives and orders emerging from the bunker as reality gradually asserts itself over ideologically driven wishful thinking. Use of the term also denotes a siege mentality taking hold in the court of Emporer Juncker.


GreatEURipoffExpress Headline: Fury as Juncker and EU commissioners splash £450k of TAXPAYERS’ cash on travel in 2 months

JEAN Claude Juncker and his fellow European Commissioners went on an “outrageous” half million euro (£450,000) spending splurge on junkets in just two months new figures have revealed.

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