Memo To PM May: Re Dementia Tax

SAVEnhsSimple demographics mean we need to find a way to pay for our growing elderly populations care, but how? Conservative “dementia tax” is not the answer. Young and old move forward into the future together as one, therefore we should look after eachother as individuals and collectively as society renews itself from generation to generation.

So what do we do? We should not be putting our pensioners, or long term ill,  out on the ice to be eaten by polar bears Eskimo style when they are no longer contributing and need long term care. They participated in and gave to society during their lives and deserve both respect and help from the rest when mother nature takes its toll.

The Conservatives’ selective approach to illnesses the state will support is a breach of the implicit promise the government makes when you are paying in your mandatory national insurance throughout your working life. It is another profoundly disturbing step in dismantling the NHS and its philosophy of being there to care when you need care. This is a service cut, getting rid of care for an ‘unprofitable’ resource hungry illness.

I give you fair warning. I will vote for the Conservatives in the coming election because the threat of EU Dictatorship should Brexit fail is far far greater. But Mrs May, if you insist on taking the NHS apart and breaking the states social contract with the people wih policies like this, you are on notice, post-Brexit I will vote against you at every opportunity.

We need a public debate on this, and a solution which encompasses tax contributions, tax avoidence, ability to pay and horror of horrors the government needs to set out in simple terms to every man and woman why they must contribute one way or another throughout their lives.

PS the socialist solution of “Whats yours is mine and whats mine is my own” is unacceptable too. Individual responsibility mixed with state responsibility is the answer.


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