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Quite a busy 24 hours on the Brexit front! Firstly, I wanted to draw your attention to a story which seemed to get no coverage yesterday from otherwise distracted broadcast media: it is the ruling from the European Court of Justice relating to the EU’s trade deal with Singapore, which concluded that in many key areas – not least financial services – any trade deal does not need to be ratified by every national and regional parliament in every member state.  While such ratification will still be required in some areas such as dispute resolution, the core of a trade agreement – goods, services and public procurement – will not be subject to national consultation. Overall this is “likely to help the British government” – not my words, but those of The Guardian, no less.

Yesterday finally saw publication of the actual, finalised Labour manifesto, as opposed to the draft version that was leaked last week. After I analysed the draft document’s pledges on Brexit, yesterday Hugh Bennett went through the published version with a fine toothcomb to see what had been amended in the relevant sections over the last few days. Click here to discover what he found.

Meanwhile, Plaid Cymru also launched their manifesto yesterday and Darren Grimes has pulled together a summary of their Brexit offering to Welsh voters. Click here to read his analysis.

On the manifesto front, today it’s the turn of the Lib Dems, with Tim Farron expected to peddle his pledge that if we don’t like the Brexit deal negotiated by the Government, we should “be able to reject it and choose to remain in Europe”. On the Today programme earlier, when presented with the polling evidence that former Remain supporters are now getting behind the delivery of Brexit, Sir Ed Davey – a Lib Dem minister in the Coalition Government – claimed that this was only because “no party has given them hope” until now. Keep an eye out for further analysis later.

Talking of the Lib Dems, do you remember this video we put out last week exposing how former party leader Nick Clegg had acknowledged during the course of the referendum campaign that a vote for Brexit would mean leaving the single market? Well, yesterday on the Daily Politics, presenter Andrew Neil showed Clegg the video, yet the politician still stuck to his literally incredible line that there is no mandate for leaving the single market. Click here to watch the encounter.

Today we publish the second in my series on the Brexit Election Battlegrounds, identifying region-by-region the swing seats and the constituencies to watch at this general election. Today I have turned my attention to the Tory heartland of the South East of England. Click here to read it.

And finally, many congratulations to Professor Patrick Minford, chair of Economists for Free Trade and occasional BrexitCentral author, on being awarded the 2017 Contrarian Prize. The prize is given to someone who “put their head above the parapet on grounds of principle and demonstrated independence, courage and sacrifice” and recognises Patrick for “breaking ranks with the majority of the academic establishment to advocate a different view on Brexit”.

Jonathan Isaby
Editor, BrexitCentral

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