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LEAVEMEANSLEAVEBy Richard Tice & John Longwroth

We have had an exciting week here at Leave Means Leave. On Sunday we launched our latest report: Immigration post-Brexit, a fair, flexible and forward-thinking immigration policy, authored by Steven Woolfe, the Independent MEP.

Steven’s report, which you can read here, calls for an immediate cut-off date for the indefinite right to remain of EU citizens and sets out a plan for reducing net-migration to 50,000 a year once we officially leave the EU.

In his speech on Monday, Steven said:

“This new British Working Visa System will deliver on the will of the electorate. It won’t mean pulling up the drawbridge, as we will continue to encourage the best and the brightest to migrate and settle here.

“But by introducing strict controls, an annual cap and a five-year freeze on unskilled migrants, it will reduce net migration year on year, lessen the strain on our public services and help build a more cohesive society. It will be a system fit for 21st century Britain.”

Steven’s bespoke British working visa system is a ready made blueprint we hope the Government will consider and adopt.

Also in the news this week, the ONS released their latest unemployment figures, which showed unemployment rates to be at their lowest level since 1971 – so much for a Brexit Armageddon. Already Britain is proving it really is the best place to do business.

We wish you a happy Easter,

Richard Tice & John Longwroth

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The UK should have a fair, flexible and forward thinking immigration policy

Steven Woolfe MEP spoke on Good Morning Britain saying that in voting to take back control, the country wanted the Government to tackle and manage migration levels. The UK must adopt an immigration system that is managed in a way that compliments and benefits our booming economy; a system which works for all.

We need a migration policy fit for 21st Century Britain

As we start the process of leaving the EU, we must look to how we are going to deliver on the wishes of the British people. In short, we must enact a new, bespoke immigration policy which controls overall numbers, wrote our board member Sir Gerald Howarth MP. There is no greater opportunity than building a migration policy fit for 21st Century Britain.

Meanwhile Owen Paterson MP advocated our latest report. Steven Woolfe’s new proposed immigration policy enables the UK to control who comes and who goes, end discrimination against non-Europeans and make democratic decisions on overall numbers.

Yes, trade deals really can be done quickly, wrote David Campbell Bannerman MEP. 180 days is all the time needed to conduct a US-UK bilateral trade deal. Trump is serious about doing a fast trade deal with the UK, and the UK welcomes the chance to create our new (or restored) Global Britain with the Prime Minister and Liam Fox leading the charge.

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