The Stars Align For A Snap General Election

ParliamentIt’s not complicated

The Issues:

  • There is a misalignment between the will of the majority of the UK’s people to leave the EU, and the actions of a few of its Westminster Parliament MPs who are acting against them.
  • The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader indicates the Labour Party has taken a Quixotic turn to the far left, tilting at ideological windmills with no hope of becoming the next government. They should more properly be called London Labour.
  • London Labour have failed the UK’s middle and working classes by amongst other things: sowing the seeds of the NHS’s destruction through ruinous policies such as Blair’s private finance initiatives and following a secret policy of unsustainable mass immigration resulting in many former Labour voters turning against them.
  • The rise of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP after the first Scottish referendum came from a combination of: Scottish Labour voter’s disconnect with the London Labour party; the delusional but highly emotive SNP message of glorious independence based on oil revenues; the SNP’s magical ability to retain industry and business then attract more – even while major financial institutions were planning to move south if the Scots had said yes to Independence.
  • The SNP’s reckless independence drive, careless of the economic and social consequences has opened the eyes of all UK residents, Scots included, to their grasping fringe politics.
  • The Conservatives have been taking flak from some of their own MPs who have formed a cross-party alliance of anti-democratic Remainers against the Government with Lib-Dems, SNP and Labour rebels. It would be a good opportunity for May to de-select all Conservative Remainers and allow the electorate to do the same to the Remainer MPs in other parties.

Solution: Snap General Election

It has become clear to English, Welsh, Scots and many Northern Irish that just about the only UK party fit to govern the UK is the Conservative party. A snap election would return them to power with an increased majority more accurately reflecting the peoples’ will. To make the UK an independent, sovereign and democratic state once more.


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