Politics In Scotland And England Are Changing – Sturgeon And Her Brussels National Party (SNP) Know It

ED – Sturgeon and the SNP are desperately trying to drive the Scots into Brussels rule earning themselves the more accurate unofficial title of Brussels National Party (BNP) and they are going to be challenged soon. The Scottish Unionist Party will be standing in the 2017 elections. English Unionists should take note…. How does proudly English and proudly British sound. Pretty good…

The Scottish Unionist Party stands unashamedly and resolutely for the Union. Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom can only be maintained by proud and patriotic Scots – we have to do it ourselves. We have a pride and appreciation of Scotland’s history and culture. We are not prepared to abandon that heritage to a twisted separatism. The SUP believes that there should be no compromise or appeasement with Nationalists of any description.

Read full SUP Introduction : HERE

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