Contrast Ford’s $640 million German Investment Against Its UK Plant Closures, Job Cuts And Toyota’s £240 million UK Investment

fordclosureHere in Essex the news of –  “Ford to invest $642 million in German auto factory”  – leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of many of its former workers.

In 2012, with the help of a massive EU loan, Ford’s transfer of its Southhampton van production to Turkey was the pits. To rub salt into the wound the EU loan was financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to which the British taxpayers contribute. Essentially British workers were funding the removal of British jobs to Turkey.

In 2017, Ford are talking about more UK job cuts in Bridgend, read “Ford reportedly planning to cut 1,160 jobs at Bridgend factory

Toyota’s £240 Million UK Investment in their Derby Plant along along with Nissan’s investment in new models in their Sunderland plant stands in stark contrast to Ford’s disengagement with UK manufacturing by stealth, betrayal and a death of a thousand cuts over more than a decade.

Ford is systematically shutting down its UK manufacturing, importing cars from Germany and vans from Turkey into Britain instead. It has been doing so long before Brexit appeared on the horizon.

Mr and Mrs UK should be buying cars and vans from alternative British manufacturers.

Background and notes below…

Year 2002: Ford ceases UK car production

Daily Echo 1/12/2012 : Ford’s £80m EU loan to boost Turkey factory – and close Southampton’s Swaythling plant

And now we have learnt that a cheap £80m EU loan to ramp up production of Transit vans in Turkey was also signed off just months before Ford’s devastating Southampton announcement.


The loan from the European Union’s bank, owned by Britain and fellow member states, was agreed in June as part of a billion dollar investment plan – about £600m – for Ford’s sprawling 395-acre site in Kocaeli which is taking over production of Transits from Southampton.

Independent 29/07/2016: Ford to consider closing UK factories in Leave towns after Brexit

“Ford stopped making passenger cars in the UK in 2002. But it still makes engines at plants in Dagenham and Bridgend that are exported to the EU where the cars are assembled.

Many cars are then shipped back to the UK to be sold.”

Sky News 07/03/2017: Ford’s giant financing arm weighs German move after Brexit

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