UK Media Blackout On EU/NATO Expansionism In Support Of Savage Neo-NAZI Kiev Regime

Ed- This article was originaly posted on August 8, 2014. It lays out the EU’s policy of expansion at all costs enabled by a heavily politicised NATO elite working together as indeed they are now to derail Brexit. NATO once stood as a defensive bulwark against communist expansion in Europe. The US and EU elites have turned it into an offensive source of meddling, suffering and endless wars in all corners of the world.

Ashton-Ukraine-620x264In case you didn’t know – and its quite possible in the absence of any meaningful UK media coverage – EU expansionism and support for militarisation of the Ukrainian conflict allied to US geopolitical objectives has so far caused an estimated….

10,000 Killed and 700,000 people; men, women and children, fleeing to the Russian border

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