Ten Reasons to Support PEGIDA UK

PEGIDANot sure about supporting PEGIDA UK? Here are ten good reasons why you should

1. UK security services are becoming overwhelmed by the ever-growing threat from Islamic extremism and terrorism, yet the government continues to allow large-scale immigration from hotbeds of Islamic conflict. PEGIDA UK will campaign vigorously to shut down immigration from such regions.

2. The government is doing nothing to halt the unwelcome encroachment of Islamic institutions, practices and strictures into British culture and society. Whether it’s the proliferation of huge imposing mosques, the radicalisation of Muslim youngsters in UK schools, the spread of Sharia law, the serving of halal meat (from animals inhumanely sacrificed to Allah) to unsuspecting hospital patients, or the genital mutilation of young girls, now is the time for concerned citizens to act, to bring an end to the madness.

3. Police and public authorities seem to cower before Islam, making concession after concession without consulting us, the majority, and sometimes systematically covering up terrible crimes (e.g. the widespread gang rapes of little girls in Rotherham and other towns) in order to maintain a mythical ‘community cohesion’. PEGIDA UK will send a clear message to such officials: “Grow a backbone or face the chop!”

4. Wherever Islam grows, freedom of speech is curtailed. To protect the delicate sensibilities of religious fanatics we are expected to relinquish the fundamental freedom that our fathers and grandfathers risked their lives defending, and British citizens are deterred from discussing the problems caused by huge-scale immigration from the Muslim world. It’s time for openness and honesty, and PEGIDA UK will tell it straight.

5. PEGIDA UK is inclusive. We don’t care whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, black or white, religious or atheist, if you love Britain and want to halt its decline, you’re welcome to join us. By getting together under the PEGIDA UK umbrella, those of us determined to secure a better future can give each other support, encouragement and friendship – all of which helps to make our task more achievable and less daunting!

6. PEGIDA UK is non-political – we don’t care if you’re Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP or SNP. All we ask is that you leave your politics at home!

7. PEGIDA UK’s peaceful protests – starting with the Silent Walk in Birmingham on 6th February – will be run by an experienced team of event organisers. In close liaison with local police, they will ensure that each event is conducted in a safe, peaceable and orderly fashion – so that you can feel confident to bring friends and family along.

8. It’s not just for us that PEGIDA UK campaigns, but for future generations, our children and grandchildren. If we fail to act now, if we bequeath to them a far bigger – perhaps insoluble – problem, they surely will not forgive us.

9. PEGIDA UK is supported and run voluntarily by decent, commonsense people like you and me: teachers, retail workers, legal professionals, small business owners, public sector employees, housewives, students and pensioners. We receive no public sponsorship, everything we do is funded by individual donations. (See the big red ‘Donate’ button, top-right!)

10. PEGIDA UK has a first class leadership team, as you can see from this video of our recent press launch:

So please come to Birmingham on Saturday 6th February; spend an afternoon with like-minded people, hear some inspiring speakers, and help to make the views of the silent majority felt by government.

If you have any questions concerning PEGIDA UK or the Birmingham Silent Walk, please send them to us via the PEGIDA UK contact page.

(Top picture: PEGIDA UK leader Paul Weston speaking in Newcastle last February.)

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Author: George Whale
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Dr George Whale is a London-based research manager and supporter of PEGIDA UK.

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