Former UKIP Braintree Parliamentary Candidate Anne Marie Waters Joins and Becomes Deputy Leader of UK PEGIDA Movement

PEGIDAAnneMarieWatersOriginaly posted 15 Jan 2016

I had the honour and privilege to meet and speak with Anne Marie when she came to the UKIP Braintree hustings in Feb  2015. She was knowledgeable on a broad range of subjects, committed, articulate and very determined. She is not ‘far right’, she is an activist for womens rights, equal opportunity and social justice for all. She was shortlisted to stand for UKIP Braintree as our parliamentary candidate running neck and neck with Richard Bingley the hustings eventual winner. Anne Marie made it very clear to us the threat Islam posed to our way of life in the future and why she felt so strongly about the Islamification of the west.

In the light of recent systematic and organised mass sexual assaults at events all over Europe, where Muslim migrants have arrived in answer to Angela Merkel’s invitation, her views have been vindicated. Imagine my surprise to see Anne Marie banned from standing as a UKIP candidate because she chose to join PEGIDA UK and become its deputy leader.

PEGIDALike many Brits I have been vaguely aware of PEGIDA movement in Germany. PEGIDA stands for Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation. They have been villified as far right by the Liberal left media, the problem is they attract far right activists to their demo’s. That said, what they stand for is the defense of western civilisation against Islamification by immigrants who come to the west and refuse to integrate.

It troubles me greatly to see a woman of compassion and integrity cast aside by UKIP but as Anne Marie herself says she understands and after some reflection so do I, the UK’s left liberal media have PEGIDA in their sights. I have also made a personal decision to support Anne Marie Waters by publicising wherever possible her campaigns and those of PEGIDA. After a considerable amount of research into the PEGIDA movements logic, ideology and intentions you will find it is based on coherent facts and information in stark contrast to the lies and misinformation at the root of politically correct cover-ups in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland and France and of course in Rotherham UK.

At some point we will all have to take sides, each and every one of us, and do something.Anne Marie Waters conscience has taken her to the leadership of the PEGIDA UK a political movement whos time has come, a brave and courageous example to us all.

Philip Palij

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