Braintree’s PPC Richard Bingley’s Election Address

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UKIP is the taxpayers’ revolution. We are neither ‘Right’ nor ‘Left’ wing. We talk honestly about problems and seek to solve them fairly.

I live in Halstead. Aged 39, I’m a University Lecturer and small business owner.

Britain is a fantastic country. But we’ve been let down by naïve, self-serving, career MPs, who put Party before our Country.

With me you will get ‘real world’ experienced, professional person. I’m unafraid to talk straight, act fair and think independently.

I stand for the following positive changes:

NHS: to maintain a non-privatised National Health Service, free at the point of delivery. But I do back medical insurance for overseas users. I firmly oppose Labour’s plan for GP charges.

IMMIGRATION and BUSINESS: to sensibly control immigration with a work permit-based system, such as Australia’s successful ‘points system’. To promote UK business into Emerging Markets. These countries account for 70% of future global growth.

DEBT: to work constructively and cut down our terrifying £1.5 Trillion national debt: that’s equal to £22K of taxes for each person. Only by living within our means can we provide longer-term tax reductions for pensioners and working families.

COUNTRYSIDE: to campaign against concrete destruction of our constituency’s beautiful countryside and natural habitats, by defeating Conservative Government plans for 16,000 local new-builds

LOCAL DEMOCRAT: I will be YOUR local voice in Parliament, not a Party Machine echo across Essex. I’ll insist UK taxes are spent at home.

I hope that you believe in positive change for Britain as I do. Our country is better than this last awful decade of LAB-LIB-CON decline and dishonesty.

Nationwide, also in Braintree, UKIP won the 2014 elections. With your support we really can make history for Braintree.

If you vote UKIP, you will get a UKIP MP on your side in Westminster. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Braintree’s PPC Richard Bingley’s Election Address

  1. I live in Braintree
    I see you are standing as councillor in May election, but also read on ukip website that you are standing for parliament

    can you confirm what it is ?

  2. Hi Mike
    Our Parliamentary candidate is Mr. Richard Bingley.
    I am Michael Ford and I posted Richard’s Election address on the web-site. I am standing as a councillor for Bocking North.

  3. I have to answer a question from the Essex Chronicle on Cyber, The Question is:There is no specific law in the UK that makes cyberbullying illegal, does this need to be addressed? I have to give my reply by 4pm on 14th Febuary 2018, I should be grateful for any help you might consider.
    Jesse Pryke

    • Hi Jesse, here are a few things to bear in mind.

      Law with respect to online bullying is developing. The laws which apply to the real world still apply to the online world, but as usual you have to be rich to engage a lawyer to assist you. Do you feel lucky? Bully boys and girls and corporations know this. Unfortunately having deep pockets is a factor in bullying too.

      All the best

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