Ray Richards: Why we must leave the E.U

By Ray Richards, Pentlow, 23rd Feb 2015RR_PIC_one_vert_teeth

If we as a nation were exercising our muscles to join with fellow countries of a like thought and heritage, who had stood shoulder to shoulder in combat and victory, then I could understand our established political parties determination in joining with other countries for our common wellbeing and future.

The first action to forming a United Europe was when Germany and France got together in 1945 (Post V.E.) and mapped what they saw as a way forward. Germany wanted to progress on the lines of the British Commonwealth (as it had since its recession of the 1920’s) and France wanted, as always, to be the head of it all.

1970’s saw much rhetoric culminating in “That Referendum” in 1975 where we the population of Great Britain agreed to a closer union with the rest of Europe, we were duped into believing it would be no more than extending the Commonwealth, and ever since then the E.U. has been successfully duping us continually. We never agreed to what is being imposed on us now. Make no mistake; the EU wants to see the end of Great Britain, Britain and Britishness. It wants to use our country as its own personal “Hole in the Wall” and bleed us dry to the point of reducing us to a second Greece. ON OUR KNEES.It does not like GREAT BRITAIN, it wants to see us reduced to our individual countries and thereby lose our strength.

A large number of the countries forming the E.U. have no love for Great Britain, some of which even fought against us in W.W.11, and the E.U. has all but dissolved it, whilst we have been standing back and watching. We have had nothing but problems in our relationship with the EU, the first being the “Common Agricultural Policy” and up to date (February 2015) it’s the EU demand from the once Great Britain for £4.9 BILLION. A portion of which Mr Cameron said he would get reduced and came back home with it INCREASED. Reminiscent of the then Prime Minister Mr Neville Chamberlin and his visit to Germany in 1939.

Why do you think Switzerland and Norway are outside the E.U? We would be far better off trading with the E.U. as an independent nation, we could always help the E.U. out if it gets into further difficulties if we so desired in much the same way as America supported Great Britain in 1940.

On the 23rd February less than 80 days from his General Election our current Prime Minister Mr Cameron stated in the newspapers “All pensioner benefits will be protected”. This is again political double talk, because if it was to go wrong like his “I’ll get it reduced” he can say he was referring to pensioners free television and bus passes and not their pensions.

The following extract comes from the Daily Express October 2014

Express: “New outrage as it emerges each British family’s EU bill has QUARUPLED to £450 A YEAR
A FRESH storm over Europe flared today as new figures showed Britain’s contributions to the EU have quadrupled to £11.3 billion in just five years”

The gargantuan sum means each family in the UK now sends £450 a year to Brussels on average – up £350 from the £100 bill in 2008.

In just one year the UK’s net contribution to the EU rocketed by £2.8 billion from £8.5 billion in 2012.

The soaring bill does not include the latest demand for an extra £1.7billion, which David Cameron has refused to pay by the December 1 deadline.

The shock findings, discovered in Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures published today, come less than 24 hours after Treasury analysis emerged suggesting the Government had expected Britain’s Brussels contributions would be £8.6billion in 2013 – some £2.7billion less than the real cost.

Tory MPs immediately called for the Government to stop pouring billions more into the EU until it slashes the size of payments to farmers in France and other nations.

Backbencher Peter Bone said: “We should not pay the increase in our EU contributions which is going to be about £25 billion extra in this Parliament until they reform the Common Agricultural Policy, because that was the basis on which Blair gave up most of the rebate.”

No, the only way forward is to be a trading partner of the E.U. if we so desire and keep our Democracy and Sovereignty before it is too late and we lose both.

Raymond Richards, UKIP member 50249 since 1990ish

2 thoughts on “Ray Richards: Why we must leave the E.U

  1. I was in Braintree the other day when came across one of your team how was very help full and as I am thinking of voting for ukip (you) in the next
    Election as I am disable ( walking) I live 3 min from the poling station no one
    From any of the parties have visited our street so it would be great form some one from your party to do some door nocking
    I did get a phone call from the labour party asking me if I needed a lift to
    The poling station . That said it all.
    My address is 5 Dengie close witham Essex cm8 1dj

  2. Hi Raymond – did you write in the express today ?
    as I missed Fridays . Can you let me have a phone num so we can talk , my num is 01297 599277 I am incensed at what is going on .
    yours Norman Moores . Devon .

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