LabourLeave_150Labour Leave Team, 22nd March 2018

There is good news and bad news on the transition deal just agreed. On the plus side Britain has the freedom to both negotiate and sign trade deals with other nations during the transition phase. There has been no shortage of countries keen to sign such deals with us so we should soon be able to crack on with signing them.

But the big concerns are twofold. Firstly, Britain has conceded EU access to our fishing waters for the duration of the transition, with only a duty on the EU to “consult” us on the fisheries policy. The big fear from the fishing industry is that the EU will use this period to grind down our existing fishing capacity, enabling them to keep hold of our waters long term.

Alan Hastings of Fishing for Leave described the deal as “a pitiful, abject surrender”. We can’t let the government get away with this!

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Leave.EU: Conservatives detained at the border; Jihadis waved on in…

LeaveEU_150LEAVE.EU Team,

Yet another horrific grooming scandal has broken over the last week after the Sunday Mirror revealed that a thousand young girls were potentially abused by paedophile grooming gangs in the town of Telford over a period of four decades. With a horrific catalogue of rapes, torture, and murders, it could well be the worst grooming scandal in the history of our country.

But you wouldn’t have known that from watching the BBC, who took more than a day to cover the story at all before burying it in local Telford news. The same news source spent a lot of time promoting a story about footballer Jamie Carragher spitting from his car, but had little room to spare for the young British girls abused by gangs of perverts in Telford – at least until pressure was applied.

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Leave Means Leave: “Brussels must end their campaign of threats, scaremongering and bullying”

Richard Tice & John LongworthLEAVEMEANSLEAVE

Leave Means Leave have sent Monsieurs Juncker, Barnier, Tusk and Verhofstadt a letter demanding that Brussels must end their campaign of threats, scaremongering and bullying, in a warning that Europe should not push us around. The letter confirms that if the EU carry on in this manner, we will have no choice but to leave without a deal and revert to WTO terms, an arrangement that is acceptable for the UK but that would be bad for the rest of the EU bloc.

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Debunking the story about Russia’s hit on Sergei Skripal

From Fabius Maximus website, 17th March

The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam.”

Summary: We can learn much about America by watching the Deep State and their journalist lackeys manufacture and defend propaganda. The hit of Sergei Skripal in England has set the machine in motion. We love these stories with their simple plots and cartoon-like characters. Watch the fierce attacks on those who look behind the curtain and tell us the rest of the story.

Read full story: HERE (Recommended)


UK Civil Service Undermining Democracy

Ed – The elimination of democracy by treaty has long been the holy grail of EU architects and dictators now we find our own civil service conspiring to undermine the will of the people. Heads should roll for this subversion of parliamentary democracy. If that were not bad enough our Government entanglement in UK/EU PESCO defense agreement puts British taxpayers on the hook for payments to a EU army without the consent of Parliament. It is a shameful abuse of the public trust.


BrexitCentral, March 16th, 2018, extract from newsletter

Brexiteers will be far from reassured by this morning’s bombshell scoop from Harry Cole in The Sun with a recording emerging of senior Brexit civil servants telling a private gathering of EU diplomats that they were aiming for a “KitKat Brexit“, where a headline political agreement would be the ‘chocolate’ obscuring a “patchwork” of far more convoluted links which would be retained as the ‘wafer’ underneath.

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May Guilty Of Rush To Judgement Overriding International Law and Procedure


What is May up to?

Reluctantly I had to agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s response to Theresa May’s statement on Russia. The press regard his response as tepid because he simply did not fall into line with the narrative being fed to parliament and the general public. Several things came to mind which raise disquiet, more so the longer you think about them.

Call me cynical but now would be a good time to keep your eye on Brexit negotiations. A fantastic opportunity for May and Hammond to bury their capitulation to the EU.


Here is the Global establishment elite pronouncing judgement before guilt is established. Stunningly anti-democratic demagoguery reminiscent of McArthyism in 50s U.S.A.

Telegraph: France, Germany, US and UK issue joint statement blaming Russia for Salisbury attack as Moscow vows to expel British diplomats

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Leave Means Leave: Donald Tusk is the biggest cherry picker of them all!

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth Co-Chairmen Leave Means Leave

The EU’s draft negotiating lines released this week revealed a demand for continued access to the UK’s fishing waters in return for 0 per cent tariffs on goods. We are absolutely clear – Britain must take back control of her fishing waters and this is a Red Line. Donald Tusk’s proposal are completely unacceptable and show that, in fact, he is the biggest cherry picker of them all!

It was encouraging to hear George Eustice MP, the Fisheries Minister, reinstate the Government’s commitment to leaving the Common Fisheries Policy in March 2019, but fisheries must not be used as a pawn in the EU’s political board game. The Government must make it clear to the EU that Britain will accept nothing less than full sovereignty over our waters.

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Leave.EU: Triumph in Italy, surrender in Downing Street

LeaveEU_150The Leave.EU team,

It’s been another busy week in the betrayal of Brexit as politicians on both side of the political spectrum continue to undermine the biggest democratic decision in the history of Britain. It’s clearer than ever that the Battle for Brexit didn’t end on June 23 2016 – we need to keep fighting for the Brexit we all voted for, and you can support our campaign with a donation by following this link.

Just this week we learnt that the government plans further concessions to the EU on the key issue of immigration, with a leaked paper suggesting that May is mulling over whether or not to surrender our borders in an attempt to please Brussels.

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Get Britain Out: EU Hypocrites Demand Access to British Fishing Waters

March 8th 2018, GetBritainOut_logo

So much has been happening this week, we decided to send out another e-Bulletin – as you may know, we don’t like to fill up your InBox, and usually send them out every 2 or 3 weeks!

A great deal of hypocrisy was revealed this week on Wednesday, when European Council President, Donald Tusk sent out the EU’s draft negotiating guidelines for the talks on the future trading relationship with the UK, including to all the other 27 Member States. The text proposes zero tariffs on goods, but rejects the Prime Minister’s proposals for mutual recognition in Financial Services. The EU has a trade surplus with the UK in goods, but a trade deficit with the UK in services. It is clear EU negotiators do not see any problem in ‘cherry-picking’ when the fruit is on their side of the fence!

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Labour Leave: “We will not accept any terms that allow foreign courts to determine UK law after Brexit.”

Ed – One of the most consistent and rational organisations during Brexit has been the Labour Leave campaign. They are closer to the true Labour movement of ordinairy working men and women than Corbyn’s ‘Labour’ of left-wing extremism.


LabourLeave_150By Labour Leave team,

In her statement to the House of Commons this week, the Prime Minister said that the United Kingdom would “respect the remit” of the European Court of Justice after we leave the European Union.

During the referendum we voted to take back control of our laws, our trade, our borders and our money. That is what the British people, by majority voted for.

We are happy to respect the remit of the European Court of Justice provided that remit ends at Calais and doesn’t arrive in Dover. Under no circumstances can the European Court of Justice and its judgments take precedence over UK law and UK courts.

We will not accept any terms that allow foreign courts to determine UK law after Brexit.

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