Leave Means Leave: Write a letter (much more effective than an email) to Tory rebel MPs

LEAVEMEANSLEAVELeave Means Leave supporter Lord Lamont succinctly categorised the reasons as to why the UK will prosper outside of the customs union in the House of Lords debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill. Outside the customs union, the UK will be able to significantly lower the prices of food, clothing and footwear, benefiting the poorest in society. We can enjoy free trade deals with countries all around the world, including the EU. We can create Free Ports around the country which will create thousands of manufacturing jobs, something the customs union prohibits.

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Leave.EU – Brexit Betrayal Gathers Pace

LeaveEU_150The Leave.EU Team

Brexit is descending into a quagmire of EU jargon, legal complexity and meaningless political rhetoric. There is no black or white, but millions of shades of grey. This suits the Remain side. The government’s spin doctors can always salvage a sentence or two from a position paper, legal text or agreement and claim the people’s will is being delivered when it is most definitely not.

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LBC: Ukip’s Gerard Batten Claims Kids Are Being “Brainwashed” By Left-Wing Teachers

gerrard_battenGerrard Batten’s Refreshing and Long Overdue Analysis of the Assault By PC Left-Wing Teachers On British Fair, Balanced Educational Values

19 February 2018

Politically correct, left-wing teachers are brainwashing children attending some state schools, Ukip’s interim leader has claimed.

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The Freedom Association’s Better Off Out campaign’s weekly review


Good afternoon!

Underneath is a shortened summary of some of the main Brexit related news stories and opinions from the past week. Before that though…

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MAKE A DIARY NOTE: For those in the Croydon area, the Croydon Leave Campaign is to hold a public meeting to reconfirm Britain’s opportunities once we are fully outside the EU.  Speakers will include London Assembly Member David Kurten and Chris Philp MP. Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A.

The public meeting will be held at 7:30 pm in the Clyde Hall, Clyde Road, Croydon, CR0 6SZ, Thursday 1st March 2018. To register, please click here.

CAMPAIGN NEWS: TFA is planning a number of street stalls and other activities in March. If you are interested in sponsoring or holding a stall in your local area, please contact me on rory@tfa.net.

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News from the National Health Action Party

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We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the #PublicDuty mass whistleblowing on
Twitter on Sunday. Tweets from several NHS campaigners were retweeted thousands of
times, and we've heard back from Twitter users who hadn't realised how bad things
are in the NHS at the moment.

In addition, the NHA's Dr Louise Irvine took part in the Daily Mirror's live NHS
crisis panel discussion earlier this week, alongside comedian and former junior
doctor Adam Kay and oncologist Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty. You can watch the
recording here
(https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156407466189162&id=6149699161) .

** NHA supports JR4NHS
We've had some great news regarding the legal challenge against ACOs. JR4NHS have
secured the concession from NHS England that there must be a national public
consultation on ACOs, and no ACO contract will be signed until the consultation has
taken place.

This is important as ACO plans are essentially a way of turning local NHS boards
into insurance firms. The ACO plans have no legal basis in statute law.

Now a judge has ruled that arguments on the lawfulness of the ACO policy itself
should be heard.

But there's a problem - NHS England and the government are resisting every step of
the way and running up legal costs. Without a cap on costs, JR4NHS need to raise
further funds to cover the possibility of having to pay NHS England's costs.

Please click here to support JR4NHS
(https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/jr4nhs-round3/) and help us defeat the ACOs.

** Day of action this Saturday
As we reported last month
, Health Campaigns Together and People's Assembly have called for a national day of
action this Saturday 3rd February. We'll be sending an NHA cohort to the London
demonstration, meeting at 11am at Euston station - details are on the Facebook event
page (https://www.facebook.com/events/108133296659841/) . There are also events
across the country. Further details are available on the HCT website
(https://healthcampaignstogether.com/Feb3Events.php) .

** Thank you for your support
Please note our new mailing address: National Health Action, PO Box 802, Rotherham
S60 9LU.
With best wishes as always,
Dr Alex Ashman, on behalf of the NHA Team.
Government are misusing statistics to play down the winter crisis
Increase in mental health detentions shows grim reality of funding cuts
NHS England must learn from the Carillion disaster

NHA welcomes pause in roll-out of privatised NHS GP app
‘Sorry’ is not enough to fix NHS crisis, says NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine
Hunt’s comments on the winter crisis are disgraceful, says NHA leader Dr Alex
Jeremy Hunt’s apology is meaningless and hollow

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Our mailing address is: National Health Action, PO Box 802, Rotherham S60 9LU

Leave Means Leave: “A Very Worrying Week”

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEFrom Leave Means Leave Campaign, www.leavemeansleave.eu

“The Treasury and the IMF have been made to look extremely foolish”

It has been a busy week with lots of Brexit developments. Unfortunately, most of them are very worrying.

A report – almost certainly leaked by the Treasury – unsurprisingly predicted doom and gloom when Britain leaves the EU. Given the key role the Treasury played in Project Fear and the fact their projections have been so wildly inaccurate, these reports are completely discredited and should be ignored.

Far wiser economists have dismantled the gloomy predictions of a post-Brexit economic crash and have forecast that the UK’s economy could see a Brexit boost of £135 billion a year.

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Get Britain Out: Rampant Anti-Brexit Bias Across the Establishment

GetBritainOut_logoPublished by the Get Britain Out Campaign, 02 Feb 2018

All of Great Britain must have let out a collective groan this week, as draft Treasury so-called Brexit ‘impact assessments’ were suspiciously leaked into the public domain. This reaction was not prompted by the fictitious content of the reports, however, but was rather an indicator of how discredited the Treasury has become as a forecasting body, seemingly dedicated to promote an anti-Brexit bias.

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Corbyn Has A Point – Privatisation Is Not A Panacea Or A Religious Faith Based Doctrine

Private finance initiatives (PFIs) have proven themselves to be one of the most disgustingly transparent transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich ever devised by successive Labour AND Conservative governments. It is a bankrupt, sleaze generating and anti-democratic policy damaging the fabric of our society. It has to be stopped.

If supporting the abolition of PFIs makes me a ‘Socialist’ in this matter then so be it. As an independent conservative (with a small c) I can see the common sense in Mr Corbyn’s argument.

It is a warning to the Conservative government that many small c conservatives feel the same way. We are well aware of the Hunt actioned dismemberment of the NHS amongst others. BE AWARE.

“Labour leader urges councils to reverse privatisation of public services while defending party’s intervention in Haringey”