EU Intransigence: And now we are getting to it – The EU Guide To Bad Governance

EU_CORRUPTIONEd – And now we are getting to it. The abstraction of power to a democratically unaccountable EU Eurocracy in Brussels, run by the democratically unaccountable EU Commission, is displaying its unworkable, ideologically driven corporatist and elitist agenda in opposition to common sense and common people.

The EU Commission and its negotiaters – comfortably provided for by grotesquely large salaries and pensions paid for by UK taxpayers – are happy to sacrifice the jobs and industry of people throughout the EU and UK to deliver ‘punishment beatings’ to the UK and themselves. All this safe in the knowledge they cannot be sacked by voters.

Daniel Hannan MEP should adjust his view that the EU would not deliberately harm themselves to harm the UK. Oh yes they would! Mr Hannan, please don’t underestimate the vindictive bile against the UK of politically detached, rich, elitist EUrocrats with absolutely nothing personal to lose.


Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: ‘Giving us the run around!’ Hague savages EU over Brexit & demands member states INTERVENE

A PROMINENT Tory MP has blasted European Union bosses for giving Britain the “run around” by delaying Brexit talks.

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Labour Leave: What did Clement Attlee think of the EU project?

Ed – The Labour Leave news website has some thoughtful, rational articles explaining the damage the EU has done and will do to working men and women and the labour movement. It must be noted the true Labour movement of ordinary people trying to get along is vastly different from the London ‘Labour’ Marxism of Corbyn and anti-democratic Umunna and Keir Starmer.


What did Clement Attlee think of the EU project?

All the points and criticisms he makes apply tenfold to the EU as it now is. At the time he was speaking this was simply the Common Market, before Maastricht, before Lisbon, before Greece, before bailing out French and German banks with EU taxpayers money.

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Leave Means Leave: Weekly Update

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

Britain must be able to take back control of its borders and implement a fairer immigration system that doesn’t discriminate against non-EU citizens, as set out in Steven Woolfe’s immigration report ‘Immigration post-Brexit – A fair, flexible and forward-thinking immigration policy.’

It  gives the UK an opportunity to upskill British workers. We currently have 800,000 young people aged 16 – 24 who are not in employment, education or training because of the availability of cheap labour from the EU. Brexit allows us to change this.

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The EU negotiating position is pay up or else

Ed – The Franco-German axis operating through its EU commission proxy in Brussels is demanding the UK submits to vassal status. It is their plan for the UK and other EU countries which Brexit has overturned. For them hegemony over the UK is a fast receding delusion they still have not come to terms with. They want our cash, jobs, industry and obedience without justification or explanation.

The EU negotiating postion is pay up or else.

MerkelnigelfarageExpress Headline: ‘Go jump’ Fury as Angela Merkel orders Britain to pay Brexit bill

EXCLUSIVE: NIGEL Farage has slammed Angela Merkel, saying she “can go jump” after she said Britain had an “obligation” to pay the Brexit bill.

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The EU Don’t Like Doing It In Public: Sneaky Stealth and Arrogant Extortion Is Their Preferred Option

PN-172_2The Brussels Commission, EUrocrats and negotiators find it difficult to have their methods, views, techniques and prejudices arrayed for the whole world to see. All their secret schemes, quietly nurtured in committtee rooms populated by carefully selected EU-phile politicians over the EU’s lifetime up for public discussion is not their preference, but here we are.

The British have forced the EU’s hidden agenda for a militarised EU Superstate governed by a Soviet style commission beyond the reach of democracy into full public view and they hate it.

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Let’s Depart The EU Cleanly: Good Fences Make For Good Neighours

know_titanic_cartoonExpress Headline: Britons demand ‘clear cut’ Brexit and NO European court influence after March 2019

BREXIT voters have demanded a “clear cut” exit from the European Union over fears the Government’s plans were not strong enough.

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BrexitCentral: Your Essential Brexit Briefing

BrexitCentral.comDarren Grimes, Deputy Editor, BrexitCentral
Monday, 21st August 2017

Not to alarm you on a Monday morning, but after this weekend there seems to be a lot to be an awful lot said for getting naked. Over this weekend, Economists for Free Trade have swung into action, launching their new website and releasing one paper with the Institute for Economic Affairs and another one of their own. The renowned set of economists proposes Britain undress post-Brexit by lowering its tariffs and reducing its prices by leaving the EU’s customs union. You can watch Professor Patrick Minford discuss his findings on Channel 4 News here.

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The Spectator: Will UKIP survive as an anti-Islam party?

PEGIDAAnneMarieWatersEd – I have met and spoken with Anne Marie Waters, she is a thoughtful and principled woman. Some accounts of who she is and what she stands for in the media are so far off the mark you would think it was another person they were talking about. Pre-disposing the general public to dislike what she has to say is the purpose of bias and propaganda and the Mainstream media with the left liberal BBC at the helm is full of it. What are they afraid of?

In this article you can see a microcosm of Politicians and Media happily making statements based on years of media conditioning where not once are Anne Marie’s views on Islam sought. The debate is starting and it is about time. You can be better informed than the mass media by visiting


The Spectator: Will Ukip survive as an anti-Islam party?

thespectatorWritten By, , Spectator
The decision to allow Anne Marie Waters – co-founder of anti-Islam group Pegida UK alongside former EDL leader Tommy Robinson – to stand for leadership of Ukip has created fresh fractures within a party that is preparing for its third leadership contest in a turbulent twelve months.

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Restrictive Transition Period Means UK Loses Trade Opportunities

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

The Government’s proposal for a transitional customs arrangement are more like a tunnel with only a dim light at the end, rather than a springboard to grasp future opportunities. It is not clear what lies on the other side or how long we are to be left in limbo. Britain should not be limited to just negotiating trade deals with the rest of the world during the transitional period – we must be able to implement them.

Brexit gives the UK the chance to rebalance the economy – we cannot allow Brussels to stop the UK from benefiting from the economic opportunities of Brexit.

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UK Political Class Close Ranks Against Transparency – Just What Have The UK/Saudis Got To Hide

serveimageRT Headline: ‘Shameful’ Theresa May rejects 9/11 survivors’ appeal to release Saudi Arabia terrorism report

“In July, the government announced that the Home Office report, which was commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron, will not be published because of “national security reasons” and the “vast amount of personal information” it contains.