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EU Elites’ Arrogance On Trade Means Brits Should Start Looking For Global Alternatives

Brexit Central: The UK can legally sign new trade agreements before Brexit is complete

Here I shall set out, in detail, what I see as the case that, now that the UK has formally declared it is leaving the EU and that it intends to leave the EU customs union, the UK can negotiate and ratify trade agreements with non-EU countries that would come into force only after the UK has left the EU.

The case put by the EU and others that the UK cannot commence negotiations of, and certainly cannot ratify, new trade agreements with non-EU countries until after it leaves the EU is as follows:

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Labour Leave Campaign Update

LabourLeave_150By Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave

Monday 27th of March Sir Keir Starmer made a speech at Chatham House setting out what he thinks the Labour position on the Brexit negotiations should be.

At Labour Leave we agree with Sir Keir that the UK should continue to cooperate with the remaining member state countries on security, and that we mustn’t see any reduction or weakening in worker’s rights for UK citizens.

Sir Keir is right when he argues that a good settlement for the regions and nations of the UK must be an aim of the deal we secure with the EU. He is also right to suggest that any deal should ensure UK management of migration in the interests of our economy and communities, and we welcome the apparent acceptance that freedom of movement has to end.

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Leave Means Leave Campaign Update

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice, Leave Means Leave Co-Chairman

Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 today is an historic moment. In theory, it means that Britain is now committed to leaving the European Union. But the activation of the withdrawal process is not the end of the long war to reclaim national independence.

Many months were wasted over Article 50, first in the Supreme Court and then in Parliament. Remainers, led by their lawyers and then by senior politicians of all parties who cannot accept the verdict of the people, first sought to deny the elected government the right to put into practice the instruction to quit the EU handed down in the referendum.

Many more battles lie ahead. Pro-EU fanatics know that they still have plenty of opportunities to derail or, at the very least, delay Brexit. We must puncture the dangerously complacent but seductive myth that the Brexit war is over.

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The Spectator Newsletter: Davis’s legal challenge

Ed – The Spectator’s Evening Blend newsletter is well worth subscribing to. A simple, concise briefing. Click on THE SPECTATOR to go through to their site.
thespectatorMPs are going on recess today – and so too is this email, to return 18 April. 

Portrait of the day

  • The government set out plans for all EU laws to be transferred into UK law through the Great Repeal Bill
  • … as David Davis said the bill would allow UK Parliament and Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland administrations to scrap, amend and improve laws.
  • Labour warned that the government could use the powers provided by the bill to weaken people’s rights.
  • Ken Livingstone repeated his claim about Nazi-Zionist collaboration ahead of a tribunal hearing over bringing the Labour party into disrepute on the issue.
  • Parliament’s expenses watchdog has agreed to stop publishing details of travel claims amid MPs’ fears it could put them at risk of attack.
  • More than 80 senior politicians have written to the BBC urging it to stand firm against allegations of bias over its Brexit coverage.
  • Jean-Claude Juncker suggested he could campaign to break up the United States in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.

The analysis…

Davis’s legal challenge

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Professor: Demand for Irish EU exit is SOARING

ireland-and-the-european-unionExpress Headline: ‘We’re closer to Boston than Berlin!’ Demand for Irish EU exit is SOARING says professor

DEMAND for an Irish European Union exit is soaring, according to a Dublin professor.

He said: “It is only since Theresa May’s speech in January that Ireland’s ultra-europhile political establishment is beginning to realise that Brexit really does mean Brexit – and the case for it being accompanied by Irexit is starting to be heard in Irish business circles.”

Irish People’s Movement Against Supra-National EU Dictatorship


The People’s Movement campaigns against any measures that further develop the EU into a federal super-state and works to defend and enhance popular sovereignty, democracy and social justice in Ireland.

Statement of Aims

  1. To defend and enhance Irish democracy and sovereignty and the primacy of Bunreacht na hÉireann and its institutions over EU supranational institutions and treaties.

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Downing St: Prime Minister’s letter to Donald Tusk triggering Article 50

Prime Minister Theresa May has written to European Council President Donald Tusk to notify him of the UK’s intention to leave the EU.

TJN publishes new estimates on the scale of profit shifting


TJN publishes new estimates on the scale of profit shifting

This week the Tax Justice Network published some new data on the impact that profit shifting has on the tax receipts of countries around the world.

Estimates of how profit shifting and tax avoidance impacts government revenue are notoriously difficult to get at. At the end of the day, researchers are trying to put a figure on a phenomenon that corporates are deliberately trying to obscure. That’s hard!

Last year the IMF published a study which put a global figure of $600bn on the tax losses to profit shifting, but did not break down the country impacts.

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UK Needs To Be Cool And Objective When Dealing With Bitter Vindictive EUrocrats

Ed – The EU gravy train is about to hit real world financial and democratic buffers; thousands of overpaid EUrocrats ‘working’ in their expensive glass towers funded by British taxpayers know it. The EU’s high level unelected leaders have been rumbled, driven by the blind ideological dogma of an anti-democratic EU superstate as their goal. Their grasping arrogance goes on and on.

The UK needs cool heads now more than ever. To help ourselves and the people of Europe we need to stand up to these EU despots and show them up for what they are with logic and reason.


Express Get Us Out KNIGHT

Express Headline: EU owes Britain BILLIONS: May should face down ‘nonsense’ Brexit divorce bill, blasts IDS

BRUSSELS could owe Britain billions of pounds, a former Tory Cabinet minister declared last night.