General Election? – Remain MP Deselection May Be Required To Trigger Article 50

ParliamentIn many conversations with people who voted to leave the EU their frustration about why it has not been triggered yet is beginning to mount.

There are legitimate reasons for a small delay while our government gets its act together to compensate for former Prime Minister David Cameron’s negligence in not preparing for a leave vote. But when they hear Theresa May indicating that there will be no cap on immigration, only control to some extent, and a deal is being sought which will give the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels  some measure of control over our government then they begin to get twitchy.

The Remain campaign never stopped, and with the final say on who triggers the Lisbon Treaty article 50 – Prime Minister or Parliament – under scrutiny in the courts, the Leave referendum result could be overturned by the Liberal Left mass media and corporatists underpinning the Remainers anti-democratic campaign.

If parliament votes to Remain in the EU by voting NOT to trigger article 50, those MP’s voting to Remain will be identified to their electorate and de-selected as the logical next step by an outraged British public.

The Guardian article below illustrates the danger:


UK government must disclose legal arguments on article 50 procedure

Judge’s decision is preliminary victory for group challenging PM’s power to trigger Brexit without consulting parliament

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RT: Germany risks becoming ‘giant ATM machine’ following Brexit – UK trade minister

Published RT 29 Sep, 2016liam_fox_190

“If I were a German politician I would be worried that, without Britain, Germany has the potential to become the greatest ATM in global history,” Liam Fox, who served as a pro-Brexit campaigner during the referendum, told the Spectator magazine.

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Express: Calais voters make shock switch from Communism to Marine le Pen as Jungle chaos spirals

imagesFED up Calais residents have made a shock switch from Communism to support National Front’s Marine le Pen as the migrant crisis pushes nearly half of voters to turn right wing.

Telegraph: The Deutsche Bank crisis could take Angela Merkel down – and the Euro

broken_euroBy Matthew Lynn, Telegraph, 26 September 2016

And yet it has become increasingly hard to ignore the slow-motion car crash that is Deutsche Bank, or to avoid the conclusion that something very nasty is developing at what was once seen as Europe’s strongest financial institution.

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Leave Means Leave Campaign: “Every week more data shows that Project Fear was a pack of lies”

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress: IT’S OFFICIAL: Brexit Britain WILL thrive out of EU as our economy SURGES ahead

LEADING economists have accepted at last that British business is surging ahead following the Brexit vote, the Treasury revealed yesterday.

By Macer Hall and David Maddox Tue, Sep 27, 2016

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Tax Justice Network – Campaign Update Saturday 24 September

TJNWelcome to the tax justice weekly, a weekly roundup of all the news from the world of tax justice.

This week the big story has been the Bahamasleaks.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has published a new leak of information from the Bahamas corporate registry, which will now be added to the data from the Panama Papers and BVI leaks to make one large searchable database of offshore companies. Go and have a play.

World leaders were also meeting in New York for the annual opening of the general assembly. Tax justice issues were on the radar, with the Foreign Minister of Equador using the opportunity to repeat calls for the establishment of a global tax body to co-ordinate agreement on international tax rules.

Have a great weekend.

With best wishes from the team at the Tax Justice Network

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Express: They STILL don’t get it! George Osborne leads establishment stitch-up to water down Brexit

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTGEORGE Osborne emerged as the leading figure in the establishment bid to water down Brexit as he branded Leave campaigners “naive” for expecting to get everything they wanted.

By Katie Mansfield

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Spectator: The Brexit bounce continues – ten forecasters up their predictions for 2016 growth

cover_180616_landscapeBy Spectator/Coffee House

The Brexit bounce continues. HM Treasury has today released forecasts of the economists it follows, as it does every month. Last time, there was a flurry of downgrades and forecasts of an immediate recession. Now, these forecasts are being torn up by everyone, including by the FT (although you can bet the FT won’t report on the upgrades as eagerly as it did the downgrades).

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Breitbart PICTURES: French Police Clash With Migrants In Calais

(REUTERS) – Hundreds of migrants trying to make their way to Britain from Calais in northern France clashed with French riot police on Wednesday, Reuters witnesses and police said.

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Our Universities And Schools Will Thrive After Brexit

Get Britain OutBy Matthew Ellery, Get Britain Out, 20/09/2016

Grammar schools have been dominating the news agenda recently. Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be attempting to facilitate a genuine meritocratic society in education through selection by ability rather than money. However, we were told during the Referendum campaign our education system would collapse if the UK voted to leave the EU. The reality is – this is not happening!

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