From the Labour Leave Team, 25th August 2016


I wasn’t planning on sending you something today. But if you saw what I just saw from the Stronger In campaign, you know that it demands an urgent response from people like you.

We have just read several emails and documents demonstrating that the Stronger In campaign are planning to use a £3 a month membership scheme to raise eye watering sums from their database of millions of Remain voters.

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emergencyexitTelegraph: The vast forces of the anti-Brexit elite are already regrouping. Theresa May must resist them

By Norman Tebbit, 22 August 2016

“The hardcore opponents of British self government, not least the Governor of the Bank of England, the CBI, the underperforming overpaid fat cats of many major companies, the BBC, Financial Times, the Islington Guardianista and of course EU Commission’s pensioners increase the volume of their grim forebodings even as the economic news gets better.”

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Express: ‘BBC is like a walking advert for Remain’ News channel sanctioned for Brexit coverage

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTTHE BBC was slammed for being ‘a walking advert for Remain’ by a US news channel which has been fined for its Brexit coverage.

By Katie Mansfield
In a brief news item before polls closed, the programme said: “Politicians, moronic celebrities who don’t know anything about trade imbalances, they are waiting on this, the media – the BBC is like a running ad for Remain, and it goes on and on so that is a lot for the Brexit, British exit crowd to really fight up against.”



Dear Donors,

We are delighted to be able to tell you that not only did we meet our target but we raised a total of £160,158.

This would never have been possible without your overwhelming kindness and generosity.

Our legal team has now identified potential actions that may be brought and continues to analyse the report in full. We will keep you updated as they progress.

In the meantime, for further updates, you can follow our legal team at:
Facebook: (Please like their page if you would like to follow their news on our case on your newsfeed)
Twitter: @mccuepartners

You can also follow the Families at:
Twitter: @answer4iraq
With gratitude

Roger Bacon and Reg Keys

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Get Britain Out Campaign Update

Get Britain Out Campaign, 19th August 2016

Get Britain Out

It’s Not Over Until Brexit’s Delivered 

Since the momentous Brexit vote on June 23rd, British politics has been in a state of flux. Theresa May, our new Prime Minister, has moved into No 10 Downing Street. Nigel Farage has resigned and UKIP seems to be in disarray, with their leadership battle descending into a farce after the exclusion of the favourite, Steven Woolfe. The Labour Party is also in the middle of a leadership challenge which could be ruinous – with Jeremy Corbyn being castigated more than ever. Corbyn is criticised by the vast majority of his MPs for not supporting the EU enough, despite Labour’s main issue being the way they are completely out of touch with their core voters, especially in the North, where they voted overwhelmingly for Brexit! It is even more important in these difficult times for Get Britain Out to continue our work, to ensure the Government’s feet are held to the fire on the issue of Brexit.

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New American: Traitors Within? The Global Elites and Their Nation-breaking Games

peopleVseliteWritten by 

“The elite are not the problem right now; the people are,”

said German president Joachim Gauck, responding to the Brexit vote in June. His comment perhaps reflected an old division with a new twist. The division is the Elite vs. the Street. And the twist, writes columnist Peggy Noonan in a much-read article, is “a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West that did not, in more moderate recent times, exist.”


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Telegraph: Angela Merkel is deluded

MerkelBy Telegraph View, 19 August 2016

Angela Merkel has defended her refugee policy, insisting that there is no link between new arrivals in Germany and terrorism. We hope that she proves to be right – but experience gives German voters reason to doubt. Several recent attacks in Europe have been linked to refugees; in July a Syrian asylum-seeker blew himself up in Bavaria. That same month, Mrs Merkel admitted that refugee routes had been “used to smuggle terrorists”.

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Announcing BrexitCentral New Website and Newsletter

jonathanIsabyBy team

Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Business for Britain, today announces the impending launch of a new website,, under the editorship of Jonathan Isaby.

As Theresa May’s government sets about implementing the historic verdict of the British people at June’s referendum, BrexitCentral will be essential reading for all wanting to follow the twists and turns of the UK’s departure from the European Union. The website, to be launched in September, will be a one-stop shop for news, analysis, comment and insight about the single biggest issue dominating the new Prime Minister’s in-tray, backed up by a vibrant social media presence and a daily e-bulletin.

Jonathan is leaving his current role as Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance to become Editor of BrexitCentral, drawing on his previous twelve years in journalism at ConservativeHome, the Daily Telegraph and the BBC.

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Petition To End QE: Savers, pensioners, and sound money lovers of Britain, your country needs you

ParliamentBy Dan Denning, Publisher, Money Morning

Tim Price from the London Investment Alert has taken up the challenge. Last Friday, he wrote and submitted a new petition to the government to end QE. I forwarded Tim your many, many messages of support to end QE. He took it from there.

Today I’m asking you to support Tim’s call to end QE by signing the petition he created. You can do so by clicking the link below. Please note it’s a government website and they will require you verify your signature by sending you an email. Here’s the link:

Petition: Establish a commission to limit the mandate of the Bank of England and end QE

Tim and I discussed what the petition should call for. In the end, this was the wording he chose:

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