Article 50: how the UK is expected to leave the EU

Article 50: how the UK is expected to leave the EU
The British Public’s will needs to be followed, here we explain the inital steps towards Brexit via article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

The people of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union – a magnificent example of British resolve as the people – in the face of the establishment’s Project Fear campaign – chose hope and democracy by voting for their accountable, elected representatives to regain the ability to govern the United Kingdom on their behalf.

How do we actually leave, and when?

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Emergency Exit – A look at what can be once we are free

emergencyexitMarcus Watney, The Bruges Group, 21st April 2016

Those of us who have been certain for decades that the UK must free itself from this sclerotic EU organisation, we have become so enmeshed by statistics that we have lost sight of the fundamentals. Or rather the fundamental. The EU has failed. It started as a utopian dream embraced in the fifties by a continent shattered by war, but it has evolved into an anti-democratic Orwellian institution where unelected despots tell everybody how they should live their lives in the ultimate incarnation of ‘Nanny knows best’.

Ed – This is a hugely influential, well thought through reference for the UK’s future prosperity and the EU’s.

Introduction and link to The Bruges Group research paper below. 

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Land Registry Under Threat: Email Your MP

38 Degrees Logo

38 Degrees Campaign

Brexit may be dominating the headlines, but lots of business in Westminster are carrying on as usual. And on Thursday, our MPs will be debating the government’s plans to sell-off the Land Registry, the profitable public service that records the sale and purchase of all land. [1]

There’s lots of uncertainty at the moment, but that shouldn’t mean government plans go ahead unchallenged. The government’s already feeling the pressure of Brexit. The last thing they’ll want is MPs speaking out against the Land Registry sell-off too. It could convince them to scrap the plan completely, rather than risk more in-fighting.

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Hysterical Pro EU BBC and Mass Media Luvvies Still Pumping Up Remain Campaign

On Your Guard Leavers and Democrats


The Remain campaign is continuing – it never stopped. All Leave campaigners should contact their respective national group policy teams and get them working on winning the media battle.

The BBC in particular are highlighting negatives and ignoring positives.

We are witnessing mass media agitation on behalf of the EU/Westminster political class in what appears to be a media assault on democracy. The EU gravy train has a way to go before it hits the buffers and the fearmongering double referendum ploy is its favourite. The TV and sattellite channels have resolutely refused to discuss EU Fraud, Corruption and waste and the massive increase in budget in addition to forced Euro entry and the EU Army.

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Die Welt Calls For Merkel’s Resignation, Slams “EU’s Gravedigger”

Nein_19By Tyler Durden,, Jun 26, 2016 1:47 PM

“Britain Votes Merkel Out Of Office, Too” is the astonishing headline from Germany’s 3rd largest newspaper Die Welt. Pinning the blame for The Brits’ vote, the op-ed lambasts The EU’s political failure, “The British do not leave the EU as narrow-minded snobs that had not meant it to happen that way, but as proud democrats that no longer wanted to put up with the snags and political failures of the EU;” and puts the blame squarely on the sagging shoulders of Angela Merkel (and her solo attempts at refugee policy)… “voters in Britain basically also voted Angela Merkel out of office. Before she becomes the EU’s gravedigger for good, she should follow David Cameron’s example.”
Via Die Welt,
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Juncker Bashing Britain From His Brussels Bunker


Cognac for breakfast, a Nazi father-in-law and brought down by a spy scandal: How Jean-Claude Juncker has hated Britain since Thatcher’s days and is now pushing us to head for the Brexit door immediately 

  • Jean-Claude Juncker was Luxembourg’s Prime Minister for 18 years 
  • Forced to step down in 2013 after a spy scandal involving the Grand Duke 
  • European ministers discussed 60-year-old’s past heavy drinking habits
  • Father forced to fight for the Nazis while his father-in-law supported them

Radio Poland: New EU ‘superstate plan’ by France, Germany: report

EU Stars and ChainsPolska 27.06.2016

The foreign ministers of France and Germany have proposed creating a “European superstate” limiting the powers of individual members following Britain’s referendum decision to leave the EU, Polish public broadcaster TVP Info has reported.


The document in which the proposals appear is to be presented to Visegrad Group countries meeting in Prague on Monday by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, TVP Info said, adding that the document was an “ultimatum”.


Express: Now we find out who our REAL friends are: Juncker slapped down by EU leaders and companies


BRITAIN began to find out who its real friends are today as senior EU leaders and businesses slapped down under-fire Brussels bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker.

By Nick Gutteridge
German manufacturers quickly moved to demand tariff-free trade with the post-Brexit UK whilst Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande dismissed suggestions Britain would be punished for leaving the Union.

Their remarks came after the presumed Prime Minister in waiting Boris Johnson today vowed that Britain will maintain access to the single market and insisted the country will remain on friendly terms with Europe.

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Memo To Cameron: Invoke article 50 immediately and clear off

To: the Editor
From: Ray Richards, Pentlow
Date: 26 June 2016

Why did Mr Cameron not do the honourable thing and resign on Friday the 24th June 2016. Great Britain’s “Independence Day”? We the people of this great country have shown you what we think of Brussels and you, why have you not gone. We don’t need you to hang around and cherry pick for Brussels. You are not a British Bull dog but a Brussels lap dog.

Invoke article 50 immediately and clear off.

Raymond Richards

Name and address supplied

Better Off Out: Thanks Everyone – Toward a Brighter Future

To all Brits

This is a historic day! The people of the United Kingdom have voted for freedom against the protectionist, inward-looking and controlling EU.

We now have the opportunity to take control of our own destiny – something we haven’t been able to do in 41 years.

We in the Better Off Out campaign want to thank you for all the work and effort that you have done over, not just over the past few weeks, but also over many, many years.

The task now is to help create a better Britain.

We have voted to overcome fear, to embrace a more optimistic and outward looking Britain.

Let’s embrace the future. Let’s embrace freedom!

Rory Broomfield
Better Off Out