Pro-EU website links banned in referendum purdah rules

Written by Matt Foster on 30 May 2016

A key eurosceptic has claimed victory in a battle to limit the promotion of government websites relating to the forthcoming EU referendum.

EU_Idiot_vote_riggingGovernment websites have been a particular sticking point for the Leave campaign, with Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee chair Bernard Jenkin — a prominent Tory eurosceptic — concerned that links to websites setting out the government’s pro-EU position could remain in place during the “purdah” period.

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Telegraph: Council to pulp EU referendum postal ballots as ‘bias’ row spreads nationwide

EU_Idiot_vote_riggingBy Christopher Hope, Telegraph, Chief Political Correspondent, 30 May 2016 • 6:55pm

A local authority has admitted that it was wrong to send out “biased” guides to tens of thousands of postal voters in Bristol which suggested backing Remain in next month’s referendum, but has refused to send out new ones.

The news came as it emerged that other voters across the country said they too had received the same guides, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of voters are being unfairly encouraged to back Remain.

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Better Off Out Campaign Update 27 May

Better Off Out

Those of you who are seeking leaflets to deliver to the public or use at street stalls should contact:
Brendan Chilton at Labour Leave on
Vote Leave via
Leave.EU at
Two important messages before mentioning what we have done this week:
1. If you need to REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE EU REFERENDUM, please do so NOW. It can be done very easily online HERE. If you need a POSTAL VOTE, PLEASE REGISTER NOW. You can do so by taking the steps outlined HERE.
2. There are less than 30 days to go. We are thinking about the referendum day and ways of getting out the vote. If you can help in the GOTV project on the day, please do email me at with ‘GOTV’ in the subject line and details of where you live and what you can do (such as whether you have a car that can drive supporters to the polls) in the body of the email. To win this we need to work together on the ground.
Campaign update:

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Mail Online: Brexit voter accuses migrants of ‘jumping the housing queue’ ahead of her disabled mother

immigation‘Where are we going to put them all?’: Furious row erupts during first EU referendum TV debate after Brexit voter accuses migrants of ‘jumping the housing queue’ ahead of her disabled mother 

  • Fears about immigration dominated first live TV EU referendum debate
  • Emily Wood, from Poole, said her disabled mother cannot get a bungalow
  • She said: ‘Immigrants are bumped up the list. Am I right to want to leave?’
  • SNP MP Alex Salmond said she was ‘wrong’ to make the connection
  • But Liam Fox said voting to leave the EU would bring control to the system 
  • BBC debate in Glasgow hosted by Victoria Derbyshire for a youth audience
  • Voter registration closes on June 7 and polling day is on June 23
  • See more news on the EU referendum debate at

Telegraph: The wealthy leaders of Remain will never know the devastating effect EU immigration has on ordinary people

lv-home-narrowBy Priti Patel, 28 May 2016

British families see in their daily lives the impact that the loss of control over our borders has placed on the services that they rely on. Schools, hospitals, public transport and housing are all struggling to cope with the growing demands placed upon them by immigration.

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Vote Leave Campaign: “a competition to win £50 million”


This morning we launched, a competition to win £50 million – the amount of money we hand over to the EU every single day. All you have to do is predict the result of each game of the European Football Championships this summer.

Every day we spend at least £50 million on the EU – that’s £350 million a week, enough to build a brand new NHS hospital. After we Vote Leave, we can spend this money on our priorities.

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Leave.EU campaigning tour around the country and need your help

LeaveEU_150Calling all Supporters!

We are about to kick off a campaigning tour around the country and need your help.

We need as many people as possible for a group photo holding large letters to spell out a positive word, ‘FREEDOM’ for example, in front of a landmark. This idea is inspired by what Dutch campaigners did in their recent referendum and I have attached a photo to give you an idea on what we are going to do. This photo will then be appearing in your local paper with hopefully a positive article written by the Leave.EU press office on why we should leave.

Emails have been sent out to several group leaders but the more involvement the better!

We are looking to be in these areas on the following dates:


Wednesday 1st June | Bristol 
Thursday 2nd June | Worthing
Friday 3rd June | Ashford & Ramsgate
Saturday 4th June | Colchester
Monday 6th June | Norwich
Tuesday 7th June | Peterborough
Wednesday 8th June | Grantham
Thursday 9th June | Leeds
Friday 10th June | Doncaster
Saturday 11th June | Hull & Grimsby
Tuesday 14th June | Newcastle
Thursday 16th June | Blackpool & Preston
Friday 17th June | Manchester
Saturday 18th June | Wolverhampton
more dates to be added…Could you give your support and get involved in this photo op?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Group Support Team

For more information about this event and any others please contact: 0800 999 4210 or email: Oliverc@Leave.EU

Tory MP brands EU chief ‘an arrogant bureaucrat’ following his attack on Boris Johnson

Express Get Us Out KNIGHT

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNKER was branded an “arrogant bureaucrat” after he mocked Boris Johnson over his views on the EU.

On Thursday Mr Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said the former with his scathing criticism of the EU.

But the EU chief was slammed for his “extraordinary” comments by eurosceptic Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“He’s an arrogant bureaucrat who thinks he is more admired than he is,” he told the Iain Dale show on LBC.

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Read also: EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Europhile ministers are HIDING how EU makes its dictatorial laws

We send £350 million a week to the EU – enough to build a new hospital every week

lv-home-narrowWe send £350 million a week to the EU – enough to build a new hospital every week

250,000 EU migrants a year come to the UK and five new countries are in the queue to join – including Albania, Serbia, and Turkey – it’s out of control and damages the NHS

It’s safer to take back control and spend our money on our priorities

Imagine if we Vote Leave on 23 June…

Britain’s veterans campaign to Vote Leave

Veterans for Britain, a group of former service personnel from the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force who are supporting Vote Leave, has today announced the backing of a number of senior retired Generals and Admirals.  They all agree on one thing – that staying in the EU makes us less safe and we must take back control and Vote Leave on 23 June.

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Britain needs to take back control now – before it’s too late

By Tim Martin, Founder, JD Wetherspoons,

When the government wanted to join the Euro, I thought it was a terrible idea so I backed the campaign to keep the pound. At JD Wetherspoons we printed beer mats which explained why the Euro was such a dangerous gamble.

Sixteen years later, I believe it’s time to leave the EU. The Euro has proved a disaster and millions of young people are out of work.

If entrepreneurs like me are to keep building successful businesses we need to get rid of the costs and red tape coming from Brussels. Britain needs to take back control now – before it’s too late.


Phil, there’s no question that we are the underdogs in this fight, and to win we’re all going to need to stand up. That’s why I’m putting #VoteLeave beer mats in over 1,000 of my pubs across the UK.

I’ve also made the biggest donation of my life to Vote Leave. Our campaign needs every pound we can give it – the IN side has already raised twice as much money as we have, including over £1m from Wall Street investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

There are just 29 days to go. Please stand with me today by donating what you can afford.


Thank you.

Tim Martin
Founder, JD Wetherspoons

Vote Leave · Vote Leave, Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, Lambeth SE1 7SP, United Kingdom