Brexit wil be a Leap into Freedom

logo“Brexit is a leap into the dark” has become the favourite phrase of the Prime Minister. He does not seem to understand the migration crisis is expected to get much much worse. There will be another million refugees or more making their way into Europe this year, with no possibility of accommodating them in jobs, housing and the NHS or whatever medical care they will need.

The borders are going up across Europe – yesterday Belgium reintroduced border controls with France, with the pending bulldozing of the Calais ‘jungle’ – and the threat of forcing Greece out of the Schengen Zone, leaving them high and dry and on the verge of collapse. Added to this, the ever-persistent Eurozone crisis threatens to force even more economic misery on Europe. Brexit is not a “leap into dark”. Staying inside the collapsing EU is! Leaving the EU will be a leap into freedom…Cameron’s so-called ‘deal’ with the EU was finally announced late last Friday evening. As we expected, the deal is not even worth the paper it was written on. Effectively a 1% change if it ever gets to treaty change!Let’s at least try to understand the “reforms” Cameron is offering us:
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Express: The elite political class has lied to us about immigration

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTBy Leo McKinstry,


Just as the ruling metropolitan elitists want to destroy our national independence through subjugation to the EU so they seek to obliterate our national identity through mass immigration and multiculturalism.

No modern British prime minister has ever inflicted such irreversible damage on our society as Blair

FAO Chilcot Enquiry: The Lies, Fabrications and Forgeries of the Bush-Cheney Administration On Iraq

Going to War against Iraq, for Oil and for Israel: The Lies, Fabrications and Forgeries of the Bush-Cheney Administration


We [the United States] spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives. … Obviously, it was a mistake… George W. Bush made a mistake. We can make mistakes. But that one was a beauty. We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East…
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Surprise Surprise BBC Accused Of Pro EU Reporting (And It’s True)

EU_Idiot_vote_rigging EU referendum: BBC is already failing its impartiality test claims Tory MP Andrew Bridgen

Andrew Bridgen, a Eurosceptic Tory MP, said that BBC Newsnight and the the Radio Four Today programme have been biased towards the EU

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Government accused of muddying the waters over the sheer scale of EU immigration

Published Feb 25, 2016

UKIP_M0416.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “Today the ONS has put out near record figures on inward migration to the UK with a net figure of 323,000 arriving in the country, of which 260,000 are from EU countries. But this masks the grant of National Insurance numbers to EU nationals which as Jonathan Portes of the NIESR points out that “Official immigration stats say EU (gross) immigration to UK was 260.000. But 650,000 National Insurance number registrations over same period”.

“That is treble the official Migration figures. They are pulling the wool over our eyes.

Read also: Ministers ‘hiding full scale of EU immigration’

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Staying In The EU Is A Leap Into Certain EU Incompetence And Dictatorship

WP_20150615_18_52_12_ProBy Ray Richards, Pentlow


On the 22 Feb 2016 our Prime Minister Mr Cameron has said “It will be a leap into the dark if we go it alone”. Wrong! If  we stay in the EU that would be the leap in into darkness.


The EU Bureaucrats work behind closed doors and just issue their Dictates for the assembly to ratify for us to obey. Notice no hint of democracy there.


The EU has not for 21 years had their accounts audited a published. We would be leaping into the dark if we stay in the EU.


The un democratic EU decided in 2014 to penalize Great Britain to the tune of £1.9Bn because we had managed our accounts successfully. No democratic procedure there just another leap into the dark.
Our Prime Minister, yesterday (21.2.16) said our borders would be far safer and less vulnerable by staying in the EU but unfortunately before him on another programme a security specialist said “In the EU the borders are too vast to control” and “that the EU is very ineffective in gathering security intelligence”. Again, if we stay, it seems very much that that would be a further leap in the dark.


The EU is a failing economy and to stay tied to the EU would be a further “Leap into the dark.


If the EU wasn’t so deceitful and determined to keep us all in the dark they would hold open meetings and operate as a democracy and not by dictate.


Raymond Richards

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Mr Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’

UKIPDaily_125_25February 21, 2016 by Nigel Moore in UKIPDAILY, Europe

Creating a nation fearful of the future, of change and progress, whose citizens are required to obey (the EU, politicians, the Establishment) but not think for themselves must inevitably undermine the national mojo of confidence, energy and motivation towards making a better tomorrow.  In addition higher taxes, regulatory burdens and exclusion from markets largely reserved for favoured big business makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to actually break out from the status quo.

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The Commentator: Trade figures prove Britain’s future lies outside the EU


“The UK’s trade deficit with the EU has risen to an all-time high of £89 billion…” – Office Of National Statistics

The latest trade figures show that Britain’s future lies firmly outside the EU. Brussels is more dependent than ever on the British market, and this exposes Europhile scaremongering about our ability to cut a good deal when we Brexit, which we should do as soon as possible…

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EU Referendum Bill, opt-outs (& opt-ins) and a €100k Brexit Prize

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We anti-EU campaigners are often accused of not having thought through the full implications and complexities of what’s required to Get Britain Out of the EU. “Ah!”, exclaim the Europhiles, “you want us to leave the EU … but how? What will we do then?”. We all know the answer, of course, but a fortnight ago a competition was launched to answer that question with the level of intellectual and academic rigour that will be essential for any In/Out referendum campaign.


Firetrench Directory

The ‘Brexit Prize’ is being run by a respected think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). The premise is that the UK has already voted to leave and that the Government has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, signalling our intent to leave. The competition is for the best blueprint for what needs to happen next, both in domestic law and international relations, to ensure a prosperous future for our nation. A selection of the 20 best initial submissions will be announced at the end of October, with the deadline for final submissions in early February 2014 and the winner of the €100,000 prize will then be announced in March 2014.

Justice & Home Affairs Opt-Out
Back in the present, MPs had the opportunity to debate the JHA opt-out process which will see our Government exercising a block opt out from 133 EU ‘cooperation’ measures, before choosing to opt back in to some of them. (It will come as no surprise that this complicated legislative dance is to meet the requirements of an EU treaty!)

The motion being debated initially required MPs to endorse both the opt-out and the Government’s list of planned opt-ins (including the infamous European Arrest Warrant). This set the field for yet another bruising backbench rebellion for David Cameron, but in another sign of the growing strength of the Eurosceptic movement, Government whips accepted an amendment that dropped the list of proposed opt-ins. As we reported at the time, this made the motion a simple endorsement of the opt-out, and it was voted through easily.

There was an interesting exchange in the debate between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Mark Reckless and, on the other side, David Lidington (Minister for Europe), over whether the opt-ins should be regarded as a surrender of sovereignty which ought to trigger the Government’s ‘referendum lock’. (The Government has passed a law requiring a referendum on before further powers are transferred to the EU.) The Minister was adamant this was not the case. For their part, the rebel backbench MPs even raised the possibility of a judicial review if the Government refused to apply the referendum lock.

The Press Association reports that the Government has now officially notified the EU that the UK will be exercising its opt-out. This is excellent news, but of course the battle over which measures the UK will opt-back into is yet to come. The opt-ins are being considered by four relevant Commons Select Committees, and the matter will come back to the Commons for debate later in the year.

EU Referendum Bill
After the Private Member’s Bill for an EU Referendum got its Second Reading (despite the efforts of the 32 Labour MPs whom we named-and-shamed) it moved on to the first day of its Committee Stage. There was a concerted ambush attempt by Lib Dem and Labour MPs, who did their best to slow down the process by submitting dozens of amendments. Get Britain Out challenged the MPs responsible on Twitter, reminding them that their constituents might take a dim view of their attempts to prevent voters having their say.

Remarkably, one MP, Barry Sheerman, is on the record in Hansard complaining that our Tweets could be an infringement of Parliamentary Privilege. The Committee chairman quite rightly told him (in effect) to stop whinging. Reminding MPs that they’re accountable to the ordinary people who elect them is not some sort of undue influence, it’s basic democracy! It’s about time some MPs were reminded it is the Great British Public who put them on those green benches in Parliament!

Write To Your MP: Cost/Benefit Analysis Bill
The House of Commons is now in recess until 2 September, but when it returns they will debate another Private Member’s Bill, this one requiring the Government to perform a cost/benefit analysis of our EU membership. With so much time and effort being spent on the Private EU Referendum Bill, it seems unlikely this one will have much of a chance, but all the same please contact your MP and ask that they support it. As ever, it would be very helpful if you could copy any reply you receive to us at

Please do send this bulletin on to your friends, family and colleagues. If you have received this message as a forwarded e-mail, please don’t forget to sign up on our website to ensure you receive future bulletins and stay up-to-date with the fight to Get Britain Out.

With best wishes,James Harvard
Campaign Manager, Get Britain Out

p.s. We’re extremely grateful to the many people who’ve donated to Get Britain Out since our last bulletin. Our campaign depends on your donations, large and small, and every pound is carefully spent. If you would like to contribute too please visit our website’s donations page to find out how. Thank you.