Mailonline: Such a sickening betrayal of Britain….

Saturday Essay By Quentin Letts For Mailonline, Published: 30 January 2016

JunkerCameronSuch a sickening betrayal of Britain: QUENTIN LETTS rejoiced when Cameron promised a referendum and a radically reformed relationship with the EU – but the charade since and the gutlessness of careerist ministers make his blood boil

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The Taxpayers’ Alliance Call For Tax System Overhaul After Google Debacle


By Jonathon Isaby, Chief Executive
With the news about Google agreeing to pay £130 million in backdated corporation tax barely off the front pages all week, you’ll not be surprised that the issue has also preoccupied us for much of the last seven days. It is clearer than ever that we need radical simplification of our hugely complex tax system – it’s not right that the tax bill of any individual or company should be subject to a six-year negotiation with the taxman. What really gets me is the politicians pontificating about what companies like Google have paid (or not, as the case may be) when they are only playing by the loophole-ridden rules set by those same politicians in the first place! Many people are understandably angry about the situation and our anger is surely best directed at the politicians with the power to do something about it. I have discussed the issue on Sky News while John O’Connell wrote a commentary for The Sun on why our broken tax system needs to be fixed and Alex Wild explained in City A.M. why the current corporation tax regime lacks legitimacy.

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Introducing the Campaign against Euro-federalism (CAEF)

This organisation has been researching and campaigning against the anti-democratic EU superstate agenda since 2004. Their website holds a wealth of facts and information to help Leave activists and campaigners. Well done them!


Aims & Objectives

Democracy and Self Determination

Our nation state can only be democratic if it has the right to self determination. Only elected MPs in the House of Commons and a government answerable to those MPs should have the power to make laws and policies for our multi-racial, multi-nation state of Britain. No Government has the right to renounce that power and no Parliament can commit future Parliaments to such a course.

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EXPRESS: BRUSSELS SCANDAL – The EU wants to tax food and send grocery bills through the roof

By Giles Sheldrick, Express, PUBLISHED Fri, Jan 29, 2016 

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTFAMILIES would see their grocery bills soar under EU plans for a tax on food.

The new tax would increase food bills

Eurocrats are considering a radical overhaul of VAT, threatening Britain’s right to levy a zero rate on food, medicines and children’s clothes.

A five per cent tax – the EU minimum – would raise £5.4billion a year and add £203 to the cost of the average household’s shopping.

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Mail : German police were ordered not to prosecute migrants…

By Allan Hall In Berlin for MailOnline,

German police were ordered not to prosecute migrants two months before New Year sex attacks: Documents show officials thought it was pointless as so few arrivals had any ID

  • Officers in Kiel were ordered not to prosecute migrants for certain crimes
  • They were told there was little chance of success because of ID issues
  • Guidelines issued in northern German town in October, documents show
  • Came months before New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne in which hundreds of women reported 
  • For more on the Cologne sex attacks visit

The People Vs The Elite

From The Leave.EU Campaign.peopleVselite

The Battle has started, the game is officially in play, we have opened our doors to enable you to become part of our organisation. We already have 100s of people signing up to become part of history, part of the campaign that will lead the UK out of the European Union.

By becoming a member of our organisation you are playing a part in defeating the business elite that wish us to stay within the EU for their own benefit.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan even the Governor to the Bank of England have stated their allegiance to staying in the corrupt state of disunion that we call the EU.

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Telegraph: Brexit would trigger disintegration of the EU not the UK, say Barclays

broken_euroBy 28 Jan 2016

“The referendum is generally seen as a ‘UK’ issue, when it is better seen as a European issue” said Philippe Gudin of Barclays.

The political and institutional reverberation of a ‘leave’ vote would be far greater than any economic fall-out, said the bank. In particular, analysts highlighted the “emotionally charged” immigration debate as the “wildcard” which could see the UK leave the EU.

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Bernard Ingham In Yorkshire Post – One foot in the grave if Britain doesn’t vote to leave EU

Cameron_gagged_smYorkshire Post, Wed 27 Jan

THE cantankerous Victor Meldrew used to express his exasperation on TV with the words: “I don’t believe it.”

So did Margaret Thatcher when the Ministry of Defence said that the Falklands could not be recovered if invaded.

I am now reduced to saying it by the charade known as the British renegotiation of EU membership. – Bernard Ingham

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Get support from THE BETTER OFF OUT campaign

By Charlotte Fairbanks, Better Off Out,

Organising a Street Stall?

Let us know and we can send supporters.

Also if you are holding any public meetings and need a speaker we are always happy to try and come along or send someone to help.

Keep us up to date and we will do our best to get activists along and support the campaign.

Alternatively, if you would like to hold a street stall, then please get in touch and we will send you material to get you started. If you need leaflets, balloons, or banners then let us know and we can send you a pack.

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