Mail Online: Police in Germany are covering up the extent of immigrant crime

Merkel_EuroPolice in Germany are covering up the extent of crime committed by migrants, claim Bild… as country is revealed to have taken in 1.1 MILLION people during 2015 

  • Asylum seekers are being recruited as cheap drug dealers and traffickers as well as petty thieves, Bild newspaper claims
  • But police have apparently been ordered to cover up extent of crimes so as not to fuel ‘right wing extremist debate’ 
  • Shocking claim comes as Germany registered over one million migrants in 2015 – five times last year’s total 
  • Germany has taken more refugees from the Middle East and Africa than any other EU state 
  • The country is a magnet for migrants partly because of its generous social benefits
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Are EU Country Central Banks “Illegally” Buying Government Bonds?

euro drippingBy Peter Koenig, Global Research, December 26, 2015, RT German 20 December 2015

The following text is an English transcript (translation) of an RT Berlin Interview in German regarding an apparent secret agreement between the European Central Bank (ECB) and individual Euro countries’ central banks issuing large amounts of government bonds. The discovery flared up just before the FED raised its base interest rate by a quarter percent on 16 December 2015, signalling the end of zero-interest in 9 years.

I’m sorry to say this – we are so deeply mired in this corrupt western, especially European monetary system that I believe there is no way back, no possible way of reform. As I see it, there is only one solution – exit the euro and start afresh with our own currencies, the Deutsch Mark, French Franc, the Italian Lire, the Greek Drachma – and so on. After all, the euro has been in circulation only for 15 years. Why is it so difficult to imagine a world without the euro, especially recognizing how corrupt the system has become?Peter Koenig


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UKIP release the EU rich list 2015/16

Published Dec 26, 2015

The_EU_Rich_List-page-001.jpgAhead of the forthcoming EU Referendum the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit has released ground-breaking research that shows just how high on the hog the invisible bureaucracy of Brussels is living, click the picture or here to download it.

Put together the 100 top paying jobs cost the taxpayer £40 million of hard earned taxpayers money. This is made up of basic salary, generous EU taxation, side benefits and pensions. The lists of the Top Ten highest paid EU Commissioners, EU Judges, EU Bankers and EU Quangocrats can be downloaded here.

Douglas Carswell MP said, “the Eurocracy are like the Ancien Régime, they have forgotten nothing when it comes to their own personal advantages, yet have learned nothing from the years of economic chaos that they have presided over. It is time that the UK pulled out of this get rich scheme for the European Establishment”.

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Telegraph: EU chiefs ‘plan to bombard voters with propaganda’

EU Stars and ChainsLeave campaigners call for donations as they warn there is no limit on how much the European Commission could spend on pro-EU leaflets and advertising

The referendum rules have been rigged so that pro-EU campaigners can hugely outspend the leave campaign – Matthew Elliott, Vote Leave

Energy: Oil is facing a certain future – Permanent decline – About time too

EuroInPocketWithout doubt the production and consumption of oil has been one of the greatest drivers of civilisation and industry for over a century. Controlling its flow from the ground into the world’s internal combustion engines has been the relentless, psycopathic preoccupation of the great powers. The benefits of cheap plentiful fuel have been tremendous, but the cost to humanity and life in endless wars, bloody conflict, corruption and environmental destruction is tragic and vast.  Its use and abuse continues day in day out and will continue until the day we no longer have any use for it.

That day is coming.

In the following article, which I thoroughly recommend, the forces controlling the future of energy production are being redefined. Democratic control over technology used to replace oil, and the masters of that technology, must not be lost. The wars of the future may be fought against a technocracy who seek to exercise the same pervasive anti-democratic influence and power through technology as the controllers of the miracle and curse of oil do now.

Read full story: Telegraph: Opec faces a mortal threat from electric cars

Express: Is EU vote rigged already? Pro-Brussels lobby able to outspend Brexit group by £6MILLION

EU_Idiot_vote_riggingBy Nick Gutteridge

FEARS the EU referendum is being rigged in favour of the pro-Brussels lobby were heightened after it emerged they will be able to spend £6million more on propaganda than Brexit campaigners.

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Renzi Is Getting It But Simply Doesn’t Understand Italy Is Now Part Of Greater Germany (EU/Fourth Reich)

Merkel_EuroBy Joseph Conroy,, 22 Dec 2015

Italian PM warns that we need an EU for 28 countries – not just one

In the wake of the inconclusive Spanish election results over the weekend, Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi has warned that German-driven eurozone austerity policies are generating support for populist parties across Europe and leading to electoral setbacks for incumbent governments and broader political paralysis.

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RT: Is the EU the new USSR?

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eussrAs in the Soviet Union, in the European Union the nation state is subordinate to the Union. If the USSR was an ‘evil empire’, then what is the EU?

Cameron was in Brussels for the recent summit.

For better of worse, this is the man the British people believe directs their government. And he was in Brussels to ask the EU if he could do some governing.

The answer – in short – was no.

So why stay in the EU?

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‘Conservative’ Corporatocracy Steps Up A Notch – File under contempt for democracy

Telegraph: Government’s ‘buddy’ scheme has now paired ministers with 83 global firms

UKTI’s strategic relations team has granted seven more companies privileged access to ministers since the general election in May

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