Leave.EU Campaign: Another week goes by, and another misjudged comment by the EU-philes

No Way To The Norway
By Aarron Banks,

Another week goes by, and another misjudged comment by the Europhiles kindly keeps us in the spotlight. This week it was none other than David Cameron who attempted to issue a sobering warning to potential ‘Leave’ voters. If the UK exits the European Union it risks taking the ‘Norway option’ as an alternative, which he would, “guard very strongly against”. No points for trying to mislead the public. :-)

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UKIPDAILY: We are Winning the EU Argument (Part 1)

 Posted on October 25, 2015 by Mike Munford in Europe // 2 Comments

The Economist is getting rattled. It is concerned that the “out” case is beginning to sound convincing and needs to be answered. It believes that “If Britain is to avoid Brexit, the time has come to expose the contradictions in the Eurosceptic case for leaving.”

The Utopia of globally minded Eurosceptics is a British economy set free from burdensome Brussels regulation, retaining access to Europe’s single market, no longer paying into the EU budget, trading freely with the rest of the world and setting its own limits on immigration. Yet .. every part of this ideal is either questionable or misleading.

But in fact the Economist’s answers are themselves questionable and misleading.

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Read Part 2: http://www.ukipdaily.com/we-are-winning-the-eu-argument-part-2/

Britain will be flattened if it stays in the EU (Greater Germany)

Published ukip.org Oct 29, 2015

nigel_quote_1.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has written for today’s Telegraph on how the so called “re-negotiation” process shows that those in the EU have no interest in what is best for Britain, only in further EU harmonisation, centralisation and power.

“There is no grand deal on offer for Britain to remain in the EU. The Euro project is a steamroller, and if we remain in, we will be flattened by it.

“Demands that we be allowed to control our borders are now reduced to piddling concessions on how long migrants have to wait before accessing taxpayer-funded welfare benefits. This is what our nation has been reduced to: a grovelling junior member of a German-dominated club. Even by the Government’s own wildly unambitious measure, this renegotiation has been a national embarrassment.”

Read the rest of the piece here.

Tiptree Shocker: Parish Council to raise funding for policing the village itself

Stuart Gulleford Tiptree Parish Councillor

Stuart Gulleford Tiptree Parish Councillor

Tiptree Parish Council’s decision to raise funding for policing the village itself rather than relying on the invisible blue line of Essex Police, a decision taken at the Full Council Meeting on Monday 26th October has been picked up by the Daily Mail and is attracting other national media attention.

Parish Councillor, Stuart Gulleford said: “I’m disappointed to see criticism in the Mail article from Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston. He came to a Parish Council meeting in September to basically tell us that local policing was no more and that they were not interested in dealing with anti-social behaviour. What choice did he leave us in the face of increasing problems in the village? It is all too easy to criticise those who are actually trying to do something about these issues, rather than just opting out.”



I’m In Politics To Do Something Not Be Someone

liz_leave_EU Recently at the Doncaster UKIP conference new alliances were formed between several anti-EU groups to get behind the Leave.eu campaign. In the most recent issue of UKIP’s house magazine Independence UKIP’s party leader made our position clear. farage
Liz Bilney
CEO Leave.eu
Nigel Farage
UKIP Party Leader

Nigel Farage extract from the Independence house magazine

Thanks to UKIP’s surge of support, David Cameron was forced to promise a referendum. And we must now win that referendum.

One of the weaknesses of the ANTI-EU Movement
has been the in-fighting and lack of co-operation between groups.

That was why I was absolutely delighted that this year our Conference was able to act as an arena for several groups to come together to support Leave.EU, a new organisation has been set up by businessmen Arro Banks and Richard Tice which intends to reach out across the country to win the referendum.
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Watch Out Tony Blair, The Legal Noose is Tightening. “Dead-End Road” towards a War Crimes Trial?

The Chilcot Inquiry, “Sir Cover Up” and The House of Lords

blair war crimes

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”  (J.Edgar Hoover, 1895-1972.)

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EU Propaganda Machine Forcing Brit Farmers To Display Detested Roundel

Brussels tries land grab on British Agriculture

Published UKIP.ORG Oct 24, 2015

farmersforced_(1).pngTens of thousands of Farmers across the UK are being forced to put up EU propaganda, and to pay for the privilege. Under new guidance put out by the Government any farmer who receives more than £7,200 in Agricultural subsidies from the EU will have to pay to put up posters advertising this.

UKIP Agricultural spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP said: “It is outrageous that farmers are obliged to get involved in the EU propaganda machine when this money came from the British taxpayer.

“The EU merely threw away half of what the British tax payer gave them and then graciously deigned to give the other half back to British farmer, only if they erect the EU gratitude plaques.

“I don’t think this is a coincidence that we are going to see more EU gratitude plaques erected in fields during the EU referendum campaign.”

EU Stars and Chains


Project Syndicate: Varoufakis On Italy’s Rebellion Against A Dysfunctional Greater Germany (EU)

By Yanis Varoufakis Follow @yanisvaroufakis – Yanis Varoufakis, a former finance minister of Greece, is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens.

Schäuble’s Gathering Storm

ATHENS – Europe’s crisis is poised to enter its most dangerous phase. After forcing Greece to accept another “extend-and-pretend” bailout agreement, fresh battle lines are being drawn. And, with the refugee influx exposing the damage caused by divergent economic prospects and sky-high youth unemployment in Europe’s periphery, the ramifications are ominous, as recent statements by three European politicians – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble – have made clear.

Read full story: Schäuble’s Gathering Storm

Also a good read by economist Philip Legrain: Project Syndicate: The EU’s Disintegration