Marketwatch Opinion: Britain wants to opt-out on paying for next eurozone bailout

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Published: Sept 11, 2015

In his testimony to the Lords committee, Osborne complained that the decision to use the EFSM — despite previous agreements that it would not be used in eurozone bailouts — was made in a crisis meeting with no noneurozone country official in the room.

Although Britain obtained guarantees in this particular case, Osborne was told by EU officials that the nine noneurozone countries didn’t need to be consulted because the 19 eurozone countries have the qualified majority necessary to make such decisions.

If anyone is in any doubt about what the the Lisbon Treaty means for British Parliamentary Democracy then this is the ‘EU Officials’ making it clear it does not exist in their world. This is the treachery of Lisbon made manifest.

Britain is paying for the Eurozone’s monumental fraud, bullying and incompetence. And it goes on……

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The Peoples’ Pledge: Success for a fair EU referendum

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After lengthy debate, at 12:42am the
EU Referendum Bill was approved by MPs
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An EU referendum has just taken another big
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But this wasn’t the only good news.

You will probably remember that, back in June, we wrote to you highlighting three threats to a fair EU referendum: on its timing, on the question and on suspending the purdah rules that restrict government activity within four weeks of the vote.

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