Marketwatch Opinion: Poland looks like next country to turn against the EU

euro drippingDarrell Delamaide’s Political Capital

The extent of the political backlash in the eurozone remains to be seen, but last month’s brutal resolution of the Greek crisis is already propelling Poland’s opposition party to what looks like a sure victory in October parliamentary elections.


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Express Online: Mass immigration will DESTROY Britain if we don’t act now

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTBy Douglas Murray, Associate director of the Henry Jackson Society

IT IS now four years since David Cameron promised to reduce immigration into the UK from the hundreds of thousands to “tens of thousands” a year.

Independent: TTIP controversy: The European Commission and Big Tobacco accused of cover-up after heavily redacted documents released

Stop TTIP Logo

The European Commission has been accused of a cover-up after refusing to release details of talks between its officials and the tobacco industry during negotiations over the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty.

Corporate lobbying campaigners published documents that revealed the EU’s executive body had met and corresponded with lobbyists from British American Tobacco and Philip Morris.

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Big Brother Watch: Local Councils Show Shockingly Lax Attitudes To Protecting Confidential Information

Big Brother Watch is an independent campaigning organisation whose views may not necessarily reflect those of UKIP
By Big Brother Watch Team

You may have spotted our latest report A Breach of Trust being discussed in newspapers, on the radio and television. The report highlighted the scale of data breaches by local councils, including personal information being lost, stolen or used inappropriately.

We have also had a busy month in the media, commenting on phone battery could be spying on you, local council’s selling electoral roll data and Body Worn Camera security fears to name just a few.

We thank you for your continued support.

The Big Brother Watch team

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Eastern Region Newsletter: EU Referendum showdown at the Key Theatre Peterborough

EU Referenda Showdown 
Peterborough Key Theatre
2nd September 7.30pm

We warmly welcome you to attend our EU Referendum showdown at the Key Theatre, Embankment Rd, Peterborough. PE1 1EF on Wednesday 2nd September at 7.30pm to 9pm.

Come along and take part in the referendum debate! This promises to be a fast and furious event with speakers from across the political spectrum along with audience participation.

Mark Edwards, editor of ‘The Peterborough Telegraph’ newspaper will chair the debate.

Debating for the ‘Out of the EU’ team will be
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Braintree UKIP Protests With 38 Degrees Against TTIP in Sudbury

By Jeff Wise, Sudbury, Sat 22nd Aug 2015

“38 degrees” is an independent organisation that, among other things, campaigns to defend our democracy.”

On Sat.22nd. Aug. a small group from “38 degrees” were leafleting in Sudbury to make people aware that the E.U and our Government are negotiating a dangerous trade deal with America. It’s called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP.

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Mail Online: The Giant Fraud of Britain’s Education System

Peter Hitchens’s Mail on Sunday Column, 23 August 2015 8:12 AM

The giant fraud that is Britain’s education system strides ever onwards, messing up many more lives than it improves.

But so many of us –parents, children and teachers – are so deeply implicated in it that we dare not admit the depth, length breadth and height of the folly.

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Breitbart: The Battle for the EU Referendum ‘No’ Campaign Hots Up

Today’s Sunday Times carries a story about the EU Referendum ‘No’ campaign. It claims that organisers on one half of the ‘No’ camp have said they’ll have no problem raising the £7m maximum spend, and that they’ll already spoken with some government ministers and London Mayor Boris Johnson for their support.

All good news, it seems. Except sadly, for those ‘in the loop’ in Westminster, we know it’s total spin.

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Get Britain Out: Cameron’s ‘Delusional’ Renegotiation Has Already Failed

Please note: The Get Britain Out campaign is independent and their views do not necessarily reflect those of UKIP

Dear Friends and Supporters,

A delusion persists among certain ‘Eurosceptic’ circles about David Cameron being able to deliver a good deal for Britain from Brussels or the EU. Many are waiting for the results of his so-called ‘renegotiations’. Waiting for him to come out waving his white flag, attempting to con us all he has won huge concessions.

He has already been told :

  • No Treaty change
  • No change to Freedom of Movement
  • No change to Border Control
  • No No No

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