News From The Juncker Bunker: Juncker calls for Greeks to embrace EU serfdom

In a speech today given in measured, sombre tones Juncker calls for Greeks to say yes in the upcoming referendum. In essence he wants Greeks to embrace their destiny as the first serfs in his EU empire of unelected technocrats bankers and global corporations. To forever bring Greek democracy to heel, to abandon the right to self-determination as a nation-state.


UKIP Defence spokesman: terror attacks are work of utter cowards – and UK must be on its guard

Published Jun 26, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpgMike Hookem MEP, UKIP defence spokesman has described today’s terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait as “the work of utter cowards” and said that his thoughts are with “all those caught up in these dreadful events”.

Speaking about the attack targeting tourists sunbathing on a beach in the Tunisian holiday resort of Sousse, which left 28 British, German and Belgium nationals dead, Mike said; “The terrorists picked the softest possible target to maximise the impact of their attack. Their actions are utterly disgusting and no ideology can excuses their actions.”

“The simple fact is those who order or perpetrate such horrific acts are utter cowards!”

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Independent: Further EU integration could plunge Europe into war, says new Tory chair of defence committee

Europe Doesnt Work_125Published Independent 25/06/2015

Conservative MP Julian Lewis told parliamentary magazine The House that he feared for peace on the continent because of the European project’s “undemocratic” nature.

“The danger to the peace of Europe is if you change our system of sovereign democratic states to an undemocratic system,” he said.

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Greeks “Dangerously Close” to Freedom and Prosperity, IMF Corrupted, Euro Collapsing

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Freenations Posted By: Rodney Atkinsonon: June 19, 2015 at

Greeks “Dangerously Close” to Freedom and Prosperity, IMF Corrupted, Euro Collapsing

It has always been hilarious to listen to those eurofanatics (who have brought much of Europe to its democratic annihilation and economic collapse) warning the Greeks that they are “dangerously close” – as one EU official said – to exit from the very thing which has destroyed them. Continue reading

Independent: Nigel Farage rallies Ukip to ‘get cracking’ with campaign for ‘out’ vote in EU referendum

nigelfarageIndependent, Saturday 06th June

“We will be launching a massive series of public events and meetings all over the country starting in September…” – Nigel Farage


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Better Off Out: 10 Myths (Debunked)

Submitted By Norma Huxter,

Here’s a great link people can share. It sets out the myths about EU withdrawal and tackles those myths head-on. Some of you will have seen this before but others may have missed it.
You certainly won’t see any of this being reported in the media, except for the Daily Express. Happy reading, fellow UKIPpers.
Please Note: The ‘Better Off Out Campaign is an independent campaigning organisation

MEPs’ opposition to the EU-US trade deal is being scandalously silenced

Published, Monday, 22 June 2015 15:57

Faced with a possible shock rejection of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) by MEPs, Brussels simply cancelled the vote this week. Now, the powers that be in Washington have moved swiftly to speed up the publicly unpopular trade deal. Molly Scott Cato, one of those MEPs, argues that the European Parliament, as the only elected part of the EU, needs to be brought into negotiations.

Credit: Mehr Kemokratie, CC BY NC 2.0

Credit: Mehr Kemokratie, CC BY NC 2.0

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Express: Britain shouldn’t worry about leaving the EU, say business leaders

Express Get Us Out KNIGHT

The finding, by senior business figures and published by the Business for Britain campaign group, rubbishes claims that Britain would struggle without Europe.

It states that international banks and financial services would have no reason to leave the City of London in the wake of an EU exit – rubbishing claims that Britain would struggle without Europe.

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Telegraph:’Business as usual’ for City banks if UK left the EU

London-based banks would still have access to European financial markets, according to a new report

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