Is The BBC a Left Wing Political Party Without Candidates?

The BBC has been caught out once more delivering a left wing audience to a vital UK Parliamentpolitical debate which could alter the course of the UK’s history. The significance of damage their editorial staff are doing to their own credibility and our democracy cannot be understated.  They are serving up left biased politically correct programming purporting to represent a balanced view.

Express: BBC rocked by new bias scandal – as TWO-THIRDS of debate audience are left-wing

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Cameron Doing the EU Sidestep

RR_PIC_one_vert_teeth-150x150From Ray Richards, Stour Valley North

To the Political Editor

Just how much longer can Mr Cameron keep pulling the wool over the electorate’s eyes. Whenever he or his are representatives asked a relevant question on the EU or Brussels they side step it by saying he has answered that question quite fully on previous occasions when in fact HE HAS NOT. All he is doing is side stepping and deceiving the electorate. If the EU was such a good organisation and so transparent in their administration they would want everyone to come and look but they don’t. They spend most of their time covering up. My example is their accounts, they have not been audited and signed off for over 21 years.

There are MANY crucial questions that we need urgent answers to before Thursday and we are just not getting them.

Ray Richards

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Central Essex Branch: Friday May 1, Chelmsford & South Woodham Ferrers

ukip_rosette_150Dear Members and Supporters,

Tomorrow Friday May 1st we have two events you can help us with:

Chelmsford Soap Box, 10am

once again we will be meeting shoppers and handing out leaflets, this time targetting the Friday crowd. We’ll set-up the table at the usual place near Lloyds bank. The more helpers we have the more impressive we look – please come and help out if you are able.

South Woodham Ferrers Leafletting, 10am

Kevin Lovett will be leading a team leafletting around SWF, starting around 10am. If you would like to help out, please contact Kev for details of where to meet etc:
Kevin Lovett
07957 321092

From The Heart: EU asylum plan a direct threat to our civilisation – UKIP leader Nigel Farage

nigelfarageAt first it may seem strange that just 8 days before a UK General Election, I travelled to Strasbourg this morning to give a speech in the European Parliament. But it should become clear after you watch and share this video. 

The crisis in the Mediterranean has shed light on the idea that there should be a common European migration and asylum policy that I believe poses a threat to our civilisation.

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Savers are Losers

A series of five articles by M.D.G. Randall. Article Five.Savers

Although 70% of the UK’s adults are said to be savers, Mervyn Randall says that Governments of the UK retain their acceptance of continuous inflation, and treat their Savers badly. Ask, how can this be? Do Savers understand? Based on the presumption that lack of understanding is the culprit, Mervyn Randall  has set-out an explanation of each of the five possible cases of Savings Arithmetic which the Saver might encounter during these times of positive inflation. Negative inflation is called deflation.

Mervyn Randall says;

If you are a Saver you must ask for a Headline rate which is sufficiently above annual inflation so as to provide ( after tax & inflation )  a reward of  positive real annual income. UKIP Essex are publishing these five cases at intervals in the period leading up to the General Election. As this series develops you will see that; only in the first case can the Saver become richer, he retains the his wealth in the second case, but in the final three cases the Saver can only become a loser.

This, the last case, can be viewed here.

Here a Saver makes a loss (after Tax&Inflation) In this case, after a negative real interest, a Saver can only make a loss. He  pays both real capital tax  and real ex-inflation tax.

Case Note.

This case, is one of negative ( before tax) real interest. It causes payments of, real capital tax and  real ex-inflation tax, together. This has occurred for the past 12 years ( but for 2009) . The averages of real capital tax and real ex-inflation tax  in those eleven years were about 0.22% and 2.25% respectively. These two capital taxes, real capital and real ex-inflation, relate a reduction of savings wealth. An average of ‘ Capital Taxes ‘ of about 2.5% each year?

 Mervyn D G Randall 1-Sept-2014 Latest Ashcroft poll shows UKIP on course to make history in Thurrock

Published Apr 25, 2015’s latest Lord Ashcroft poll shows that UKIP is “on course to make history in Thurrock” according to UKIP candidate Tim Aker.

The poll shows again that UKIP are leading in the constituency, by 7% before data weighting or 4% after. Labour are second and the Tories third as with the previous Ashcroft poll.

Tim Aker said: “This latest poll shows yet again that UKIP is on course to make history in Thurrock. If you vote UKIP here, you will get a local UKIP MP here working for the whole community.

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