Telegraph: Angela Merkel faces euro rebellion as senior official resigns over Greek bail-out support

EU fruitcake economics

EU fruitcake economics

For those of us with friends in Germany the crumbling Eurozone consensus will come as no surprise. The German people are at last becoming alert to what EU/Merkanomics has done to them and the way they are throwing good money after bad onto the EU ‘ever closer union’ ideological bonfire.

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Immigration Is Three Times Higher Than The Tories Promised

Dear Members and Supporters,

Today, UKIP unveiled our new posters, which will be appearing on billboards across the country.

Mr Cameron and his Conservative Party promised a reduction in immigration to the “tens of thousands”. After five years of a Tory-led government, it stands at 300,000 a year, net.

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Kind regards,

Patrick O’Flynn MEP
UKIP Campaign Director

UKIP Campaign Team

Published and Promoted by Steve Crowther on behalf of UKIP, Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT



And We’re Off

farageBy Nigel Farage,

Dear Members and Supporters

…and we’re off!

Today, David Cameron brought these last lost five years to a close. UKIP supporters will know that despite that rose garden moment, claiming that they were coming “together in the national interest” to clear Britain’s deficit…

  • The deficit is STILL running at £90 BILLION per year;
  • This government has more than DOUBLED the national debt;
  • Net migration is more than TRIPLE what the Conservative Party promised.

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A Warning From America: Giant US Corporations Intend To Subvert National Laws And Democracy

EU Stars and Chains

EU Stars and Chains

Anyone who has been following the secret EU-US trade negotiations for TTIP should pay attention to the consequences of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated between the US and Pacific States. With the support of a US Govt thoroughly aligned with interests of giant international corporations the global corporates want to create a legal framework whereby nation states are scared to create legislation in the interests of their own citizens. Frightened to curb the globalised corporations profit driven activities in their own country.

The reason negotiations are so secret is that should the full details be known to national governments and their people they would be thrown out. Make no mistake this is an attack on our system of democracy based around national sovereignty. This is not a trade agreement it is a Coup in line with the EU’s gradualist approach to subverting British democracy.

Read full story: Wikileaks: TPP Proposal Allowing Corporations to Sue Nations
Corporations will be able to sue governments if their laws interferes with firm’s profitability

Government ‘insults’ English voters by ruling out a referendum on an English Parliament

ParliamentFROM THE PRESS OFFICE OF The Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Independent Labour)

26th March 2015

In response to a written question from the independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Hansard 25.03.15), Lord Wallace of Saltaire, for the Government, has emphatically ruled out a referendum on whether there should be an English Parliament. He said: ‘The Government has no plans to hold a referendum in England to ascertain the level of support for an English Parliament.’

Commenting on the Government’s response, Lord Stoddart said: “It is an insult to all English people and especially English voters. Almost on a daily basis they hear how the SNP is going to govern England from Holyrood. The English have looked on while Scotland has had its referendum but continue to be denied their own referendum on this important question. They are not second class citizens and deserve to have equal status with the Scots.

“The temperature needs to be raised on this issue and I would advise voters to get in touch with their local candidates at this General Election, to seek a promise that they will vote for a referendum on whether there should be an English Parliament.”

The full text of Lord Stoddart’s question and the Government’s reply are as follows:

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Thurrock: Election Action in Grays

By Tim Aker

UKIP Policy DirectorTim Aker

Parliamentary Candidate Tim Aker

Every single day I am growing more optimistic about UKIP’s chances of winning in Thurrock. I would like to ask you one more time for your help this weekend. We can make history and turn Thurrock purple. I cannot do it without you.
The details are: Saturday March 28th / Sunday 29th March 2015, meeting at Freshfill Snackbar, 64 Orsett Road, Grays, RM17 5EH​​ at 10am.
If you can make either day or both, please contact my team by emailing or phoning 01375 374352.If you are looking to stay over on Saturday night and want to campaign all weekend and you have accommodation requirements then contact my team on We will be having a team meal on Saturday evening which those campaigning will be able to attend.
I hope I can count on your support.
Warm regards,

Tim Aker​

Central Essex Branch: Leafletting Broomfield and the Walthams, Saturday 28th March

GB_UK Independence Party (UK I P)_101By Kevin Lovett,

Dear Members and Supporters,

Date: Saturday 28 March
Time: 09:30
Where: The Angel carpark, Chelmsford CM1 7AH

We are leafletting Broomfield and the Walthams this Saturday 28th. Meet in the Angel carpark at 9:30am.

A beer and a chat afterwards in the Kings Arms no doubt…

See you there

Kevin Lovett

MEP Stuart Agnew Speaks In Brussels

StuartAgnewFarmersGateBy Lisa Burton

Please click on links below to see Stuart Agnew MEP speaking at the AGRI Committee meetings in Brussels – 23/24 March 2015:-


AGRI Committee – 23rd March 2015 –—Stuart-Agnew-MEP-AGRI-committee.html

AGRI Committee – 24th March 2015 –


AGRI Committee – 24th March 2015 –—Stuart-Agnew-MEP.html


AGRI Committee – 24th March 2015 –—Stuart-Agnew-MEP.html


AGRI Committee – 24th March 2015 –—UKIP-MEP-Stuart-Agnew.html
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Funny hah-hah, wasn’t it!


The following article is taken from Ukip Daily

You may have heard yesterday that a lefty activist group (more on them later) invaded the pub where Nigel Farage, his wife and their two children were having lunch, proudly declaiming that they ‘chased him out of the pub’, and even trying to make him look bad because his children fled elsewhere while he tried to get to his car.
Yes, very funny …

The DT’s headline, here , of course used this event for a swipe at Nigel Farage because he called these oh-so-funny ‘protesters’ “scum”.

This shameful episode however is a master class in how the Left regards politics, in how the Left is disregarding the political conventions in our country – and how the establishment, that is the cartel parties and their lapdog MSM, are playing this down, reducing it to a funny hah-hah event.
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