Louise Bours MEP announces our plans for Britain’s National Health Service

farageIn Rochester, UKIP’s Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP announced our plans for Britain’s National Health Service. What’s clear today is that UKIP has taken a considered approach to our NHS, listening to doctors, nurses and, most importantly, patients, on the matters that affect them the most. We believe that UKIP now has the most credible, costed plans to bring our NHS back to its founding principles. I urge you to read more about it hereand if you like what you see – please SHARE it with your friends.

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Telegraph: Britain’s brightest leaving in brain drain and replaced with low skilled migrants

Report shows exodus of highly skilled to overseas while David Cameron fails in his election pledge to slash immigration


Ed – Is this why the EU allied to the LibLabCon elite are using time wasting tactics to prevent a referendum? We have reached a point where the churn of British inhabitants is such that our national identity and way of life is dissolving into some corporatist feudal culture. A culture where the focal point of our society is the worshipfull giant and mighty corporation run by secret courts, zero hour slave contracts, total surveillance, where any form of dissent is a police matter.

When you add it all up Cameron is far from being a Conservative he is a warmongering corporatist, a champion of crony capitalism and corporate socialism at the expense of Britain’s ordinary people.

One day when the youngsters of Britain realise, in a generation or two that they are slaves under the heel of a regime which closely resembles fascism, they will rightly ask us in the here and now “why did you, our mothers and fathers, throw our democracy and freedom away”.

Read full story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/11435529/Britains-brightest-leaving-in-brain-drain-and-replaced-with-low-skilled-migrants.html

Ray Richards: Why we must leave the E.U

By Ray Richards, Pentlow, 23rd Feb 2015RR_PIC_one_vert_teeth

If we as a nation were exercising our muscles to join with fellow countries of a like thought and heritage, who had stood shoulder to shoulder in combat and victory, then I could understand our established political parties determination in joining with other countries for our common wellbeing and future.

The first action to forming a United Europe was when Germany and France got together in 1945 (Post V.E.) and mapped what they saw as a way forward. Germany wanted to progress on the lines of the British Commonwealth (as it had since its recession of the 1920’s) and France wanted, as always, to be the head of it all.

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STRAIGHT TALKING: Roger Helmer’s electronic newsletter from Strasbourg Feb 2015

Helmer_FarageBy Roger Helmer MEP

Balls backs Brexit?  Has Ed finally got it?

Ed Balls has said “Britain has always succeeded and can only succeed in the future as an open trading nation, backing wealth creation and winning investment and attracting companies and talent from around the world”. 

 Bravo Ed!  As UKIP Industry spokesman, I can say that we agree 100%.  And that is exactly why we in UKIP want to leave the inward-looking, protectionist, over-regulated EU, and to re-engage with the world.

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UKIP, ‘that word’ and reality

UKIP, ‘that word’ and reality

Posted on February 22, 2015  by Morpheus Magnus  in UkipDaily

There is a joke: the definition of a racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. Recently, no other insult has been used as frequently or viciously towards UKIP and its members. It has to be said it is a vicious insult, and few insults carry more venom or have more potential social consequences than being accused publically of being a racist. There are essentially two reasons the left use this insult. Firstly, as they lose the argument on immigration, they must shift the debate from facts to morality. Secondly, racism is such a damaging accusation that even when untrue, it can do great harm to opponents. Let us turn first to the first reason.

Leftists do not live in a reality-based world. They live in a world of ideology and theory and ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’. As a result, they tend to be very uncomfortable with arguments that revolve around observable fact. In debates about immigration they ideologically believe that immigration is good. But when they are shown the facts about the negative impact of mass immigration, they become defensive.  Leftists rarely win arguments based on the facts, as facts are not their currency of choice. Instead, they focus on the alleged moral failings of their opponent: Continue reading

Labour’s big economic lie – Part 3

big lie part 3This is the third and final part, please visit parts one and two.) by Robert Henderson.


What could the Blair/Brown Governments have done?

Within the constraints of the various treaties affecting commerce Britain was signed up to by 1997 – primarily the EU and WTO Treaties – what might a prudent government have done during 13 years in office? They could have instigated credit controls on all forms of lending from mortgages to credit cards; insisted that the banks had much higher levels of liquid reserves; banned all financial instruments which extended the question of ownership and liability beyond the original contracting parties, forced the banks to run their retail and investment activities as separate companies and then offered no government guarantees or other support to the investment companies and limited their exposure to other countries’ sovereign debt.

These activities should all have been possible even though we are within the EU and signed up to the WTO Treaties because what competition law internationally requires at present is that all subscribers to a treaty are treated equally within the various national jurisdictions covered by the treaty. However, we all know how perverse and dishonest the application of EU law has been and it is possible that some or all of the measures could have been ruled illegal by Brussels. In that case the Gordian Knot could and should have been cut by Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

What has Labour to say about this catastrophic management of the national finances?

Labour are shameless. At the 2011 Labour Party Conference the shadow chancellor Ed Ball, the man with a good claim to have been Gordon Brown’s closest supporter and aide during Brown’s period as Chancellor, blithely shrugged off Labour’s grotesque mismanagement of the economy with this:

“Don’t let anyone tell you that Labour in government was profligate with public money – when we went into the crisis with lower national debt than we inherited in 1997 and lower than America, France, Germany and Japan.”

It is true that the official national debt represented as a proportion of UK GDP was lower in 2008 than 1997 (36% as against 42% in 1997). The first thing to note is that the official national debt in 2008 was a fudged figure which excluded most of the PPP/PFI costs. If they had been included, it is probable that the 2008 official percentage figure would have exceed the 1997 figure

But the absolute amount of money also matters, both because there is a greater amount to service (the ease of which is subject to general economic conditions at home and abroad) and because if a recession shrinks the economy the percentage shoots up.  By 2010 the National Debt had risen to from 36% to 52% of GDP, partly due to the growing annual public deficit but also because the economy shrank by over 5%.

Balls continued in his Conference speech with “And don’t let anyone say it was public spending on public services here in Britain which caused the global financial crisis.”. Do not fret Mr Balls, no one has suggested that you and your friends were powerful enough to do that. The point is you were in a position to mitigate its effects.

Just in case anyone had the bad taste to keep on pointing out NuLabour’s disastrous folly (that’s being kind) Balls urge the electorate to adopt a collective amnesia: “For families today – struggling to pay the bills, worrying about their jobs – being told about the great things Labour did in government isn’t much comfort… it doesn’t pay the bills, help get a job or secure the pension.” So there you have it, the Blair and Brown years were glorious and the fact that Britons are becoming rapidly more insecure and poorer nothing to do with Balls or any of his Brownite cronies.

Like the Bourbons, the Labour hierarchy has learnt nothing , but unlike them, has forgotten a great deal of inconvenient facts. The extent to which Labour is still living in a fantasy world is their alternative to the Tory deficit cutting plan. Instead of aiming to eradicating the structural deficit by 2015, which would produce a projected National Debt of £1.4 trillion they wish to merely halve it. This would add many tens of billions more to an already frightening level of public debt. That is the NuLabour mentality in a nutshell: that of the person buying on the “never never”.


Nigel Farage on Facebook writes:


UKIP Leader Nigel Farage: “Libya is one of an endless series of military interventions in which we have left things worse than before we intervened. And you only need to look as far as how Christians are targeted across the Middle East and North Africa region to see what kind of road we have paved for the terrorists of Isis. In Iraq, in Syria, in Libya and beyond, Christians have not only been thrown to the lions as a result of our hasty, shoestring interventions, but what are we doing to assist them now that our government has created the conditions in which they can be so easily rounded on? I would say whatever it is, it is nowhere near enough given our complicity in their slaughter.”

The scenes witnessed this week – of the 21 Christians being marched along the beach in Libya, in their orange jumpsuits, and their subsequent beheadings –…

Time for the EU to stop treating the Greek people like debt slaves

The following article, by Paul Nuttall,  was first published on the Ukip website.

Paul Nuttal

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall responds to the collapse of EU-Greek talks, “It is time for the EU to stop treating the Greek people like debt slaves. They are a people who have suffered severe hardship for many years now, who want a better future and their democratic decision to be respected. It is time for those in Brussels and Frankfurt to take their boots off Athens’s neck.

“Outside the EU austerity programme there will be hardship but at least there is a reason to hope for a brighter economic future

Labour’s big economic lie – Part 2


(This is the continuation of yesterday’s part 1) article by Robert Henderson published in Ukipdaily

Exactly how much public debt has been run up through PFI and PPP financed projects is uncertain because of the length of the contracts which commonly have renegotiation clauses at various points built into them and the habit PPP and PFI contractors have of presenting public bodies with demands for more favourable terms, failing the granting of which  they will  walk away from the contract.   But if exact figures cannot be arrived at ball park figures can.  In 2010 the NHS Health Direct website carried an article which estimated that the cost of PFI contracts entered into since Labour came to power in 1997 was probably in the region of £300 billion.  To put that in context,  the National Debt when Labour came to power, which had been accumulated over 300 years,  was £352 billion).  The large majority of the PFI/PPP  costs do  not  figure in the official  National Debt.
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Labour’s big economic lie – Part One


This article, by Robert Henderson, appeared in UkipDaily yesterday.

The Labour hierarchy worked out its narrative on the economic mess they created long before the 2010 Election. It runs like this: NuLabour in power may have made some mistakes, but these were minor and apparent only with hindsight while the real culprit is the global economy in general and the USA’s obsession with sub-prime mortgages in particular. This is not only a grotesque lie, but a stupid one because it can be readily exposed. It is true that Britain could not have avoided the global recession entirely, but the Labour Government could have massively mitigated our present plight by exercising restraint in public spending and responsible regulation of the banks and their ilk.
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