Lib Dems kill EU Referendum Bill

Backroom snub to Parliament makes it impossible for Bill to proceed

Dear Supporter,

Just two weeks ago, the EU Referendum Bill received its latest overwhelming vote of support from MPs.

But this week, the Bill’s sponsor, Bob Neill MP, has revealed that this popular Bill has been “killed off” by the Lib Dems using “procedural games”.

It appears that the Lib Dems have refused to allow the government to give the Bill a ‘money resolution’, which is required for any Bill to continue through Parliament.
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Rochester & Strood: Message to all UKIP Central Essex Members

vote_markFrom Kevin Lovett, Central Essex Branch


As you all are aware there is a by-election in Kent on the 20th of November where our own Mark Reckless takes on Call Me Dave, the Eurofanactics of what is left of the TORY party, the Cheap Labour Party and a group calling themselves LIBDEMS ? and  all those who side with the EU. It is the last Parliamentary by-election before the General Election and we need to help out.

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Commons Rejects Recall Amendment

Please note: Free Parliament is an independent organisation who’s views do not necessarily reflect those of UKIP

Commons rejects vital amendment on recall

The Recall of MPs bill has passed its first stage in parliament, but without the vital amendment that would place power in the hands of the public rather than parliament’s standards committee.

Campaigners for a genuine recall bill – one in which the public can petition for an MP to face recall – will be disappointed that Zac Goldsmith’s amendment failed. The bill will go to the report stage, where there is another chance to amend it, but the defeat at this stage means that the government is likely to get its way in restricting recall to specific conditions – at least for now.
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Colchester Young Independence


By Ann Levy, Secretary UKIP Colchester

Pic: YI Colchester's Jamie Middleditch with Douglas Carswell during the Clacton campaign Pic: YI Colchester’s Jamie Middleditch with Douglas Carswell during the Clacton campaign

Because we are getting young members in UKIP Colchester, we are setting up a Colchester Young Independence Group – this is the youth wing of UKIP. If you, or any of your friends or family are aged 16 – 22, and support UKIP they can join for £2 per annum (this includes the UKIP membership).
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UKIP Braintree Organiser For Three Fields And Gt Notley Takes On Labour’s NHS Record

By Ron Duke, UKIP Team co-ordinator Three Fields and Gt NotleyUKIP Voting
To: The letters editor, Braintree and Witham Times
On a week that the Braintree and Witham Times features a crisis for Braintree’s NHS services, I wish to point out to Mr. Fincken the Labour Party’s role in the current crisis.
It was the Labour Party, and the EU, who started and continue to advocate the over-population of Britain, the effects of which we are experiencing now.
Whilst helping to bankrupt the country, Labour’s open-door immigration policy and its the resulting strain on NHS services, allied to the ruinously bad private finance initiatives (PFIs) is crippling the NHS. The UK Independence Party would take Britain out of the EU, and the £55 million we pay every day would go a long way towards financing the NHS.
These are real issues.
It is typical Labour arrogance that Mr. Fincken thinks that they have the monopoly on “caring”. How much “caring” was there in Rotherham, Sheffield, and Manchester? The Labour Party is the past. The UK Independence Party has many supporters within the Health Service, and UKIP can serve the people of Braintree very well.

Ron Duke FIBMS
UKIP Team co-ordinator Three Fields & Gt Notley
45 Skiddaw Close
CM77 7UR
01376 331809

eBook: Tim Congdon’s Latest

Privatise the BBC eBook : Tim Congdon: Kindle Store
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Prof Tim Congdon

 Dear fellow members of UKIP (and others concerned about the UK’s relationship with the EU),


I have two points I want to bring to your attention,


–       A comment on the EU’s demand for an extra €2.1 billion from the UK, and

–       A new e-book I have just written on Privatise the BBC.


The EU’s demand for an extra €2.1 billion


Last Friday’s announcement that the EU wants an extra €2.1 billion from the UK was presented in shock horror terms, as if sudden demands for more money were new. In fact, the EU has played this game a few times already. As I explained on pp. 13 – 18 of the 2014 issue of How much does the European Union cost Britain?, in the last two years the EU seems to have lost control of its own expenditure and then bounced its member states into paying for major cost overruns. Already in 2012/13 the UK’s net contribution to the EU Budget was £2.7 billion more than originally planned.

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UKIP Disability Spokesman Cllr. Star Etheridge – Talking about disability

Cllr. Star Etheridge
Coseley East Ward, Dudley, West Midlands

There are so many issues that have arisen since 2008. Not least the changes to the welfare system which have hit the sick, chronically ill and disabled people the most. The person needing financial assistance, their families and their Family Carers have endured a massive overhaul of the welfare system which has happened far to fast and without due care for the people needing support.
Sadly the DWP employees have not been able to help people as much as they usually would due to the speed of the changes. The DWP are working on two systems at the same time.
In 2015 the Independent Living Fund which allows a disabled person to employ a personal assistant/carer to help them have an independent lifestyle will cease, it is essential that access to this fund remains as it means many disabled people are able to work.
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Christian Institute bulletin alert to dangerous new ‘British values’

Submitted By Jeff Wise

Threatened Christian school in the news – what we’re doing to help

At the weekend, news of a private Christian school standing up to dangerous new ‘British values’ rules was covered by the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph. An inspector told the school that representatives of non-Christian faiths should be invited to lead assemblies under the new education standards. We are helping the school as it speaks out.
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Merkel’s Machinations Scupper Cameron’s Smoke and Mirror ‘Reforms’


Mail Online: Merkel refuses to ‘tamper’ with EU freedom of movement raising doubts about Cameron’s hopes of curbing immigration

  • Chancellor says she agrees on tackling issues such as migrant benefits
  • But Merkel is opposed to any fundamental change on make-up of Union
  • Her stance scuppers Cameron’s plans for shake-up on migration rules
  • Prime minister hoped to claw back control over Britain’s borders from EU
  • Tory leader had also pledged a quota on unskilled migrants into the UK

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