William Cash Jr: UKIP’s latest recruit

ukip_rosette_150William Cash Jr, the Founder of Spear’s Magazine, has announced that he is joining UKIP.

William, who is the son of veteran Conservative MP, Bill Cash, is being appointed Heritage spokesman for UKIP and is hoping to be selected for the party in the Midlands for the general election next year.

Nigel Farage, UKIP’s leader said: “I am delighted to be welcoming William to the party and am appointing him as our Heritage spokesman. William was deeply involved in the revision stage of the NPPF to strengthen protection for heritage and was invited by the government to submit a report on the implications to heritage of the NPPF. He is a member of the Historic Houses Association and also works with such conservation bodies as the Churches Conservation Trust and other leading heritage bodies. He has vast experience in the field and will be a great addition to the team, working closely with Stuart Agnew on Countryside matters and Peter Whittle on Cultural affairs”.
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Brooks Newmark’s Exposure, Exposed

Braintree MP, Mr. Brooks Newmark has resigned from his Brooks Newmarkgovernment post after sending X-rated pictures of himself to an undercover journalist.

The journalist, working for the Sunday Mirror, posed as a young female Tory researcher, sent revealing photos of “herself” to the MP. He responded by sending graphic photos in which he exposed himself while wearing red and blue paisley pyjamas.

What ever you think of his action and you could say what people get up to in their private lives is up to them, but you just have to question the judgement of a man who could be duped so easily. After all several other MP’s were tweeted by the reporter but they did not respond.

Michael Fabricant, the Conservative MP, has said: “The Good news for the Tory party is that he has not defected to Ukip.” Does he think, we in Ukip, would want any member who wears red paisley pyjamas?

Savers are Losers.

SaversA series of five articles by M D G Randall

Although 70% of the UK’s adults are said to be savers, Mervyn Randall says that Governments of the UK retain their acceptance of continuous inflation, and treat their Savers badly. Ask, how can this be? Do Savers understand? Based on the presumption that lack of understanding is the culprit, Mervyn Randall  has set-out an explanation of each of the five possible cases of Savings Arithmetic which the Saver might encounter during these times of positive inflation. Negative inflation is called deflation.
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Wanted: New Guardians of the Democratic Process

NIGEL VINSON, October 2014

Botched ruling: The Electoral Commission’s decision to allow “An Independence From Europe — UK Independence Now” to appear on ballot papers at the top of the list of candidates probably cost Nigel Farage’s UKIP two MPs (credit: Getty Images)

Anyone who cares about the hardware of democracy should be concerned that in the European Parliamentary election on May 22, 2014, almost a quarter of a million people voted for an unknown political party called “An Independence from Europe”, which did not even exist until March 26, 2014. This new name, with the slogan “UK Independence Now” alongside it, appeared on ballot papers in every region, earning this fledgling political party tens of thousands of votes all over the country — and this happened with the full approval of the Electoral Commission.

Read full Standpoint article: Wanted: New Guardians of the Democratic Process

Mark Reckless Joins UKIP

Mark_RecklessIn a surprise announcement at UKIP’s Doncaster  conference, Mark Reckless the (former) Conservative MP for Rochester and Strood has left the Conservative party and joined the UKIP ranks.

Having won the Rochester and Strood seat in 2010 with a majority of over 9000, Mr. Reckless stated that the Conservative leadership was “part of the problem that is holding the country back” and that the voters felt “ripped off and lied to”.

His resignation means that another by-election will be called.

In what appears to be becoming the standard Conservative party response, they have labeled his resignation “illogical”.


UKIP Conference – mainstream, not extreme


What an inspirational day. From the first speaker, we had barnstorming speech after barnstorming speech, culminating with Nigel Farage in cracking form (which you can see here, if you missed it). After a warm welcome to Doncaster (including mention of the 20+ Doncaster council employees on £100,000+ per annum, while Doncaster has the lowest wages in England), Jane Collins was the first of our MEPs to take to the stage.
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Online petition launched demanding a Voice for England

voiceforenglandA new petition has been launched that urges Labour leader Ed Miliband to show that he supports democracy by instructing the 41 Labour MPs in Scotland to refrain from debating or voting on matters than are currently devolved. It also asks for a full debate on the revision of the Barnett Formula which allocates spending in the 4 countries making up the UK.

So far just under 2,000 signatures have been received since it was launched only a few hours ago – and you can add your signature here http://www.voiceforengland.com/

You can add your support on Twitter by using the hashtag #VoiceforEngland and sharing the link to the petition

Catch The UKIP Bus To Clacton Saturday 27th – Its Free!

ukip_rosette_150By Peter Smith, Deputy Regional Organiser Essex, Office of Tim Aker MEP

Hi all, here is a message going out to all UKIP branches:

This Saturday a special Coach has been laid on by the party. DC is rumoured to be attending Clacton and we cannot have  a UKIP ghost town on our books. Those that cannot attend Conference MUST be given a chance to show their support for we cannot miss this opportunity?

Coach Travel is Free !

Coach leaves Ockendon Station 10am prompt. (places booked already)

Stops Tarpots / Benfleet approx. 10:25am (Castle Point)

Stops Springfield Services (A12) (Chelmsford/Central Essex) approx 10:50am

Stops Tollgate (A12) (Colchester McDonalds) approx 11:10am (places booked already)

Return journey leaves Clacton 4/ 4:30pm undecided at the moment.

Please communicate this message to all your branch members / supporters and ask they CONFIRM their seat(s) via one of two options 1. email to Thurrock@ukip.org or 2. text/call to 07814 017577.

Lets fill this Coach together.

Peter Smith

Office of Tim Aker MEP

Deputy Regional Organiser Essex

UKIP County Councillor and Group Leader Paul Bullen in a hard hitting interview

To hear UKIP County Councillor and Group Leader Paul Bullen in a hard hitting interview on the Dotty McLeod show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning, calling for a major investigation into the social housing provider Luminus, go to the link below and the interview takes place at approximately 2 hours and 6 minutes into the show:


Cllr Bullen calls for Luminus to be investigated following serious allegations about people being asked to move into homes that are unfit to live in and intimidation of existing tenants.  He also questions the ‘incestuous’ relationship between some council officers and Luminus