Nigel Farage: David Cameron’s EU benefits diatribe fools no one

Europe Doesnt Work_125It’s not welfare abuse by immigrants but the number of them that is a drag on the nation

No amount of warm words or glib promises will provide any confidence that the Government has either the will or the desire to act effectively on migration. Nor will they change the fact that such action is impossible while Britain remains a member of the European Union.

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MyUKIP: Individual Elector Registration


What is Individual Electoral Registration (IER)?
From the 10th of June Individual Electoral Registration will be introduced in England and Wales ( 19th September in Scotland after the referendum)    This change means that not only will everyone be individually responsible for ensuring they are registered to vote it also means you will now be required to verify your identity when you apply to register by providing your date of birth and national insurance number.
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Mail Online: British schoolyards and playing fields disappearing

Our ever shrinking primary school playgrounds: 35% of schools are building classrooms on yards and playing fields

  • 90% of expanding schools are losing play space because of expanding rolls
  • Youngsters are finding it increasingly difficult to even run in a straight line
  • One pupil described in his playground as feeling like ‘you’re in a prison’

By Laura Clark

Published: 20:49, 25 July 2014 | Updated: 11:22, 26 July 2014

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Councillor Helm’s response to immigration advocate.

PrintMr. Helm has had the following letter published in the Braintree and Witham Times.

David Rice demands proof of the link between immigration and lack of housing ( letters B&WT July10).  Proof is all around us with reports in the media about women turned away from maternity hospital and an NHS so overstretched there is talk of black holes in its finances. We all know the difficulties of getting a doctors appointment and we can see how overcrowded our roads are. Mr Rice should be concerned about the 900,000 school leavers who are unable to find work. It might be a little unkind to stop unskilled workers coming here in their millions but it is those millions who have caused our problems. There is plenty of space, of course, the fields where we need to grow food and our parks, moors and open spaces where we take our leisure. The woods where our wildlife thrive and our cricket grounds and football pitches. Would Mr Rice like to see all our open space taken for housing? Enough is enough but we will not be able to stop this nonsense until Britain is free from the shackles of the EU.

Gordon Helm UKIP

Essex county councillor for Bocking

Broad Rd Braintree.


The Economy is bigger than in 2008, but so is the Population it supports


The following Article was written by Gary Conway of Ukip Daily

There has been much head scratching as commentators try to explain why, when overall GDP is growing nicely, people are not feeling the benefit in their pay packets. Well, it’s not rocket science. GDP is back to the pre-recession level of 2008, but the UK’s population has risen by 5% since then. Two cities the size of Portsmouth, 400,000 extra people, were added in 2013 alone. The country taken as a whole may be back to 2008 levels of economic output, but when that wealth is divided between more and more people we each get a smaller share of the cake.
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By Michael Heaver

UKIP County Councillors in Essex are leading the charge for former Tory peer Lord Hanningfield, who was charged with six counts of false accounting, to lose his peerage.

At yesterday’s corportate scrutiny committee meeting at Essex County Council, the Leader of the County Council agreed to take up a UKIP initiative for Lord Hanningfield to have his title removed. This was after the Conservatives voted for no further action to be taken.

UKIP’s Essex County Council Leader Cllr Jamie Huntman said: “In my view he is unfit to remain peer of the realm, this man’s largess knew no bounds when it came to spending taxpayers money. Essex people work long and hard for what they earn and I believe he should be stripped of his peerage.”

“The Leader of Essex County Council agreed to take up this UKIP initiative and has said he will write to the House of Lords on behalf of the County Council to ask Lord Hanningfield has his title removed which we believe would be a fair and just consequence of his actions.”​

Michael Heaver
UKIP Press Office: 020 7408 1300


Prof Tim Congdon: e-Bulletin

Prof Tim Congdon

Prof Tim Congdon


Dear fellow members of UKIP (and others concerned about the UK’s relationship with the EU),

The evolution of the Conservative Party’s Eurorealism/Euroscepticism continues. In his January 2013 Bloomberg speech, David Cameron repudiated the ‘ever closer union’ phrase in the 1957 Treaty of Rome and committed a re-elected Conservative Party to a renegotiation on the UK’s position in the European Union. But he still insisted, apparently regardless of what might come from the renegotiation, that he would campaign ‘heart and soul’ for the UK to remain in the EU. This created the rather obvious problem that he intended to enter the negotiations without a meaningful bargaining position. If his default position was for the UK to stay in the EU, our so-called ‘partners’ had no reason to offer anything in a renegotiation. The status quo would just carry on.

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Thurrock: UKIP needs volunteers! – Join Tim Aker This Saturday



UKIP Policy DirectorTim Aker

UKIP Policy DirectorTim Aker

Did you see the historic poll that has UKIP in the lead in the constituency of Thurrock?

The poll had UKIP on 36% – clearly LEADING Labour and the Conservatives by some margin. You can view the poll here.

Thurrock is an area where UKIP can make history next year. We really can win and elect a UKIP MP here, if we maintain our moment.

But that can only happen with your help.

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Ukip National Conference 2014


This year’s National Conference will be held at Doncaster racecourse  between September 25-27

I am prepared to organise a coach/minibus, depending on numbers, to the conference on the main day, Friday 26 leaving from my home at 6am. I have secured parking on land at my neighbours home. If members wish to stay overnight for the Saturday they could still travel up on the coach and make their own arrangements for accommodation and return.

Costs would depend on numbers.

I need to know by 31 July to enable me to make arrangements

Tickets are now on sale on 0333 666 3366 or visit

This years conference should be a great event eclipsing last year which in itself was a great day.

Members interested can contact me by e-mail

34, Evelyn Road
Willows Green
Gt.Leighs  CM3 1QQ

Colchester Newsletter July 2014

UKIP Colchester held its 2014 AGM on Wednesday 9th July at Harvest House, Abberton UKIPlogo150Road, Layer-de-la-Haye.

Essex County Councillor Roger Lord (Brightlingsea) gave a very interesting talk. He began by relating how he became a member of UKIP and what drove him to work to win a seat for the party. He was elected to Essex County Council in 2013, where there are now 9 UKIP councillors. He explained how the Council worked; about the cabinet system and regaled the meeting with stories of how he and the other UKIP councillors were trying to bring common sense policies to the Council and save the tax-payers some money.

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