May’s Government won the vote on making war without Parliament’s consent with or without evidence to support it

Hypoxia Vs Chemical Attack

Facts Vs Hysteria with intent.

ParliamentAmidst zoo like scenes of disorder the May Government won a vote 317 to 256 upholding its right to wage war without consulting parliament. That has to change but it is difficult with such a weak and ineffective opposition unable to establish a cross party consensus against the governing executive.

At the very moment of May’s victory for autocracy over democracy in the Palace of Westminster; a May trait which is becoming ever more prominent as time passes, the first reliable reports on the ground in Syria are pointing to Hypoxia as the cause of the US, UK and French ‘chemical attack’ panic and hysteria. Hypoxia happens when all oxygen is sucked out of the air by bombs. This could well have occurred during a high enough concentration of conventional bombs being dropped in the same place at the same time.

If Hypoxia is found to be the cause of the ‘chemical attack’ May’s Government will be guilty of a precipitate, unjustified, irresponsible rush to a war which a consultation with cooler wiser heads in Parliament would have prevented. We can count ourselves lucky, for the time being, we are not yet going into World war three.

As things stand if I were to sit in a jury on the May governments decision to commit the UK to an act of war without evidence I would convict them guilty as charged. Their actions undermine our whole system of civil and criminal justice. As evidence mounts that there never was any chemical attack one has to wonder at the competence and intent of our Government; our intelligence and security services, and a system which allows social media to underpin and govern their actions.

Part 1 – Corbyn was right to ask the questions about the rights of Parliament to control its executive if the executive chooses to war without evidence to support its actions.

Part 2 – Now we as a nation have to decide what we do with May’s government and the security services if there was no chemical attack.

Part 3 – Change

Please read: The Canary: A reporter finally entered the ‘chemical attack’ site in Syria. What he found is extraordinary.

Award winning journalist Robert Fisk visits ‘chemical attack’ site

Theresa May Has Started a War Without A UN Mandate Or In Defense Of The Realm



The Chilcott enquiry should have been the pre-cursor to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and others being prosecuted as war criminals. The whole case broke down because the UK Parliament voted not to go ahead with the case.

“Labour MPs turned out in force on Wednesday to help defeat a parliamentary motion calling for Tony Blair to be held to account for allegedly misleading parliament over the Iraq war by 439 votes to 70, after a sometimes angry debate.” – The Guardian, 30th Nov 2016

Its the same in the US. Despite all the evidence indicating the Bush administration at the time and the present Trump administration were and are acting outside International law means our systems of government have broken down. The executives of Britain, France and the US have become detached from democratic accountability.

The attack on Syria was a brazen show of contempt for the ability of our national and international court systems to take action. Indeed our governments appear to have stepped outside the rule of law. Presuming guilt before the evidence can prove it is so.

The failure to prosecute the Blair and Bush governments for war crimes has emboldened the political and military leadership responsible to believe they can do anything they want without reaction or consequence.

In Britain’s case our MP’s are demonstrably no longer defending the rule of law and holding our government to account therefore the people must democraticaly get rid of them at the first available opportunity. The elites in all main political parties in all countries seem to have created some sort of club which is operating policies independent and against the interests of the people who elected them. This has to stop

I am recommending that Conservative and Labour voters seek out alternatives. I have chosen the following parties as a realistic means of doing just that. As Anne-Marie Waters of the For Britain party states “you cannot reform them we the people have to get rid of them.”

This is a fight for democracy and the rule of law please consider joining it for the sake of future generations.

The Democrats and Veterans Party dandv_logo_150
The For Britain Party FB_Profile-MarkLogo_150
The National Health Action Party

New Statesman Article Analyses “Conservative” Amber Rudds Role In Cabinet and May’s Brexit Capitulation

Ed – A thoroughly recommended read about our “Conservative” cuts in chief cabinet member.


New Statesman: Why Amber Rudd is a perfect fit for the Theresa May cabinet

The Home Secretary is disengaged, with a lack of drive and an inability to grasp a real political problem.

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New Democrats and Veterans Party Spells Out Its Aims And Objectives

dandv_logo_150Recruiting candidates and volunteers ahead of the next (snap) general election

Patriotic nation-state parties are coming up on the rails to replace Corbyn’s Marxist “Labour” and UKIP the dysfunctional Conservative protest party.

Disillusioned Labour and Conservative voters have a new option and it’s one that is growing rapidly.

Below: The Democrats and Veterans Party states its aims and objectives. You can join and volunteer.

Free War Zones – Without Rules or Democracy and Under The Rule Of Non-Law

charge_overchargeTheresa May whipping up a storm of sanctions against Russia around the world over the Skripal case, saying it was “likely” that Russia was behind it, quite frankly was an embarassment. There was no fact based evidence the Russians were behind it. Don’t get me wrong it may be that Scotland Yard can provide evidence in future but to go around demanding sanctions without the international courts and investigators getting involved is just plain dangerous, hysterical and hot-headed. Pretext is the word that sprang to the front of mind closely followed by the phrase Kangaroo court.

Read also: Zero Hedge: Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED By Islamic Jihadi Propagandists, No One Actually Died

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Leave.EU: May hands Britain over to Brussels team

When 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union on June 23 2016, we knew exactly what we were voting for. We wanted to take back control of our own destiny – and that meant controlling our borders, our money, our natural resources, and our laws. We wanted to do that as soon as possible, and David Cameron’s empty promise to trigger Article 50 on June 24 told us that we would be out of the rotten club by June 23 2018 at the latest.

But yesterday the British government revealed that it has no intention to deliver Brexit until January 1 2021 at the earliest. During that entire period – which will end nearly half a decade after our vote for departure – we will be bound by all of the shackles that we voted to remove.

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Debunking the story about Russia’s hit on Sergei Skripal

From Fabius Maximus website, 17th March

The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam.”

Summary: We can learn much about America by watching the Deep State and their journalist lackeys manufacture and defend propaganda. The hit of Sergei Skripal in England has set the machine in motion. We love these stories with their simple plots and cartoon-like characters. Watch the fierce attacks on those who look behind the curtain and tell us the rest of the story.

Read full story: HERE (Recommended)


May Guilty Of Rush To Judgement Overriding International Law and Procedure


What is May up to?

Reluctantly I had to agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s response to Theresa May’s statement on Russia. The press regard his response as tepid because he simply did not fall into line with the narrative being fed to parliament and the general public. Several things came to mind which raise disquiet, more so the longer you think about them.

Call me cynical but now would be a good time to keep your eye on Brexit negotiations. A fantastic opportunity for May and Hammond to bury their capitulation to the EU.


Here is the Global establishment elite pronouncing judgement before guilt is established. Stunningly anti-democratic demagoguery reminiscent of McArthyism in 50s U.S.A.

Telegraph: France, Germany, US and UK issue joint statement blaming Russia for Salisbury attack as Moscow vows to expel British diplomats

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Sign the petition: Shameless Hunt Offering GPs cash incentives to deny Patients referral

NHSCan you spread the word?

Sign the petition calling on Jeremy Hunt to put NHS patients first and stop the use of financial incentives to cut GP referrals – will you?


When you walk into your doctors office, you want to know your GP is only thinking about giving you the care you need, not the money they can save or the targets they have to hit. But right now some GPs are being offered cash incentives to cut the number of patients they refer to hospital – including people who might have cancer. [1]

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Leave.EU – Brexit Betrayal Gathers Pace

LeaveEU_150The Leave.EU Team

Brexit is descending into a quagmire of EU jargon, legal complexity and meaningless political rhetoric. There is no black or white, but millions of shades of grey. This suits the Remain side. The government’s spin doctors can always salvage a sentence or two from a position paper, legal text or agreement and claim the people’s will is being delivered when it is most definitely not.

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