The Spectator: Will UKIP survive as an anti-Islam party?

PEGIDAAnneMarieWatersEd – I have met and spoken with Anne Marie Waters, she is a thoughtful and principled woman. Some accounts of who she is and what she stands for in the media are so far off the mark you would think it was another person they were talking about. Pre-disposing the general public to dislike what she has to say is the purpose of bias and propaganda and the Mainstream media with the left liberal BBC at the helm is full of it. What are they afraid of?

In this article you can see a microcosm of Politicians and Media happily making statements based on years of media conditioning where not once are Anne Marie’s views on Islam sought. The debate is starting and it is about time. You can be better informed than the mass media by visiting


The Spectator: Will Ukip survive as an anti-Islam party?

thespectatorWritten By, , Spectator
The decision to allow Anne Marie Waters – co-founder of anti-Islam group Pegida UK alongside former EDL leader Tommy Robinson – to stand for leadership of Ukip has created fresh fractures within a party that is preparing for its third leadership contest in a turbulent twelve months.

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UK Political Class Close Ranks Against Transparency – Just What Have The UK/Saudis Got To Hide

serveimageRT Headline: ‘Shameful’ Theresa May rejects 9/11 survivors’ appeal to release Saudi Arabia terrorism report

“In July, the government announced that the Home Office report, which was commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron, will not be published because of “national security reasons” and the “vast amount of personal information” it contains.

Whatever Happened To Leave.EU’s Patriotic Alliance

PatrioticAlliance2Something is not quite right in the Leave.EU campaign.

The lights are on but there is nobody home.

One of’s readers, Grahame, wrote in to find out what was going on with Leave.EU’s offshoot The Patriotic Alliance. You can read the enquiry and my attempts to communicate with the Leave.EU team at the end of this email.

Along with Grahame I signed up for the The Patriotic Alliance, but since then except for a few emails asking for policy ideas nothing has happened, no progress update, no contact or campaign in formation. So I tried to find out what progress if any had been made…..Without success as of todays date

  • No contact recently from Arron Bank’s Patriotic Alliance. Website remains an un developed subscription page
  • The Leave.EU campaign phones and email are set on auto-pilot. answerphone and no response respectively.
  • The phone number given for press for Andy Wigmore goes through to a cab company
  • The website tickers on the front page have not been updated for a very long time.
  • There are only sporadic blog entries appearing

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Farage Holds EU Leaders To Account For Barcelona Atrocity

nigelfarageExpress Headline: ‘They have caused this’ Nigel Farage blasts European leaders after fatal Barcelona attack

NIGEL Farage has hit out at leaders across Europe for their response to the Barcelona attack which killed 13 people and left more than 100 people wounded.

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Read also: Express: Five terror suspects shot dead by police in ANOTHER attack in Cambrils, near Barcelona

Leo Mckinstry Nails It – The EU Negotiators Want To Give UK Punishment And Take Its Cash – Even At The Expense Of EU’s Remaining Countries

Ed – It is becoming clearer and clearer to everyone, but as a complete revalation to many former remainers, just how inflexible and damaging the EU elite are prepared to be to the UK and themselves in pursuit of their bankrupt and dangerous policies driving toward an EU superstate. Delay, fudge and delay are the EU’s weapons. They harm the UK, discourage other countries wishing to escape and aid the EU superstate ideologues in subverting Brexit. Leo nails it.


Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: Brexiteers have called EU’s bluff over withdrawal, says LEO MCKINSTRY

RELENTLESS gloom is the essential feature of propaganda about Brexit from the EU and the Remoaner lobby.

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Naive Remainers Who Want Us To Pay An Extortionate Brexit Bill Should Read This

Ed – The net cost to the UK of EU membership is running at £350+ million a week, some economic estimates put the true cost at nearly twice that. All the while Germany and France are rigging the system so they extract more and more British taxpayers money then divert funds the UK needs to develop its own industry to themselves. They are exploiting their overwhelming control of EU key appointments and policy making.

The UK is being fleeced by a predatory EU Junta. Nothing  illustrates the need for a rapid, clean departure from the EU’s growing net of extortion and bias against the UK more than this fund diversion rip-off.


eu_corruptionExpress Headline: Brussels ALREADY pulls plug on funding of UK tech – while we’re STILL paying!

BRUSSELS has already pulled the plug on the funding of British technology firms even though the UK continues to pay in to the coffers of the European Union (EU).

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Juncker Became EU Commission President After Establishing His Corporatist Credentials In Luxembourg

Ed – Reading about the extent to which Amazon is doging taxes makes my blood boil. Juncker turned Luxembourg into a Tax Haven where tax dodging corporations can avoid paying in to the European and world societies which sustain them. This is a disgusting example of the part played by the EU in the globalisation network enabled and overseen by the un-reformamble EU and Juncker during his term as Prime Minister in Luxembourg


GreatEURipoffGuardian Headline: Jean-Claude Juncker’s real scandal is his tax-haven homeland of Luxembourg

The favoured candidate for the presidency of the European Commission has dedicated himself to making society less fair

“…What heavy industry the duchy had was vanishing by the early 1990s. During Juncker’s reign as Luxembourg’s prime minister from 1995 to 2013, the duchy reinvented itself as Europe’s largest tax haven: a land fit for Bernie Madoff to trade through. It allowed conglomerates to avoid tax through intermediate holding companies solely.

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Its An Outrage: Globalisation Is Not Working For UK Taxpayers It’s Harming Them

PIG_250Daily Mail Headline: Revealed: Amazon paid just £15 million in tax on its £20 BILLION worth of European sales last year

  • Internet giant earned £19.5bn in sales across Europe but it paid just £15m in tax
  • Firm declared £53.5m in pre-tax profits through its Luxembourg headquarters
  • Comes as its UK corporation tax bill halved from £15.8m in 2015 to £7.4m in 2016
  • Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable has accused the company of ‘taking UK for a ride’

Brits Want A Clean Brexit Please! Most Remain voters now back taking control of borders, leaving ECJ and paying no Brexit divorce bill

The majority of Remain voters now agree that Britain should take control of its borders after Brexit, end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and pay little or nothing to leave the EU.

By Jack Maidment, , 11 August 2017 • 8:32pm

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IREXIT: ‘Eireamach’, which roughly translates as ‘Ireland out’ in Gaelic.

TheBrugeGroupIRExit_150Express Headline: Ireland ‘waking up’ to joys of LEAVING EU, former diplomat says as Ireland is closer to UK

AN IRISH EU exit is becoming more and more likely as the country “wakes up” to the benefits of life outside the union, a former diplomat declared.

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