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Irish Neutrality Threatened By EU Militarism

wwwpeopleiePEOPLE’S NEWS
News Digest of the People’s Movement | | Facebook
Extract From No. 172 8 August 2017

The People’s Movement campaigns against any measures that further develop the EU into a federal super-state and works to defend and enhance popular sovereignty, democracy and social justice in Ireland.

Billions for the EU’s wars

euarmyWith billions in arms programmes at the EU and national levels, the European Union is seeking to become an operating global military power. At its last summit it agreed not only to enhance co-operation among the member states’ armed forces to facilitate their combat deployment—for example in Africa—but also to rapidly establish a “defence fund” to reallocate funds from civilian to military use.

In a few years, Brussels will already be allocating €1½ billion annually for both research and development of new military technology.

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IREXIT: ‘Eireamach’, which roughly translates as ‘Ireland out’ in Gaelic.

TheBrugeGroupIRExit_150Express Headline: Ireland ‘waking up’ to joys of LEAVING EU, former diplomat says as Ireland is closer to UK

AN IRISH EU exit is becoming more and more likely as the country “wakes up” to the benefits of life outside the union, a former diplomat declared.

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The People’s News: Ireland Another step away from neutrality

wwwpeopleieNews Digest of the People’s Movement |
Extract From Issue No. 171 24 July 2017
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euarmy“…we now have developing in the state [of Ireland] what is in essence a layer of career militarists, linked to their European peers, who see themselves as being already part of a European army. – The People’s News

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Ireland’s Post Brexit EU Commitment A Bit Too Quick

BrexitCentralBannerWith Brexit negotiations underway, the Irish Government should regret putting all its eggs in the EU basket

The People’s News Weighs Up Deceitful EU Modus Operandi

wwwpeopleieExtract from People’s News Issue PN170, 2nd July

The current edition of People’s News, dated 2 July 2017, is available for download here (1.04 MB).

People’s News Headline: “The future of princes without sovereignty”

The Italian prime minister, Giuliano Amato,
later vice-president of the EU Constitutional
Convention, in an interview with Barbara
Spinelli, La Stampa (Turin), 13 July 2000.

“One must act as if in Europe as if one wanted only very few things, in order to obtain a great deal. As if nations were to remain sovereign, in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example, must act as if it were a technical organism, in order to operate like a government ; And so on, camouflaging and toning down. The sovereignty lost at national level does not pass to any new subject. It is entrusted to a faceless entity: NATO, the UN and eventually the EU.

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Irish Exit Article Stirs Up Vile Remainer Comments

Ed – If you have read the “Independent” recently you will have seen the comments their articles on Brexit attract. For example

We know Brexit will be a disaster for UK so now the right-wing filth want a suicide pact with ireland. Tory vermin, Tory vomit, Tory filth- utter scum

are a good indicator of the left extremist readership the Independent has been catering to. Have a look at the stream of baseless anti-brexit assertions in the article’s comments.

It has to be remembered Ireland has been ‘second referendomed’ when it has rejected constitutional changes subsequently sneaked in through the Lisbon “treaty”. These commenters want to keep Ireland in an EU dictatorship intent on the destruction of Ireland’s existence as a nation state. Did the Irish ever vote for that? The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland along with Irish Republic have common cause in getting out of the EU dictatorship’s grasp as free and independent democracies.


Independent Headline: Irexit? Ireland should ‘seriously consider’ EU withdrawal, says think tank

Policy Exchange recommends Republic following UK out of Europe while negotiating best possible trade terms with member states

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Irish Activists Appeal For Awareness Campaign Against ‘…alarmingly rapid development of an EU army’

wwwpeopleieThis issue of People’s News

This issue of People’s News has an unusual number of articles on military matters, and regular readers will have noticed that over the past few months these types of articles have steadily increased in number. This reflects the alarmingly rapid development of an EU army and its support mechanisms. It is a development about which there is very little awareness in Ireland, and one that may have serious implications for us all.

Please share the People’s News with interested activists, or send us their e-mail addresses so they can be put on our mailing list. (They can opt out at any time.) And do visit our Facebook page for regular updates on developments

The current edition of People’s News, dated 11 June 2017, is available for download here (985 KB).



PEOPLE’S NEWS Spot EU’s Ambition To Be World Policeman

wwwpeopleie News Digest of the People’s Movement |
Newsletter: No. 168 23 May 2017

EU’s Federica Mogherini: “The EU is in a unique position to provide global security”

The European Union is in a unique position to provide global security, according to Federica Mogherini, the EUڈs head of foreign affairs and vice-president of the EU Commission, who stated that the EU had both the “hard”and the “soft”power needed to accomplish the task Speaking in Estonia, she said: “There is a European way to security that is never purely and only military. You take any crisis or security threat in the world of today, and you realise that the hard power, the military means are always necessary but never enough.

“The European Union has this unique mix of hard power that needs to be increased because itڈs not enough, what we have now, but we have at the same time the soft power. And this is a unique mix if we manage to increase our hard power, position ourselves in a place that can be very helpful for our partners in the world to tackle some security issues”

If the bloc had the “political courage”to take on the role it could become an institution that provides worldwide security“So I think that the work we have ahead of us is huge but we have, if we are self-confident and we take the political courage to use the potential we have, we could be indeed the security provider for European regions, and more largely the world”

Extracted from the People’s News Newsletter: No. 168 23 May 2017(PDF)

Read also: Express: IRELAND could face a hefty bill for remaining in the European Union (EU) if Brussels insists on a uniform approach to the bloc’s future, it has been warned.

Ireland: Questions Emerging Over Who And What The EU Really Is

irishflagExpress Headline: ‘You’re meant to be OUR leaders!’ Irish voters want Dublin to be tougher with EU on Brexit

IRISH voters want their country’s government to pursue a much tougher line with Brussels over its harsh negotiating stance towards Britain, it emerged today.

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