Welcome Hard Headed Realism At Core Of Marine Le Pen’s Campaign

frexitMail Headline: ‘More terror attacks will bring civil war’ warns Marine Le Pen: Far-right candidate’s ratings are boosted ahead of Sunday’s presidential election in wake of Paris gun attack which killed a policeman

  • Marine Le Pen’s campaign co-ordinator Jean Messiha made the prediction 
  • He said weak leadership will make ISIS stronger and mean more attacks
  • Messiha added further atrocities with no sign of an end would mean ‘civil war’
  • Polls show that the attack has boosted Le Pen’s chances of electoral success 

The Euro Is A Weak Structure Whose Day May Be Done Soon

frexitExpress Headline: ‘Good news for the UK’ EU trembles as Marine Le Pen victory ‘would make pound STRONGER’

A VICTORY for Marine Le Pen could make the British pound stronger as Brexit Britain becomes a financial safe haven compared to the disintegrating Eurozone, a finance chief has claimed.

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Can The French Break The EU Establishments’ Grip On Their Democracy?

frexitExpress Headline: FREXIT? Marine Le Pen promises ‘EU referendum WITHIN SIX MONTHS’ should she win election

FRANCE will have a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union six months after the presidential election should Marine Le Pen win, the Front National leader has claimed.

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