The Freedom Association Kick Starts A New Phase Of Brexit Campaigning

The Freedom AssociationRory Broomfield, Director
The Freedom Association and Better Off Out campaign

Day-in-day-out the UK media and political environment seems blighted by the constant yada-yada of those wishing to subvert last year’s Referendum result. This was pointed out with characteristic punch last week in the Telegraph by Better Off Out patron, Lord Tebbit. What’s necessary now is for a fightback and remobilisation of support on behalf of the British public and against these actors.

To achieve this, today we launch our new email service, Brexit at Noon, along with a new Stop Blair Campaign. This will combine a ‘fighting fund’ to help us campaign against any row back, along with a daily email sent exclusively to members of The Freedom Association and sign ups to the Better Off Out campaign during the week.

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UK consumers should move their business to UK companies

goingglobalThe following headline in the telegraph “Act now to stop companies moving jobs for Brexit, businesses urge Government” tells the story of the notoriously pro-Remain Institute of Directors desire to effectively flush out the Governments Brexit negotiating position by giving the IOD and their subscribers advanced notice of the UK’s final objectives so their members can plan ahead.

It caused me to think a bit about what the consumer response should be to businesses that do choose to leave the UK after Brexit and came to the conclusion UK consumers should move their business to UK companies.

One of the most important tools the consumer has is the right to buy what they want when they want. In order to do that they need all the information about a product they can get at the time of purchase, including the ingredients and materials used to make products and importantly WHERE they are made. Look for the country of origin on products and wherever possible buy British.

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Labour Leave: Don’t Be Awkward, Be Proactive

Labour Leave

Ed – This post from pre-election Labour Leave campaign illustrates many heartwrenching dilemmas for decent honest Labour supporters who quite rightly want out of an anti-democratic institution bent on destroying British industries and jobs wholesale. The steadfast and consistent Labour Leave team puts the efforts of dead in the water UKIP to shame. If you want to get active read the article and follow the Labour Leave links and opportunities which are still valid.

Posted by on April 27, 2017

What Labour Leavers can do

So, the General Election was sprung upon us a week ago. It seems a gamble by Theresa May, albeit one with the odds well in her favour. Nevertheless one feels if she were a Brexiteer at heart, she would not have risked the process by allowing even the possibility for her majority to shrink. Every seat counts here, and the Lib Dems could well win some.

Labour also have embraced the ‘every seat counts’ mantra. There is dogged determination – and optimism even – in every CLP right now, in spite of the nadir the party finds itself in. New and old supporters are getting involved, some driven by Brexit revenge, others by opposition to austerity and privatisation.

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POLITICO: UK to reject EU demand for Brexit bill estimate

GreatEURipoffLONDON — U.K. negotiators are not planning to present their own estimate of financial obligations owed to the EU on Brexit during this week’s round of negotiations, according to a U.K. official familiar with the progress of talks.

Despite warnings from EU diplomats that chief negotiator Michel Barnier is prepared to “stall” talks unless proposals are put forward by the U.K., the British side views this week’s round of talks as an opportunity to interrogate the EU’s position, the official said.

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A Statement by Trade Unionists Against the EU


No Delay in Departure from EU

There must be no delay in the timetable for our departure from the EU

The general election and the resulting hung parliament cannot be an excuse for delaying our departure of the EU, leaving the single market and ending the freedom of movement, all of which are the declared policies of both the Tory and Labour parties. Those who wanted to overturn the referendum result or have a second referendum were treated with scorn by the electorate.

The posturing by the Tories’ ‘no deal better than a bad deal’, a meaningless concept specially when Theresa May talked about the dire consequences of a no deal, has to end. Similarly with Labour’s vacuous  ‘not walking away without a deal’.

The task of both parties, indeed the task of the new parliament, is to deliver a clean and clear Brexit with the best deal possible with the EU in line with the timetable set by the triggering of Article 50. This is not as difficult as some would led us to believe. Those who continually speak of ‘difficult and complex’ negotiations are attempting to prepare the public for backsliding on the referendum vote.

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EU Abusing UK To Divert Attention From EU Disharmony, Dysfunction And Economic Destruction

EU Stars and ChainsExpress Headline: Whatever Brussels claims the EU is still imploding and here’s why, writes LEO MCKINSTRY

THE European Union has always been characterised by supreme arrogance. Its leaders combine a contempt for democracy and nationhood with a messianic belief in their ideology of federal unity.

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Read also: ‘Unacceptable!’ EU plunged into bitter infighting over budget cuts as it faces Brexit toll

irishflagIreland is getting the treatment too! EU’s superstate move to control tax rejected by Irish MEP furious at threat to sovereignty
ATTEMPTS to introduce a European Union-wide tax system has been slated by an Irish MEP, who told Brussels their superstate scheme was “not working”..

Diane Abbott Was Simply Out Of Her Depth And So Are Labour

ParliamentDiane Abbott’s replacement by Lyn Brown as shadow Home Secretary a day before the general election provides ample evidence that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn are unelectable and the Conservatives were right to call the election to settle matters before the most crucial period in British history for generations.

For the time being the Conservatives are the only party fit to govern and should be elected, however,  the abject decline of talent available to Labour to put up as leaders should be a cause of worry for us all. The Labour party has moved toward the Marxist left reflecting an underlying and disturbing polarisation of society, it has become detached from traditional Labour voters who in many respects and policies are no longer represented and who recognise the danger of a Labour Party victory.

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UKIP Daily: We waz lied to!

UKIP Daily, Posted on April 16, 2017 by Debbie LeMay in Europe // 12 Comments

Sovereignty and the European Communities is an explosive document that was written in 1972 during the final stages of the negotiations for Britain’s entry into what was then termed the ‘Common Market’, but it was never published.  It has been kept secret from the British public until it came to light under the 30- year rule.

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Leave Means Leave: “The Prime Minister has made the sensible decision…”

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

The Prime Minister has made the sensible decision to go to the people, mainly because Westminster has failed to unite behind the Brexit negotiations, as the other parties express their aims to delay and frustrate the process. This is damaging our negotiating leverage with Brussels and is against the national interest.

Leave Means Leave will be supporting those candidates who believe in a clean, swift Brexit and in delivering the will of the people, to ensure they are returned to the House of Commons.

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